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University of Phoenix Nursing Review

University of Phoenix Nursing Review

University of Phoenix is a popular choice among those pursuing their bachelor’s degree in nursing, offering its program in an urban environment rich with outdoor activities and vibrant cultural events.

Nursing is the world’s leading healthcare profession in America, and with new technological innovations emerging every day it presents new opportunities for nurses.


The nursing field is vast and encompasses various occupations that require different levels of education, credentials and experience. At University of Phoenix offer courses to help you become either a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse or certified nurse midwife – no matter your career goals! These include our online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs as well as master’s and doctoral degrees which feature both traditional daytime schedules as well as evening/weekend options.

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Students enrolled in the BSN program must successfully complete 120 credits to graduate. Coursework is instructed by certified faculty members and features clinical simulations to prepare students for their future careers. In this program, you can expect to study subjects such as nursing theory and leadership as well as how evidence-based practice applies to providing safe patient care.

Once enrolled, students will be provided with a student advisor to guide them through the university’s policies and procedures. This advisor acts as a bridge between university faculty members and students by helping students understand academic requirements as well as providing direct support. Students work together with their advisor to devise an academic plan which meets degree completion requirements.

Once students have finished their coursework, they are eligible to begin applying for jobs within their area of specialization. It is important to keep in mind that salary ranges will depend on several factors including past job experience, geographical location and career advancement opportunities; it would be prudent for students to contact the Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to ascertain average wages across particular occupations.


University of Phoenix is an acclaimed nursing school offering undergraduate and graduate nursing degrees online. Their faculty comprises highly-qualified educators dedicated to student success; additionally they offer support services designed to assist their learners.

The University of Phoenix has come under close scrutiny, particularly from ideological opponents of for-profit higher education. Due to litigation expenses and risk avoidance concerns, they have settled several high-profile matters instead of going through litigation; these settlements were disclosed to students, regulators and accreditors upon agreement but without any findings of wrongdoing from Phoenix itself.

University of Phoenix also boasts an outstanding track record for financial stability and operating performance, which, combined with its substantial cash holdings post-closing, mitigate any risk that the company might struggle to meet its debt obligations. Furthermore, this institution enjoys good relations with both accreditors and lenders.

Notable also is University of Phoenix’s rigorous and varied research program, anchored by its Institutional Review Board (IRB). Through IRB approval of studies involving human subjects at University of Phoenix, which ensures all studies meet ethical standards set out by Belmont Report.

University of Phoenix stands out among competing schools due to its dedication to serving working adult learners. Over recent years, it has changed its business model and reduced costs significantly by closing underutilized campus locations while emphasizing online education. 

Furthermore, its current owners understand the challenges working adults face, making them well suited to provide quality education services.

The University of Phoenix has also formed partnerships with community colleges to offer undergraduate and master’s degrees that can be completed entirely online. 

Atlantic Cape Community College president Barbara Gaba and Dean of Nursing and Health Professions Myrna Morales-Keklak signed an agreement that will enable Mays Landing campus students to enroll in University of Phoenix’s RN to BSN program, offering seamless transition between schools for graduates who qualify for various positions after graduating.

Student Support

University of Phoenix provides numerous ways for its students to get the assistance they require – from tutoring services and career counseling, to numerous online resources aimed at helping students succeed both academically and personally.

This school boasts an innovative model which allows students to access lessons when it suits them best, then work on assignments at their own pace. This approach has proven itself highly successful – 92% of surveyed alumni indicate it helped them balance work, family, and school life successfully.

The school provides a diverse selection of courses and degrees tailored to the needs of its students, such as certificate programs and graduate studies as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fields like business, nursing, and education.

UOPX is dedicated to supporting veterans and active military service members as they pursue higher education, including offering them reduced tuition rates or in some instances even waivers of resource fees.

At this school, diversity is highly valued; over half of its students identify as African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Native American/Alaskan. 

Furthermore, 18 programs with specialized accreditation – in business, healthcare and nursing – exist at this institution. Scholarships and financial aid options are also provided to students; veterans unable to afford college can transfer credits through Department of Veteran Affairs Partnership with this school to reduce overall degree costs.

University of Phoenix Nursing Review

Nursing is one of the cornerstone healthcare professions in America. No longer limited to bedside care alone, nursing majors are discovering innovative uses for their talents.

University of Phoenix offers online bachelor’s degree programs tailored to your lifestyle. Choose between traditional online programs or the Competency-based BSN track.


The university offers an affordable tuition rate of $350 per credit for their RN to BSN program. Furthermore, students have access to online career tools and resources which help them secure jobs within their field and build networks of nursing peers. In addition, flexible schedules and student support services are offered throughout their studies at this university.

