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Dead Island 2 Official E3 Announce Gameplay Trailer

Dead Island 2 Official E3 Announce Gameplay Trailer

An intense gameplay trailer for E3 2017 game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been leaked early. The footage showcases various zombie types ranging from runners to big toxic-spitting ones that stomp around and emit toxic fumes when approached, complete with loud shrieks when approached.

Dead Island 2 strives to recapture the joy and fun of its predecessor through a mix of melee and firearm combat, dynamic undead damage, and gory digital mutilations effects.


Techland released a gory trailer of Dead Island 2 to promote it at E3, featuring seagulls fighting over bits of severed anatomy with blood pouring from wounds everywhere. The video can be found here on E3 YouTube channel.

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This trailer for Dead Space 3 provides one of the more in-depth looks we’ve seen yet and certainly lives up to its PG-13 rating. It follows a family of three – father, mother and daughter – caught amidst an invasion by zombies at their hotel room.


While trying to flee, their daughter was attacked by one of these infected beings and infected herself as she attempted to run.

Dambuster Studios recently posted a job listing that suggests Dead Island 2 may be switching console generations, following E3 2014 announcement of PS4, Xbox One and PC releases for this game. Instead, Sony and Microsoft could release latest hardware versions in 2015-16 for this title to launch properly.

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Dead Island 2 takes place 15 years after the events of its predecessor and expansion, Riptide. Set in Los Angeles – or “Hell-A”, as its developers refer to it – its story begins when a father, mother and daughter visit Banoi where they stay at a hotel before going for a stroll along the beach and purchasing fresh food at a market nearby – only for a zombie outbreak to break out and make their escape before becoming trapped within their hotel as it becomes overrun by zombies!

Dead Island 2’s plot remains unclear at present, but it seems likely to draw on inspiration from The Plague novel and other works such as The Walking Dead, The Purge and Escape from New York. Techland also hired Dan Jolley – previously associated with DC Comics – as its story writer for this game.

As for gameplay, the trailer shows that this action-adventure game will keep up the same eccentric charm found in its predecessor. There will be lots of creative and outlandish ways to kill Zombs while combat is fluid and exciting – one highlight from our hands-on preview was Ed calling the experience a ‘fairly enjoyable ride with an amusing mix of violence and humor.”

Dead Island 2’s trailer provides a glimpse of some of its new features. For instance, the team has added a Skill Card system which enables players to unlock abilities and upgrades as they complete missions, giving players more customization over their character build and play style. Furthermore, they’ve included RAGE mechanic which temporarily boosts players’ ability to kill zombies and overcome obstacles.

Digital Foundry conducted extensive tests and determined that both Xbox One X and PS4 X devices will run at native 1080p resolution at 60 FPS for optimal gameplay.

Trailer Leak

Dead Island 2’s official E3 announcement trailer has been leaked online ahead of its official unveiling at E3. Uploaded to YouTube’s ‘E3 2021’ channel, the video displays many hallmarks of an actual trailer: gory digital mutilation such as gaping head wounds with diseased blood leaking, dismembered limbs and of course zombies – making for an immersive viewing experience!

The trailer begins with a family of three – father, mother and daughter – visiting Banoi where zombies have overrun the city. While trying to reach their hotel room again, daughter becomes infected by one.

Shortly afterwards, Yager’s contribution shines through as player character is engaged in combat with raiders who crashed a wedding party; here a friend passes them a weapon which gives Yager’s contribution the spotlight it deserves; previous studio efforts such as Spec Ops:

The Line proved their expertise when handling shooters; here short demo offers good indication of what players can expect when playing Dead Island 2 for themselves.

As with the original Dead Island, Dead Island 2 will take place in an idyllic island paradise threatened by zombie outbreak. According to Kempson of IGN, this new game uses a “very sophisticated system” which populates servers with players’ friends first before permitting strangers to join.

There will also be designated areas in which things may get particularly brutal; Reichert says players can choose whether to fight each other on their servers or band together against them.

No official confirmation has been given yet on which platforms Dead Island 2 will release on, though a recent job listing with Dambuster Studios suggests they are shifting focus to next-gen consoles. A report surfaced earlier this week suggesting Dead Island 2 may be delayed until fall.

However, publisher Deep Silver has not officially confirmed this claim and we’ll keep you up-to-date on any developments regarding its long-awaited sequel.

Preorder Bonuses

The zombie survival game genre has seen plenty of phenomenal titles over time. One such gory offering was Dead Island from 2011, released a year ago; and now, we know its sequel will soon arrive as evidenced by a recent trailer.

Though not cinematic in its presentation, Dead Island 2 trailer is well worth watching. It displays some of the creative ways you can kill zombies while also showing just how much blood and gore await players in this sequel to the hit original.

In the original game, survivors who get bit in the initial scene will gain access to an ability called RAGE that allows them to temporarily decapitate any undead they come across. That ability appears to play an integral part of combat in this new trailer as well, featuring close up kills that will please fans of the franchise.

This new trailer also showcases some of the weapons and abilities available in the game, such as melee weapons to use against zombie hordes with. Combat looks to be as frenetic and enjoyable as in its predecessor; FLESH system from original also returns, allowing players to open zombies up and expose their rib cages for all to see.

Preorder bonuses vary, with PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Game of the Year edition purchasers getting a special in-game knife as part of their preorder bonus; those signing up for the newsletter at the game’s official site also receiving one as an in-game reward.

At launch, this trailer showcased some of the game’s Amazon Game Control support, which allows you to use voice interaction to interact with its world.

Call out zombies or name weapons – though note that this feature only appears for PS4, Xbox One X|S, and PC versions at this time – though recent job listings by Dambuster Studios hint that they may change at some point later down the road.


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