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University of Phoenix Online Associate Degrees

University of Phoenix Online Associate Degrees

University of Phoenix can be an excellent option for individuals seeking an online associate degree. From working professionals and non-traditional students alike, an UofPX degree will help expand your career options and open doors to success.

Before making your decision to enroll, however, there are a few key aspects you need to take into account first. One is cost; therefore it is essential that you evaluate all aspects of the program in question before enrolling.

The University of Phoenix offers a range of Associate degree online programs. These are the programs available:

Associate of Arts (AA) in General Studies

Focus: Offers an extensive foundation in general education and an introduction to the course.

Goal: To prepare students to earn the bachelor’s degree or be able to enter the workforce with basic knowledge.

Associate of Arts (AA) in Professional Focus

Focus:  Allows students to tailor their education to meet their specific professional needs.

Goal: To prepare students for specific areas or to continue their studies to the level of a bachelor’s degree.

The courses are designed so that they can be adaptable and affordable for students, which allows students to combine their academic and professional obligations. To get the most current and complete information, you’re advised to check out the official website of the University of Phoenix website or call the admissions department.


University of Phoenix Online Associate Degrees offer students the skills needed to launch successful careers. At an affordable cost and backed by academic rigor, these degrees provide essential foundational knowledge. Furthermore, many students qualify for financial aid to offset the cost of education.

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University of Phoenix offers an expansive selection of online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs across various fields – business, health care, criminal justice and technology among them – designed to give students access to expert faculty members in each discipline who are dedicated to helping students meet their educational objectives and reach their goals.

The school is accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission and Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs to guarantee students receive top-quality education. Graduates of programs accredited by this organization can confidently apply for jobs in business world.

Online associate degrees provide an ideal stepping stone toward earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and The University of Phoenix allows its students to transfer up to 87 credits towards this end and save both time and money in doing so. 

Furthermore, The University also offers numerous resources on its journey towards an associate degree, such as academic counselors and support services for writing and math.

For the 2022/23 year, University of Phoenix Online Campus reported an average reported annual net price for full-time undergraduate students of $14,252. This includes tuition and required fees as well as an estimate cost for books and supplies; it does not include room and board costs which depend upon student family income.

As part of our efforts to help give prospective University of Phoenix Online Campus students an idea of the cost to attend, we created a model based on average grant and scholarship aid, using average reported net prices with standard loan rates of 5.5% assumed for loans taken out under 5.5% interest, taking future earnings into consideration and taking into account expected repayment plans when graduating. 

The result will give a comprehensive picture of what will actually cost to pay for their degree – as well as potential financial obligations at graduation time.

Time to completion

An associate degree program from University of Phoenix Online gives students the skills and foundation required for careers such as business, technology and criminal justice. Furthermore, this type of undergraduate degree often serves as the gateway to further degrees like bachelor’s degrees; plus completion may lead to a higher starting salary than just holding a high school diploma or GED alone.

UofPX provides an expansive selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees online for adults looking to meet their career goals without compromising family or work commitments. Furthermore, the institution provides numerous support services that enable its students to excel.

University of the Sciences is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring it meets academic standards and offers quality education to its students. With its commitment to student success and flexible programs designed to meet diverse student populations’ needs, UTS stands as a reputable university among adult learners and aspiring professionals.

UofPX provides short courses designed to allow nontraditional students to complete their degrees quickly. This is particularly helpful when trying to balance work and school responsibilities simultaneously.

An additional advantage of an online university is its flexibility for students taking classes at their own pace, which allows them to concentrate their studies when they have most energy and dedication to focus. However, students should keep in mind that university classes still require hard work and dedication from them.

UofPX is a premier provider of online college courses, offering degrees and certificate options across an array of areas such as business, criminal justice, technology, health administration and education. Tuition at UofPX is affordable while faculty are knowledgeable professionals – plus there are special educational benefits offered specifically to military personnel and other students!


The University of Phoenix provides an impressive range of associate degree programs. Students can complete these degrees in two years, providing them with opportunities to enter the workforce upon graduation or transfer qualifying credits into a bachelor’s program. 

Before enrolling, prospective students should research possible career outcomes, admission requirements and time commitment requirements before making their decision.

University of Phoenix is a for-profit institution, but strives to make higher education more accessible. Many of its programs are tailored towards adults with busy lives and family responsibilities; furthermore, this school attempts to meet nontraditional learners’ needs as it partners with military organizations, veteran’s groups, tribal operations teams etc.

UOPX not only offers convenient scheduling options, but its tuition rates are highly affordable. Furthermore, scholarships are offered to qualified new students while tuition guarantees ensure that tuition will never increase during their degree programs – making UOPX an excellent choice for those worried about cost of higher education.

Students deciding to attend the university can take advantage of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), which allows them to evaluate life experience and previous jobs for potential college credit. Every three credits earned through PLA can reduce one course from their degree program and save an estimated total of over $1,300 per term!

University of Phoenix accepts transfer credits from over 5,000 colleges and universities and boasts hundreds of community college transfer agreements to make undergraduate degrees affordable and achievable for its students.

Unlike many universities, University of Phoenix provides qualified new students with access to an unlimited number of scholarships that reduce education costs while freeing them up to focus on their studies. Furthermore, tuition rates remain consistent across its student body to make budgeting for tuition easier while guaranteeing they receive maximum value from their investment.