This program offers evening and weekend classes for busy individuals with full lives – perfect for those whose family, work or other commitments prevent them from attending traditional daytime programs. Completing all 31 credits should take no more than two years.

The University of Alabama at Huntsville provides scholarships and financial aid. While its bachelor’s degrees cost $27,235 on average – higher than the national average – many courses offered are transferable so students can complete them without incurring high student debt burdens – an essential feature when seeking to pursue graduate study later on.

Online learning environment

No matter their circumstances – such as having young children to care for or other obligations – many adults cannot attend college full-time. Therefore, adult students require a university that can offer career-relevant education with flexible scheduling options and extensive student support. 

That is why the University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 – it pioneered online education while also offering traditional classroom instruction.

Recently, the university has taken steps to return its focus to its original mission of serving adult learners by closing some physical campuses, improving business practices and increasing investments in student support services. 

Although it has done this, however, they have not abandoned research or teaching altogether – indeed expanding research programs while creating a nursing faculty specializing in clinical practice and interdisciplinary learning.

PhoenixConnect, the school’s proprietary academic social media site, allows students to form important emotional and social ties through academic interests, find community members and launch professional groups – research has demonstrated this approach can significantly enhance student satisfaction while keeping them involved in their education.

Students graduating from the University of Phoenix are well prepared to meet the challenges of nursing careers. Through its RN to BSN pathway and Competency-based RN to BSN pathways, graduates can complete their degree within 12 months while accessing career resources 24/7. Its affordable tuition fee structures and strong operating performance make this school an excellent option for online RN to BSN programs.

The University of Phoenix is a public university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSC), offering nursing programs across its campuses in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana and Washington. 

Their curriculum follows a patient-centric model featuring classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences aimed at equipping their students for real world healthcare scenarios; many graduates from these programs have gone on to work at hospitals, physician offices, home healthcare agencies or nursing care facilities upon graduating.

Career opportunities

Nursing can be an exhilarating and rewarding career that opens the door to many types of jobs. If you’re an RN looking to broaden their horizons, University of Phoenix offers numerous online graduate nursing degrees, such as the RN to BSN degree program that will lead to earning your Bachelor’s in Healthcare management and expanding into management roles within healthcare.

Furthermore, advanced nurse practitioner programs exist which specialize in specific roles within this profession such as family nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist roles.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused traditional nursing jobs to provide a solid paycheck; however, burnout and resignations have increased, leading to an ongoing shortage of nurses. 

To meet this shortage, registered nurses now have other opportunities available to them such as working in schools and prisons as coaches, flight nurses or infection control specialists; in addition, many can now pursue doctorate degrees in nursing which opens up even greater possibilities for themselves and their families.

If you’re contemplating a career change, it’s essential that your new path be right for you. A nurse may serve as a public health director by assessing and overseeing community healthcare needs; other career options for nurses include family nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner roles requiring at least a bachelor’s degree and extensive clinical experience.

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The University of Phoenix provides a flexible RN to BSN program. You can complete it in less than a year, either full- or part-time. Tuition rates remain fixed at $350 per credit and access can be found 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

University of Phoenix also provides online graduate nursing degrees such as the Master of Science in Nursing for those who want to specialize in this area of nursing. This degree will teach students to analyze, interpret and communicate data regarding patient conditions while supporting caregivers and family members alike.


Nursing offers more options than ever for those hoping to break into the field, according to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is projected to experience seven percent annual growth by 2029 – this rate exceeds other professions in terms of overall growth potential – meaning there will be more job openings available for registered nurses and healthcare professionals in future.

Nurses aren’t only essential on an emergency room floor. With healthcare evolving at a rapid rate, nurses are branching out into roles that go beyond providing clinical care alone – from the director of nursing to chief operating officer roles across various healthcare industries. Furthermore, this change has allowed nurses to pursue higher degrees and open more doors to advancement and career fulfillment.

University of Phoenix provides several online nursing programs designed to advance your nursing career. Programs may be completed in as little as two and a half years depending on prior education; alternatively RN to BSN pathways allow existing associate degree nurses to pursue bachelor’s degrees more rapidly; 14 month completion times have also been recorded by this college.

This school offers nontraditional students an affordable and quality educational experience without breaking the bank. Their programs are specifically designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and skills employers demand through “skills-aligned learning”, while its faculty have more than 27 years of professional experience to give a deeper insight into real world applications of what they teach.

Nursing courses offered by the University of Phoenix:

Introduction to Nursing Practice

Anatomy and Physiology

Pharmacology for Nursing

Nursing Ethics and Legal Responsibilities

Health Assessment and Promotion

Pathophysiology for Nursing

Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing Leadership and Management

Community Health Nursing

Mental Health Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Maternity Nursing

Geriatric Nursing

Critical Care Nursing

Nursing Informatics


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