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New Minions Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

New Minions Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

Thrills Are Guaranteed at the New Minions Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

After riding, guests enter into a gift shop offering Minion merchandise. Here they can purchase cuddly plush Minions, fluffy unicorns and even Gru-approved fart guns!

At Gru’s house, guests are recruited into joining Gru and his mischievous Minions on his next scheme. A preshow offers insight into Gru’s recruitment process while introducing Margo, Edith, and Agnes – his daughters.

Minions Universal Studios Hollywood


If you love Despicable Me movies, then don’t miss this show. The fully immersive attraction takes guests on an exciting adventure with Gru, his daughters, and the mischievous Minions – an experience designed to entertain audiences of all ages. 

Live action characters such as Margo, Edith, Agnes as well as characters from Sing will appear during this performance.

The new show can be found at Soundstage 42 of the Illumination Avenue section of the park and was previously known for Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast and Hanna-Barbera Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera.

Visitors will experience all aspects of Minion movies through whimsical queues and pre-show videos.

As the show begins, Margo and Edith assure their audience they won’t be afraid of Gru, only for him to demonstrate otherwise by firing his Fart Gun and shooting some audience members in the face with it. 

Everyone held their breath until Edith assured them it actually released banana scent spray. After this incident the Minions started dancing to one of their popular songs while singing it along.

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Visitors to Super Silly Fun Land can also experience a replica of the carnival from the first film with fountains, wet/dry play zones, minion-themed rides like Silly Swirly that take them high above the circus while providing views of all its antics below.

After an exciting day of mischief, guests can head to Minion Cafe and indulge in unique “despicable” dishes like Otto’s Noodle Bowl, Bob’s Teddy Bear Chocolate Cream Puff, and variations on grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, their menu provides other kid-friendly favorites.

As an added special treat, guests can enjoy some Freeze Ray Pops: delicious popsicles inspired by Gru, his minions and Vector from the film franchise, along with other popular characters from it. 

Furthermore, there are photo ops and experiences dedicated to additional characters from these movies; such as meeting Rosita and Gunter at an outdoor Illumination Theater facade or discovering murals and photo opportunities throughout the attraction that honor these movies – this includes Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets who can now be found perching above Otto’s Toy Store as well as Palace Deli.

Ticket Cost

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a diverse array of shows and attractions, ranging from thrilling stunt performances at WaterWorld to charming animal acts at The Universal Animal Actors Show. 

Take a world-famous Studio Tour or experience heart-pounding rides like The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash, TRANSFORMERS Jurassic World The Ride Ride Despicable Me Minion Mayhem for thrills all ages.

The new attraction, the first 3-D feature film since Men in Black 3 premiered in 2002, transports guests inside Gru’s world of mischievous plans and his army of endearingly inept minions. 

Visitors enter through Gru’s scraggly home where propaganda posters and speaker bombs abound; an eye-opening preshow room explains his unorthodox plan to turn humans into minions while Gru’s daughters try their hardest to convince their father that they can run it themselves.

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Next, Gru’s supervillain lab features massive monitors showcasing his exploits. As you near Gru’s transformation pods where riders become members of his crew, his daughters add an emotional layer to this attraction.

Once inside, you’ll sit comfortably in a transformation pod that allows you to view and interact with the environment around you. The 3-D animation is seamless, as are its action-packed sequences featuring giant fly swatters, lasers and even an enormous banana that bursts from its cone – guaranteed to leave you in stitches!

Following the post-show dance party with costumed minion characters, visitors are then led into the Super Silly Stuff store where you can purchase merchandise related to both The Secret Life of Pets, Harry Potter and TRANSFORMERS movies as well as other popular themes.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers one-day admission tickets that start at $149/adult; to unlock priority access to rides, attractions and seated shows for just an additional fee, holders of Universal Express tickets cost only an additional $199. 

Make the most out of your visit and purchase a VIP Experience package to take full advantage of everything this exciting park has to offer, such as priority access for rides and attractions, an expert-guided studio tour, continental breakfast and gourmet lunch served in our VIP dining room, valet parking services and many other perks! 

Price for the VIP Experience depends on your date of visit; typically it starts around $209/adult while children under 3 remain free. Tickets can be purchased both online or at the front gate; purchasing them in advance can save both time and money! 

Universal Studios Hollywood tickets can be purchased via its website or phone at 1-800-4-UNIVERSAL or (713) 931-4811. The park is open daily from 9:00am to 11:00pm; be sure to consult its calendar in order to check operating hours of any particular attraction you intend to visit.

Universal Studios Hollywood boasts an impressive variety of entertainment offerings from live action-adventure shows to restaurants and shops – as well as being home to over two decades worth of films!


Experience Gru’s house for themselves as guests enter a mockup design of his living room. After greeting each visitor, Gru and his daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes welcome them home and explain the training process to become Minion recruits – they warn guests it can be serious business! 

Next they give each guest 3D Minion goggles designed by Dr. Nefario’s assistant as they head through each step.

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Once guests put on the goggles, a panel on their ride vehicle activates and they start training. Swerving, bouncing and plunging through an obstacle course featuring giant fly-swatters, cacti and water hoses; with girls watching from hovercraft; they squirt the riders with water to create mist effects as Edith distracts Minions with bananas before forcing them off into restricted areas where Gru has arrived quickly to rescue guests from falling.

At the end of their ride, guests step off into an animated party scene at Gru’s laboratory. He announces to guests that his daughter’s have asked him to recruit new Minion recruits for his latest scheme; his adorable daughters stand ready to begin training but must first pass his rigorous testing process first.

At their training session, Minions are presented with various tasks and activities that include laser beam games, mazes, and obstacle courses. On an obstacle course, Minions must work together by pushing and pulling each other to complete it successfully; while dodging various rides and decorations. 

At one point, they even get hit with Minion-Ray zapping them – only for this device to malfunction eventually and transform back into humans again!

At the conclusion of the attraction, guests are invited to participate in a dance party with Minions and take a souvenir photo in front of their house. 

Additionally, there is a stand where guests can purchase yellow freeze ray smoothies and banana & grape cotton candy treats.

After a thrilling day in Super Silly Fun Land, your appetite might be a bit heightened. It’s a good thing that the park is situated near Palace Deli where you can take advantage of a variety of food items, snacks and beverages. 

Additionally, Super Silly Stuff Shop offers a variety of yellow Minion products, including T-shirts and mugs featuring Minion characters along with toy animals and plush toys and you can even purchase your own minion-themed backpack. 


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