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Disney World Go Features

Disney World Go Features

Disney World is an exciting place, even for longtime visitors, and today’s guests experience it differently than before. They reserve FastPass+ rides via phone apps and order food through mobile orders; their hotel rooms can even be unlocked using just a tap of their wristband!

Here are a few tips for first-timers and veterans alike to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit:

Park Hopper – Disney World Go Features

Park Hopper tickets from Disney World allow guests to hop between theme parks in one day – in contrast with one-park-per-day tickets that only give access to one park at once. It’s the perfect solution for tourists who wish to have as many different attractions and experiences as they can during their trip!

For you to take full advantage of this feature, it is necessary to first make a Disney World theme park reservation using their system for the park you intend on visiting first that day; after scanning in at that park, your ticket allows you access to all other parks without needing another reservation that day.

Be mindful that there is a cost differential between park hopper and one park per day tickets; therefore, adding this feature might not always be best suited for every vacation. Furthermore, additional hidden costs such as transportation could quickly add up depending on your length of stay and where all the parks are located.

Park hopping may not be ideal for first time visitors to Disney World; only experience will reveal your preferences at each park. A 1 Park Per Day ticket would provide enough time for you to fully appreciate all of its highlights in one park that interests you.

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Additionally, when you travel during high-traffic times like spring break and other busy periods of the year the crowds and the limited parking can make it difficult to move between parks quickly regardless of having an Park Hopper ticket with reservations prior to the time. It is still possible to make use of this option, however its accessibility may be different in comparison to the previous use of it.

Disney World Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is an add-on that allows guests to pre-pay for certain meals during their vacation. Meal credits can be used as they are needed and kept track of in My Disney Experience app, making budgeting meals much simpler while traveling without carrying around a lot of cash. 

These dining plans have proven immensely popular among guests looking for budgeting assistance while on vacation.

Basic Disney Dining Plans feature one table service meal, two quick service meals and a snack daily of your stay as well as a resort refillable drink mug eligible for free refills at any self-service beverage kiosk throughout Disney resort hotels. 

Please be aware that meals and snacks under this plan do not include gratuities, tax or any other applicable charges.

Eligible foods and beverages on the Disney Dining Plans span an expansive menu at restaurants throughout theme parks, water parks and Disney resort hotels. 

Quick-Service restaurants generally serve up sandwiches or burgers along with drinks; at Table-Service restaurants guests will typically receive one course plus dessert and beverage service.

At Disney World, your meal and snack credits can be redeemed at any participating restaurant during your Disney Dining Plan visit. 

Simply inform a Cast member that you’re using the plan prior to ordering so they can assist with clarifying how your credits can be applied – with some notable exceptions including items larger than one serving, items served in souvenir containers (such as box of doughnuts or popcorn bucket), merchandise, special dining events offered at certain Table-Service locations that feature one-night-only menus.

Note that Disney Dining Plans don’t guarantee you will save money during your trip. If your party members tend to overeat or your teens love steak, the Dining Plans likely won’t save any money at all – the only way you’ll know if saving is worth your while is by trying them yourself and seeing whether the extra costs make sense for you.

Memory Maker

Disney Memory Maker provides unlimited digital PhotoPass photos taken by professional Disney photographers as well as on-ride photos taken during rides, along with the option to download and view pictures from up to 25 linked family and friends in My Disney Experience accounts.

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Memory Maker is an ideal option for families that like to capture all the photos from their vacation. Memory Maker can be purchased in advance for $149 or on the day of travel for an additional cost of $169; note that only valid theme park admission will allow purchase of this feature.

Memory Maker can help you relax by taking over photo-taking responsibilities for you. This can be especially useful at character meet and greets where many parents spend the entire time staring down their phone in search of that perfect shot of their child posing with their favorite character – instead, using Memory Maker allows your kiddo to really embrace his or her hero!

Memory Maker allows guests to capture video of their on-ride experiences as an added way of remembering their trip. While less popular than photos, Memory Maker can still provide an enjoyable way to remember it all – simply be sure to have your MagicBand or park ticket linked to My Disney Experience so that the ride videos can be captured.

Memory Maker can capture video at certain attractions, though keep in mind that its video quality may not meet your standards and they must be watched via My Disney Experience app to view.

Memory Maker photos expire 30 days from when they were first downloaded or redeemed in your Memory Maker window, making it important to use them quickly after your trip has concluded.

Be mindful that Memory Maker costs may be reduced with certain promotions. Although these may not offer massive savings, they’re worth keeping an eye out for as they could save a few bucks here and there.

Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+ provides guests with the ability to skip long queues and ride multiple attractions during their Disney World visit, making this service worthwhile if you wish to ensure you experience all of your must-do rides during vacation. 

While not necessary for enjoyment of trip, Genie+ may not be worth its cost depending on which attractions matter the most to your family.

For selecting Disney Genie+ rides, first link your MagicBand or ticket with the Disneyland app (each person in your party must possess their own linked ticket or MagicBand). 

Furthermore, valid park admission must also be linked within the Disneyland app in order to book Lightning Lanes. Once connected, you will have full control over which attractions or shows Lightning Lanes should be booked based on availability.

Once your selection is made, you will be provided with a return time window and wait in a shorter-than-usual queue when that time arrives. Your plans can also be easily updated throughout the day as needed – however doing so may reset eligibility periods and result in losing some Genie+ selections.

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Disney Genie+ can customize an itinerary for each park day based on your family’s needs, the attractions you select and other factors such as walking distance, current and projected future wait times as well as existing plans like dining reservations. 

In addition, it will take into account any height requirements, accessibility needs or personal preferences you might have.

One of the great features of Disney Genie+ is helping you discover and book exciting Disney Experiences – such as character meet and greets – using your MagicBand or ticket. This will enable you to avoid waiting in line, while providing an unforgettable photo op!

Disney Genie+ also allows visitors to book Lightning Lanes for two attractions each park day, giving you more time riding without waiting in line; especially helpful during peak seasons or peak travel periods. 

Prior to Genie+’s introduction, Lightning Lanes could only be reserved through FastPass+ or as an individual ride purchase option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disney offers more than rides; they provide entertainment through shows, meet & Greet attractions and street performers dotted throughout their parks. Many of these can be classified as “show-style attractions”.

Since Universal Orlando introduced their Virtual Line system, Express Mode has become the only way to enter virtual queues. When your turn comes, simply skip past regular lines and ride immediately on an attraction!

Mobile Order is an efficient way to pre-order food at select Counter Service restaurants at Disney World Resort hotels, as well as some Table Service establishments that provide it. To locate establishments offering Mobile Order, navigate to the bottom center of your app’s home screen and tap on the plus sign.

Virtual queues have become a standard part of business across industries ranging from airports and theme parks, eateries, doctors’ offices hospitals and universities – it has even made headlines! Although companies may worry that their customers struggle with using this technology, its implementation has proven itself remarkably effective.

Disney MagicMobile offers guests an innovative new service which allows them to access Disney parks and resorts using an iPhone or Apple Watch as tickets into these venues. Think of it like an upgraded MagicBand with no battery requirements (except on-ride photo functionality which will eventually expire).


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