Career opportunities

University of Phoenix online associate degrees provide an ideal way to launch or expand a career, or simply develop existing skill sets. Course offerings span business to education and criminal justice – you may even transfer credits onto a full bachelor’s program later on, making this option particularly helpful for students who may not have time for full commitment of full bachelor’s programs immediately.

Before selecting an online associate degree, take into account your career goals. While a bachelor’s degree is often necessary, an associate degree may suffice in certain instances. Also be sure to verify whether an uopx associate degree can transfer seamlessly to your preferred university and save both time and money by finishing your bachelor’s sooner.

At University of Phoenix, there are a range of degrees you can pursue online – one such program being the associate of science in accounting degree. This course equips graduates to manage financial statements and budgets efficiently while covering taxation fundamentals – as well as prepare them for careers in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing.

An alternative option is an online associate of arts in information technology program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), an entity that sets high standards for business programs. ACBSP reaffirmed its accreditation until 2027 – this shows that this program fulfilled all educational requirements as well as committed itself to quality.

A degree from an associate school could open the doors to your career, and can boost your earnings as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The majority of associate degree holders earn more than people with only an High school diploma or GED certificate, even though the salaries can differ widely and don’t necessarily reflect the reality of things such as work experience, location and individual traits.

University of Phoenix Online Associate Degrees

University of Phoenix is one of the best-known for-profit universities in the US. Their degree programs aim to equip students with practical knowledge and skills they can utilize throughout their careers.

Students can also convert work and life experiences into college credit that will accelerate the completion of their degrees.

What is an Associate Degree?

The Associate of Arts (A.A) degree is among the most sought-after kinds of associate degrees offered that offer degrees in fields such as communication, art, literature, and history. A A.A degree is useful for those who aren’t sure of their professional goals or looking to broaden their knowledge of areas they are interested in as well as a A.A degree is also an ideal alternative for students in high school who aren’t yet ready to complete the full bachelor’s degree or for adults seeking career change.

Other associate degrees available to students include an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or an Associate in Engineering Technology (AET). These two-year degrees focus more on technical and vocational skills training for specific occupations; students can often complete these degrees within two years with some programs offering certificates as part of the degree itself. Though less common, AAS degrees can sometimes transfer into four-year bachelor’s programs as well.

Some may be skeptical of online associate degree programs, but these programs have become quite widespread in the US. Over 11,000 universities offer online associate degrees as a great way for students to start their careers early and is also beneficial for people without time or funds for traditional four-year degrees. 

What are the Requirements for an Associate Degree?

As an online student, you have various additional options when selecting the ideal degree program for you. These might include selecting an accelerated bachelor’s degree program or transferring an associate degree into a four-year program – saving both time and money along the way.

The University of Phoenix was established by John Sperling with the goal of making higher education more affordable and accessible to working adults. At first, classes took place on campus before eventually switching online. Today, it stands as one of the leading for-profit universities in America owned by Apollo Education Group.

University of Phoenix offers a selection of degrees – ranging from certificate programs to master’s and doctoral degrees – perfect for fitting studies into busy lives. Their online programs also make studying easier than ever! Take advantage of academic counseling services or career guidance.

University of Phoenix students work collaboratively in teams to complete assignments and projects. This method is implemented because collaboration is considered essential in today’s workplace environment. Classes are led by both full-time and part-time faculty members.

The university offers degrees in business, technology, nursing and criminal justice as well as numerous specialized programs in health care, teaching and counseling. Many of its specialized programs are accredited by national accrediting bodies such as Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and Teacher Education Accreditation Council; additionally the Higher Learning Commission regularly reviews it and can place schools under notice if certain standards aren’t met; most will eventually regain accreditation status.

How Long Does It Take to Earn an Associate Degree?

An associate degree typically takes about two years if pursued full time; it could take longer if taken on while working or attending classes part-time. A bachelor’s degree generally lasts four years or less through an accelerated program and on average opens up more career possibilities and can earn you more money than its associate counterpart.

Apollo Global Management recently acquired this University with an American private equity firm and transformed into one of the leading for-profit colleges. They offer various online degrees that they provide through this educational establishment.

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An online associate degree can equip you for entry-level employment while meeting requirements for a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field of study. Furthermore, credits earned while earning your associate degree may transfer over to four-year universities and enable you to complete a bachelor’s degree within as little as two years!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with an associate degree have a better chance of finding employment than those holding only a high school diploma or GED certificate. According to estimates from BLS research, those holding an associate degree could earn as much as $963 weekly versus $809 with just a high school diploma or GED certificate.

What is the Cost of an Associate Degree?

Many individuals who are still undecided on what career path to follow may opt to complete an associate degree program, which typically takes less time and costs less than earning a bachelor’s degree. Before enrolling, however, it is crucial that they learn about its costs – this will enable them to budget appropriately for tuition, fees, and any expenses related to earning the degree.

Cost of online associate degrees varies based on your chosen program and delivery method; typically an online program tends to cost less than traditional on-campus ones; however, actual costs will depend on factors such as credits earned, course types offered and their delivery methods, materials necessary for classes as well as any special fees charged by individual universities or providers.

Consider whether or not your chosen online associate degree program allows transfer credit from other schools. This could reduce costs overall by enabling you to transfer some credits from an associate degree program into a bachelor’s program, thus saving money overall.

University of Phoenix provides a selection of online associate degrees in fields like business, criminal justice and cybersecurity. Each degree is skills-mapped – reflecting employers’ core competencies when hiring new hires – with labor market analysts helping identify relevant skills that should be integrated into its programs so graduates are well prepared for careers in these expanding industries or further their education by transferring into bachelor’s or master’s degrees.


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