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Museum in California

Museum in California

Museums in California provide visitors with an opportunity to experience world-class art and historical artifacts while learning about California’s past, present, and future through interactive experiences.

OMCA’s collections capture the diversity of California, which spans 900 miles along its Pacific coast with mountains, redwood forests, and deserts.


The Exploratorium is an interactive museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco that has been described as “a mad scientist’s playground, scientific funhouse and experimental laboratory all in one”. Established by Frank Oppenheimer – brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer who participated in the Manhattan Project – this free public museum draws visitors for free daily. Popular with tourists as an afternoon or morning activity.

The museum maintains an expansive online presence that offers educators access to resources. In addition, its Webcast Studio streams live video and audio from around the world straight to the internet, while its website hosts hands-on activities and exhibits that complement its physical offerings. It is home to multiple educational outreach programs including its Community Outreach Program for underserved middle school students during summer break; as well as its afterschool science education program using exhibits at XTech that use its exhibits and youth facilitators.

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The Exploratorium was founded during a time of great social unrest and cultural upheaval, yet has never shied away from breaking rules or evolving with the times. It has often been described as “DIY before it became cool” or as providing science done “San Francisco style.” As one of the premier participatory museums worldwide, its participatory model serves as an example for participatory museums worldwide – from San Diego’s Reuben H Fleet Science Center to Florence Italy’s Garden of Archimedes Garden; In 2007, it was listed in Forces for Good as one of 12 most effective non-profit organizations within U.S. borders!

Legion of Honor

California Palace of the Legion of Honor opened in 1924 as a memorial to those from California who died during World War I, housing European paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, ancient artifacts, prints and drawings from across the country, Rodin bronzes such as The Thinker statue as well as paintings by impressionist and post-impressionist masters. Its collections boasts of European painting, sculpture and decorative arts from Europe as well as ancient art from across Asia as well as one of the country’s largest print and drawing collections.

The Museum’s collections span four millennia of art history and are housed in an elegant building overlooking Lincoln Park and the Golden Gate Bridge. Additionally, there are often temporary exhibitions hosted at this facility.

In 1972, the museum joined with the de Young Museum to form the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and has since then undergone significant change, restructuring collections and creating curatorial departments dedicated to European painting, sculpture, decorative arts and ancient art as well as housing the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts that holds over 90,000 works on paper.

The Museum boasts an extensive collection of works by El Greco, Le Brun and Rubens as well as paintings by Rembrandt, Monet and Van Gogh, plus African, Oceanian and Americas artworks as well as one of the world’s largest graphic arts collections.

The museum features both indoor and outdoor dining at its restaurant/cafe, currently adhering to all COVID-19 safety protocols, with no mask required; opening hours Thursday-Sunday; Additionally, there is also a Skinner pipe organ available for public concerts or recitals.

Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum is an innovative institution and the sole museum in the US dedicated to all forms of cartoon art, from original animation cels to comic book pages and sculptures. Their goal is to preserve and exhibit cartoonists’ work while informing visitors of its social significance.

The museum is a non-profit institution open to the public and offers nine to twelve major exhibitions each year in addition to maintaining an ever-expanding permanent collection and research library. Classes (both children’s and adult), lectures, and presentations are also provided on an ongoing basis.

In 1984, a group of cartoon art enthusiasts established CAM as a museum without walls by collecting pieces from private collections and organizing shows in local museums and corporate spaces. Thanks to an endowment from Charles Schulz, in 1987 CAM moved into its current home in Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood of San Francisco.

Its collection features original works from many of the most esteemed cartoon artists, such as Kate Beaton, Mary Blair, Dave Gibbons, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, John Romita, Edward Gorey, Los Bros Hernandez Chuck Jones Gary Larson Jim Davis. Additionally, many works from Peanuts/Calvin& Hobbes artists like Charles Schulz Bill Watterson & Morrie Turner can also be found.

