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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is now welcoming visitors into Mario and Luigi’s world with Super Nintendo World, an interactive, immersive, and exciting addition to its theme park offering unique merchandise and immersive experience.

Universal Studios Hollywood may not be as “hypnotically magical” as its Japanese counterpart, but it still makes an enjoyable visit. To beat the crowds and avoid waiting in line, we advise making a reservation via Virtual Line using the official Universal Studios Hollywood app and booking one.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

Mario first graced two-dimensional screens back in 1983, winning over gamers everywhere and starting one of the most beloved video game franchises ever created. Now kids can step right into that world at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World; an interactive land that blends video games, character interaction and animation to provide a thrilling theme park attraction experience unlike any other.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ride may be the main attraction here, but that doesn’t make this new area any less worth visiting – visitors can dine at Toadstool Cafe, shop 1-UP Factory and participate in numerous games and activities!

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To circumvent the long wait times for this attraction, your best option is purchasing the VIP Experience ticket option – though more costly, this includes unlimited entry to this popular addition as well as access to an exclusive queue that reduces wait time by up to 180 minutes!

Once inside, guests will recognize it from its centerpiece: an actual green warp pipe that welcomes guests into this vibrant, colorful world full of motion, games and character interaction. Once inside, they are immersed in Mushroom Kingdom through an all-new ride combining cutting-edge augmented reality technology with projection mapping and actual set pieces placed along a moving ride track – immediately immersing them in its vibrant and colourful world of motion, games and character interactions.

Power-Up Bands add another immersive element to the experience at Universal Studios Hollywood, available for purchase at both Toadstool Cafe and throughout the theme park. These slap bracelets connect with the official app of Universal Studios Hollywood to enable visitors to collect digital stamps, coins and rankings as well as unlock special characters like Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach for photo opps.

Toadstool Cafe – Super Nintendo World 

Fans of Nintendo’s decades-old, best-selling Super Mario video games will no doubt look forward to Toadstool Cafe as a primary attraction at their new theme park land. This counter service restaurant transports diners right into the vibrant world of Mushroom Kingdom with colorful characters and iconic imagery surrounding diners during each meal service.

Attractively popular and requiring an online reservation or waitlist time each day to enter, but well worth the experience: the food is tasty and fun-to-eat while the dining room provides stunning visuals from outside Mushroom Kingdom via screen-based windows while you eat!

Kinopio’s Cafe at Universal Studios Japan first opened its doors to visitors in 2021, featuring hits like Piranha Plant Caprese and Mario Burger (both featuring pesto-inspired chicken), as well as unique creations exclusive to LA such as Chef Toad’s Short Rib Special made with goat cheese polenta and mushroom sauce; Toadstool Cade Salad and Frog Fries Basket are also offered here with various dipping sauce options like ketchup, mustard and mayo for your pleasure!

Dessert options also abound, including the Toadstool Fudge Cake that looks exactly like its namesake and comes topped with strawberry frosting. When it comes to beverages, there’s something familiar like sodas, milk, juice, coffee and tea for you to choose from, plus an entertaining lemon-spiked bubbly drink called Super Star that offers invincibility!

Yoshi’s Adventure

As its name implies, Yoshi’s Adventure is where you can find Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge’s most relaxing ride – especially after its fast-paced action! Visitors experience virtual adventure through underwater, cloudy and desert areas within Mushroom Kingdom locales while using interactive elements such as hitting “? and POW” blocks to reveal digital stickers; participating in quick minigames known as Key Challenges; or taking photos with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi himself!

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Universal Studios Hollywood takes full advantage of the latest technologies, such as its Power-Up Band ($40). This smart wristband tracks coins and keys you collect and allows guests to unlock minigames; its synching with the Universal Studios app enables visitors to save their progress between visits.

Yoshi’s Adventure is an eye-catching attraction with vibrantly-colored backgrounds and moving platforms that create the feeling that you have entered a video game world. Plus, there’s even a soundtrack featuring classic green and yellow game sounds such as Koopa Troopas’ humming and chomping or Yoshi chirping from within it!

Nintendo fans find Super Nintendo World magical, yet those who’ve visited its original incarnation in Japan may find its California outpost underwhelming. California is much flatter than Osaka; some key attractions (such as Bob-omb Kaboom Room) do not exist there either; nevertheless it remains an essential visit for diehard fans of Super Nintendo.

1-UP Factory

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World may never quite live up to expectations, but even one year after opening it has proven an immense pleasure. Although not as large as Japan’s land which opened in 2020-2021 or Orlando’s which will open in 2025, this small footprint offers plenty of fun with Mario Kart rides, the Toadstool Cafe, character meet and greets, interactive games and much more.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge stands out as an immersive take on the concept of game-as-ride, from its introduction video and opening scene through to race day itself. Piranha Plants emerge from green hills, golden coins rain down from above, and Bowser himself towers over his castle as you race through this unfamiliar world – complete with Power-Up Band interactivity to bring extra dimension.

Outside of the main attraction are two establishments worth visiting – Toadstool Cafe and 1-UP Factory store. Both offer delicious food, making a stop worthwhile to sample their tasty cuisine while browsing their souvenir selection. Meanwhile, their store features all sorts of standard Nintendo merchandise found elsewhere within the park and does not feel unique here.

Are you eager to experience Super Nintendo World at its finest? Reserve an Advanced Super Nintendo World VIP Tour. Guests on such tours are given access to skip virtual queues upon entry as well as receive an express pass for Studio Tour.

Character Meet & Greets

Universal Studios Hollywood is known for immersing visitors into the action, from behind-the-scenes movie secrets to encounters with Indominus rex dinosaurs or walking through Hogwarts(tm). Now, Super Nintendo World provides visitors another avenue of play!

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Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach have already welcomed guests into this exciting new land; additional characters may follow soon. While visiting, keep your eye out for strolling characters; be sure to visit the 1-UP Factory store for wearables, plushies, decor items and other souvenirs from this new attraction!

Character Meet and Greet queues may seem long at first, but they move quickly. A great strategy is to watch for signs in front of characters which indicate when they will appear; additionally there may be stanchion queues and signage near your line for game challenges; it’s best to take advantage of quick interactive challenges hosted by Thwomp and Goomba which take less time!

As of this writing, a Virtual Line is currently in place to enter Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood; to determine whether a reservation is necessary, check the home page of their app and tap on Virtual Line box before checking under Virtual Line Venues tab for “Super Nintendo World.” Those with Universal Express tickets or passes (an upcharge expedited entry option that can be added onto tickets or passes) have guaranteed entry even during times when Virtual Line is active!

Frequently Asked Questions

Its Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios is an absolute must for fans of Mario. In order to enter, guests must reserve a time in the virtual queue using the Universal Studios App once on property and have purchased admission (universal Express pass holders cannot bypass this line).

In order to enter Super Nintendo World, guests are required to purchase the Power-Up Band which costs $40 per person – which may deter some from coming. You can purchase this add-on either within Super Nintendo World itself or at Universal CityWalk Hollywood beforehand; though frequent visitors and Nintendo enthusiasts might consider investing in it; otherwise average guests may choose not to.

The ride itself takes approximately half an hour, so ensure that you give yourself enough time for both riding and exploring its vast world. Also keep in mind that Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge doesn’t offer an Express Pass (Universal’s name for fast pass tickets), so if there is no reservation made beforehand you will likely end up waiting in regular queue.

Absolutely! Universal’s ride is compatible with child swaps – so that adults can ride as children wait for an employee from Universal. This makes it perfect for families with small youngsters who lack the courage or aren’t tall enough for traditional thrill rides.


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