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Rent a Bike to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Rent a Bike to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Renting a bicycle is the fastest and simplest way to cross the Golden Gate Bridge; however, to maximize efficiency it is wise to plan ahead and allow enough time for your journey. For optimal results it is wise to visit on weekdays in order to reduce crowding.

As well, cyclists should note that the western side of the bridge is exclusively reserved for them. Bikes can use both sidewalks during weekdays but this varies during weekends and peak times.

Easy to find

If you’re planning on biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, there are a variety of locations where you can rent one. Most are in Fisherman’s Wharf and offer various bikes; depending on your personal taste you could also join an organized tour.

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If the weather permits, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing way to experience San Francisco. The bike trail is wide and safe for users of all ages; however, the journey from Fort Baker to Sausalito may prove too long for children new to biking longer distances due to an uphill path between Fort Baker and Sausalito that may require pushing them along.

As soon as you cross over the bridge, follow a bike path leading under it into Sausalito city center for spectacular views over San Francisco Bay and even potentially iconic photos taken here!

Once you’re done biking, take the ferry back to San Francisco – this will be much faster and more convenient than driving back! To maximize comfort on this mode of transport, plan to do so early in the day as this ferry often fills up by 4:00 PM; plus shorter wait times at restaurants and attractions in the Bay Area will result in reduced wait times overall.


Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most beloved activities in San Francisco, whether on your own bike or renting from one of several bicycle rental shops in town. Bay City Bikes stands out as an exceptional option with excellent customer reviews and numerous tour options, from guided bike rides over both bridges to one-way trips with ferry pickup; rentals included with ticket price!

The Golden Gate Bridge is open for bikes 24-hours-a-day, usually reserving its western sidewalk for cyclists while leaving its eastern sidewalk for pedestrians, though this schedule may change during weekends or holidays; you can view details here.

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, cycle downhill towards Sausalito for delicious seafood and breathtaking bay views. It is wise to leave early as traffic congestion can quickly build during this journey!


As many have it on their bucket lists, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on bike is the ideal way to experience it up close and personal. Wheel Fun Rentals provides unique GPS activated audio-guided tours in nine languages free with every bike rental while providing an extensive selection of bikes including electric ones.

Bike rides to the Golden Gate Bridge offer an enjoyable and scenic way to experience San Francisco. Starting at Fisherman’s Wharf and going through Marina neighborhood before crossing over to Golden Gate Bridge is fairly flat (except for small hill on bridge itself ) For an added challenge bikers may wish to climb Marin Headlands for breathtaking views of both Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from there.


Measures have been put in place to ensure pedestrians and cyclists on the Golden Gate Bridge remain safe. While open to both walkers and bicycles, specific sidewalks are assigned at specific times each day for bikes to ride along, with early morning cycling advised on weekdays before weekends as crowding on the bridge can quickly build.

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Cyclists may utilize the east pedestrian walkway on the bridge at all hours that it is open for pedestrians; however, it is essential that they remain aware of their surroundings at all times. Because pedestrians tend to move slowly without noticing approaching cyclists until it is too late, power mode activations by some cyclists could result in collisions between cyclists and pedestrians that result in collisions; it is strongly advised that cyclists remain on the left side of the walkway in order to prevent such instances from arising.

Fisherman’s Wharf to the bridge and back is approximately 8 miles, so it is vital that you set aside sufficient time for your trip. Two to three hours should allow enough time for breaks. Keep in mind that the bridge sways, so be ready for unexpected gusts of wind! It is also wise to arrive before ferry departure time as lines can become long at this landmark.


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