CAM is well known for its extensive programming and outreach services, including its educational program that explores the history of cartoons. School groups regularly visit, lectures are given by cartoonists themselves, panel discussions held about their art are held regularly as well as interviews conducted. Furthermore, there is also an outreach program targeting youth aimed at cultivating young local cartoonists as museum professionals and building young cartoonists in local communities.

San Diego Natural History Museum

Since 1874, the San Diego Natural History Museum is the second-oldest scientific institution west of Mississippi and first in Southern California. It boasts an extensive collection of minerals and gemstones as well as art pieces, hard-to-find historical books and documents and models of animals and plants; furthermore it features an open research library available to all members of the public. Devoted to documenting natural and cultural history throughout Southern California over time, its size and scope have increased steadily over the years.

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Today’s museum can be found in Balboa Park and boasts collections on all aspects of nature and environment in its regional setting, from fossils to stuffed critters. Exhibits aim to educate and entertain visitors; hands-on activities for both children and adults include “Caught on Camera”, which showcases photographs taken using camera traps by members of the community.

Multiple departments at the museum engage in fieldwork and publish significant biodiversity research. For instance, Birds and Mammals Department has contributed significantly to regional distribution guides like San Diego County Bird Atlas (2004) and Mammal Atlas of San Diego County (2017).

Visitors to the Museum Canyoneers will also discover volunteer guides who lead free guided hikes in our region’s natural environments, while taking part in Citizen Science by helping catalog Monarch butterflies, reptiles or bumblebees through the online iNaturalist portal. In future plans, the museum hopes to expand both its collections and educational outreach programs; with plans underway for opening a Hall of Ocean Life exhibition gallery by 2024 that will feature various species from our marine world.

Museum of Photographic Arts

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) is a dynamic center for visual learning located at Casa de Balboa on El Prado. Boasting an exceptional collection of film, video and still photography as well as thought-provoking exhibitions, educational film screenings and ongoing learning opportunities for all ages – MOPA offers something special.

MOPA offers special exhibits on an eclectic range of subjects – from crowd-pleasing animal themes and landscape paintings by Ansel Adams to avant-garde cell phone photography. There’s also an outstanding museum shop filled with Lomography camera sets as well as technical literature on still and moving image art.

This gallery honors the profound effect that California has had on many lives and continues to play in ours, celebrating its remarkable impact through over 2,200 objects, works of art and photographs from Native peoples and communities around the world who have made California home. Explore how relationships were forged among each other while at the same time maintaining environmental sustainability – something which this gallery explores beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getty Center, California’s most beautiful museum, is a stunning architectural masterpiece with a panoramic view of Los Angeles. Getty Villa is also located in this museum and features ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artifacts.

The museum that is most popular in California will vary depending on what a visitor enjoys. LACMA is a great place for art lovers to explore the vast collections, but science enthusiasts may prefer California Academy of Sciences’ aquarium, rainforest and planetarium.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art may be California’s most important museum. It is home to iconic works such as Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass, and Chris Burden Urban Light sculptures.

Visit the Getty Museum and you will be exposed to a variety of art forms, including European paintings by Glenn Ligon such as Double America 2 or an augmented reality series created by Felix Gonzalez Torres.

Natural History Museum in Balboa Park is San Diego’s top museum. This institution, which dates back to the early days of Southern California science, is one the oldest in the state. This institution has state-of-the art exhibits.

San Francisco has interactive science centres and art collections that are world-renowned. Visit historic cable cars stops and wax museums to honor hometown heroes. In this coastal city, there’s always something new to discover.

Sacramento museums provide an array of cultural experiences. These museums offer a wide range of experiences, including historic art, architecture, and aerospace technology.

Orange County is home to a number of incredible museums, ranging from art and history to science and technology. There’s something here for everyone.

San Jose’s museums have something to offer every artist, history enthusiast and techie – they aren’t just for entertainment. They will inspire you and leave you wanting more.

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