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Golden Gate Bridge Toll

Golden Gate Bridge Toll

The Golden Gate Bridge Toll is levied on all motorised vehicles traveling southbound over the Golden Gate strait into San Francisco from Golden Gate Bridge, while pedestrians and bicycles are exempt. Toll costs vary based on your vehicle type[1] and payment method. Use our Toll Calculator to estimate how much your trip will cost!

Joseph Strauss had to fight hard for the project’s launch. Working alongside Leon Moisseiff, Irving Morrow, and Charles Ellis from Bay Area engineering firms on its unique design – which stood apart from any other suspension bridge at that time – Joseph designed an impressive span that stood apart.

On an afternoon in May 1937, a howling 69 mph windstorm struck San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge with devastating force, shaking its steel towers to their foundation and plunging it to one side by 11 feet – leaving one side pitching higher than the other side and bridge officials having to close for one day before casual inspection revealed no major damage to it.

The district that runs the bridge is suffering financially, losing millions each year in car traffic to telecommuters and hybrid vehicles. To stay afloat financially, FasTrak bridge tolls have already been increased by 35 cents since 2019, and they’re considering four options for five-year increases that would break $10 for drivers not using FasTrak. Residents can weigh in during two online open houses before an in-person hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Golden Gate Bridge View Point

Golden Gate Bridge Viewpoint is an iconic San Francisco landmark that stands as an engineering feat and breathtaking piece of architecture. This 756-foot bridge has inspired poets, artists and dreamers around the globe with its distinctive orange towers and eye-catching silhouette – instantly recognisable across any platform in San Francisco Bay or Pacific Ocean! 

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These towers are also an instantly recognisable icon for this city which spans both sides Golden Gate strait between Pacific Ocean, and San Francisco Bay. A must-see attraction is therefore a necessity when visiting San Francisco Bay.

Toronto’s famous bridge has stunning views that can be seen from various points around the city. But there are less-known spots that offer different perspectives on the bridge, and the surrounding area. These viewpoints serve as fun ways to discover more about Toronto!

Some of these destinations include beaches, an iconic Civil War-era fort and even cruises! Sunrise and sunset are often considered to be ideal times to view the Golden Gate Bridge; its beautiful backlighting will make its presence especially noticeable at these times of day.

Kirby Cove is one of the premier bridge viewing points. A curved concrete overlook hugs the coastal bluffs, providing breathtaking views of both towers of the bridge framed by historic cypress trees. Although Kirby Cove can get quite busy with visitors, its stunning view alone makes it worth your while!

Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is an absolute must-see when visiting San Francisco or Marin County. One of the world’s most well-known bridges, its distinct orange color easily marks it out as one of its signature features. Spanning 756 feet over Golden Gate Strait, its sight can be enjoyed from many vantage points; but certain spots offer magnificent views. 

Sunrise or sunset photographers might want to catch these postcard-perfect views for sunrise or sunset photography! These are my top vantage points that offer postcard-perfect vantages of this world-famous span!

Can You See the Golden Gate Bridge From Downtown San Francisco?

While it is impossible to view the Golden Gate Bridge directly from downtown San Francisco, several vantage points in the Presidio and elsewhere offer spectacular views of it from afar. Coit Tower and certain high peaks in Russian Hill and Pacific Heights provide amazing vantage points with spectacular vistas of it from far. Those wanting an up close and personal view have many public transit options that can bring them within walking distance or near its base of the bridge.

Battery Cranston provides one of the most interesting vantage points for Golden Gate Bridge photos, serving as a former military installation that frames this iconic structure with unexpected angles and frames. 

Conveniently located nearby Crissy Field or Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center and easily reached via car, public transit, or bike – Battery Cranston can provide breathtaking views of both Crissy Field or Crissy Field as well as its surrounding landscape due to its close proximity. 

Battery Cranston also boasts stunning ruins from WWII coastal defense activities that offer amazing views of Crissy Field or Welcome Center that offer unique frames around these iconic landmarks – this park site also makes an unforgettable photo opp!

Attracting visitors year-round, this scenic spot in Marin Headlands near the Golden Gate Bridge is a hidden gem and one of the best perspectives of its beauty. Views are breathtaking all day long but particularly striking during “golden hour”, when warm rays illuminate its span in warm hues.

The northern side of the bridge is less busy than its counterpart and this viewpoint allows you to appreciate an unobstructed view of its towers. Plus, with easy walkway navigation and great photo opps of Marin Headlands behind you – it makes this location an excellent spot for photography of this iconic structure!

Like Kirby Cove, this location can become very busy; I would advise arriving early to avoid crowds. This vantage point offers perfect wide angle shots of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as watching ships sail by in the bay.

Experience something truly memorable by taking one of the Golden Gate Bridge cruises that depart from Pier 39 (Blue & Gold Cruise) or Pier 41 (Red & White Cruise). These trips provide an incredible way to explore San Francisco Bay while also admiring its beauty up close.


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