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Blazing Fury at Dollywood

Blazing Fury at Dollywood

Vacationers visiting Pigeon Forge often flock to Dollywood, overlooking this classic firefighting-themed ride in Craftsman’s Valley.

Blazing Fury is an enclosed steel roller coaster which depicts a story about a small town that’s on fire, sure to enthrall both children and adults alike! Don’t miss this ride — kids and adults will be delighted!

Theme Blazing Fury at Dollywood

Blazing Fury is an outstanding example of Dollywood’s outstanding portfolio of coasters. Although many coasters are based on the same themes and techniques but Blazing Fury stands out due to its unique layout and appealing special effects.

Its theme is that of being caught up in a tornado. It’s an exhilarating ride that can also be thrilling; some enjoy riding it multiple times consecutively as long as their bodies don’t become exhausted too soon.

Craftsman’s Valley is home to one of Dollywood’s oldest rides, dating back to its days as Silver Dollar City. Ideal for both novice and intermediate thrill-seekers alike, many visitors even say that this ride provided more thrills than other more thrilling options at Dollywood!

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Blazing Fury, located in Craftsman’s Valley area of Dollywood theme park, offers both mild and thrilling rides for adults. Inspired by old-time firefighting equipment from Silver Dollar City that Dolly Parton bought and renamed to Dollywood in 1978. Each train consists of three cars featuring two rows of seats per car for maximum riding pleasure.

Dollywood is famous for its roller coasters, yet this ride stands out with a unique blend of roller coaster elements combined with dark ride theming and thrills for an unparalleled experience in the Smoky Mountains.

Don’t be a snob for a unique mountain experience, go on this thrilling ride! It won’t disappoint.The ride’s heehaw themeing may keep your heart up, but the novelty isn’t a good fit for the overall experience of a park.

While some families may enjoy it as a family ride, others will find it mildly boring or uninspiring; additionally, this coaster does not meet 42″ minimum height requirements so young coaster enthusiasts should not ride.

Dollywood provides a wide variety of thrilling rides for guests of all ages and tastes. A popular and adored rides enjoyed by guests of the most loved rides is Tennessee Tornado, which whisks passengers on a thrilling ride as the cyclonic winds spin the riders around like the Rogue tornado. Anyone who visits Dollywood must experience this thrilling attraction to see for themselves!

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Dollywood is famous for its fantastic rides and southern food But many people aren’t aware that it also has extremely impressive dark rides. Although Dollywood doesn’t boast an abundance of them, those they do offer are truly amazing.

Blazing Fury stands out as an outstanding example of how Dollywood seamlessly merges dark ride elements with coaster elements to produce an incredible ride experience – making this ride essential viewing for anyone visiting Pigeon Forge theme park in Tennessee to witness how such quality parks manage both coasters and dark rides together in harmony!


Dollywood takes safety very seriously, as evidenced by their focus and attention paid to even seemingly minor details throughout the park. One such detail is an old water clock near Grist Mill that displays 1887, yet when you push its top button it will display current date/year information – something truly unique to Dollywood! Things such as this make Dollywood truly unique.

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Dollywood goes above and beyond when it comes to ensuring all riders’ safety on its rides. Along with employing their own team of employees, they utilize an outside company which works exclusively on roller coasters.

The team ensures each ride goes through an intensive non-destructive testing and inspections regiment which ensures it works as well today as when first opened up for guests.

Dollywood is working tirelessly during their offseason to make sure their rides are ready for visitors when they return. This involves disassembling coasters, subjecting them to an exhaustive checklist, and then reassembling them when completed – this process typically takes four or five weeks per roller coaster!

Dollywood workers spend the offseason improving other aspects of the park as well. Showstreet Theater received some upgrades while kitchens and dining rooms at Spotlight Bakery, Aunt Granny’s, Front Porch Cafe and Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse received upgrades as well, helping staff serve guests more efficiently while saving electricity costs. 

Furthermore, Eagles Nest near Craftsman Village is being renovated to give rescued Bald Eagles a safe home while teaching people all ages about these majestic birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dollywood’s Blazing Fury indoor coaster transports riders through an 1880s town that’s on the brink of collapse due to out-of-control fire, with quick turns and constant lap bar engagement making this ride truly unique among other coasters at Dollywood.

Blazing Furry is an immersive dark ride set in an 1880s town where an out-of-control fire threatens to consume all that lies in its path. The ride features dark scenes with powered sections as well as three short stomach-dropping plummets to qualify it as a coaster ride.

Classic coaster ride, this attraction will certainly get your heart racing. Riders become fully immersed in its story as what seems to be an ordinary town quickly becomes inundated by flames.

Dolly Parton created Dollywood as a family friendly theme park because she understood that many families could not afford the expensive admission fees of other parks, and how difficult it can be to find rides that all family members could ride together.

Dollywood is widely considered one of the premier theme parks in America. Boasting two top-5 wooden coasters as well as many other fantastic rides – flat rides, dark rides, water rides and some amazing food offerings, Dollywood makes up a fantastic park.


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