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Upgrade Your Home With Glass Doctor Southern Pines

Upgrade Your Home With Glass Doctor Southern Pines

If you want to reduce energy costs, increase natural lighting, or add decorative flair to the exterior of your home, upgrading the glass in your windows may be the answer. Insulated windows with low-emissivity  coatings help lower energy bills by reflecting back the sun’s rays; custom mirrors add dimension while increasing lighting levels further.

Insulated Windows

Upgrade your home with energy-efficient windows that reduce heat transfer into and out of the home, such as double pane insulated glass units (IGUs). IGUs allow homeowners to control interior temperatures more easily while relieving strain from air conditioning and heating systems.

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If your windows have become milky or are collecting condensation between panes, it’s time to reach out for assistance from Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties. Broken seals allow humidity into the air space layer, altering appearances while negating insulation capabilities of windows. Our team of specialists can replace just affected panes to restore both curb appeal and energy efficiency for your home.

Unfiltered sunlight can bleach out furniture, artwork and decorative pieces in any room, leaving them vulnerable to discoloration or even fading. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass windows offer an effective solution by letting natural light into your home without increasing temperatures or fading belongings. They have metallic coatings which reflect away UVA/UVB rays to protect belongings from discoloring under direct sunlight.

Shower Doors

Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home improvements, and adding glass shower doors can instantly revive an outdated or tired looking bathroom. There is an array of textures and patterns to choose from when it comes to glass shower doors; retailers and custom glass workers may even allow you to mix tints and patterns for an individualized look. One popular option is hammered glass which features consistent indentations similar to metal hammers for an authentic appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Or both? Glass specialists in Southern Pines can upgrade and repair your windows with double-pane insulated window units to reduce energy costs or improve the aesthetics of your home, curb noise pollution, reduce drafts and drafts and reduce noise pollution. When windows look milky or accumulate condensation due to broken seals that let moisture into their airspace layer of glass insulation, our professionals replace only affected panes, restoring curb appeal and energy efficiency back into your Southern Pines home.

Are You Looking to Lower Energy Costs, Increase Curb Appeal and Upgrade Bathroom? Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) may be just what’s needed. IGUs offer insulation from outside heat and cold, helping homeowners reduce strain on their air conditioning or heating systems while simultaneously offering beautiful views with reduced noise pollution and providing insulation against noise pollution.

Glass Doctor Southern Pines can assist in adding elegance or simply improving the lighting in your home by custom designing tinted or antique-looking finishes to creating beveled edges on mirrors, as well as offering various frame designs to choose from. Our skilled specialists will guide you through each step of this process for custom designing a glass doctor mirror, from selecting tinted or antique-looking finishes through beveling edges for mirrors to tinting them tinted or antique looking for tinted mirrors and antique looking frames and guiding you through each custom design step to completion of customizing it just the way that YOU want.

Glass Doctor of Moore & Montgomery Counties offers comprehensive repair solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, like our Advantage Plan and Advance Measurement services. By taking advantage of these programs, downtime can be reduced while safety can be guaranteed and investments protected for faster return-on-investment returns.


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