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Museum in Michigan

Museum in Michigan

Top 5 Museums in Michigan

Michigan museums provide something for every interest imaginable – history buffs, art enthusiasts and automotive fans can all find something of interest. From shipwreck-themed museums like Michigan Shipwreck Museum & Songwriter’s Hall of Fame to automobile hall of fame halls of fames – you’ll discover plenty to learn and see at these captivating Michigan museums.

Grand Rapids Public Museum offers something for everyone at their museum! They feature modern art, Greek and Roman antiques, 19th-century American paintings and more – something for every age and interest! Come explore everything they have to offer!

The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is one of America’s premier art museums, boasting more than 100 galleries located within its Cultural Center Historic District location and holding over one billion worth of works from famous artists’ collections. Furthermore, educational activities are provided to all age groups to promote art knowledge.

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The DIA boasts collections and exhibitions of art from all around the world, as well as an eclectic array of styles and techniques. Exhibits span both ancient and modern periods – paintings, sculptures, drawings, furniture and decorative objects can be found. 

Additionally, its origins can be traced back to an 1881 European tour undertaken by newspaper magnate James E. Scripps with his family; their diary chronicling this trip was published in his newspaper; its popularity led him to republish it as a book called Five Months Abroad!

The DIA has made significant efforts in recent years to be more welcoming to historically excluded communities, taking great strides to do so. They have hired staff as liaisons and to foster relationships within communities they serve. Furthermore, evaluation, training and equitable practices such as paid internships have all been implemented as strategies for increasing diversity within leadership positions as well as within organizations themselves. Finally, relationships have also been built with existing informal art groups in Detroit.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum combines maritime history exhibits and hands-on activities in Whitefish Point, Michigan’s eastern Upper Peninsula. Situated approximately 1.5 hours from Sault Ste. Marie navigational locks, it stands as an invaluable tribute to maritime transport perils and heroism seen during many shipwrecks throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

Visitors may also explore historic Whitefish Point Light Station listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as walk along Lake Superior shorelines or boardwalks.

The Museum’s main gallery displays artifacts and tales from 13 of the area’s most notable shipwrecks that have made headlines, along with a 20-minute film that documents their search and recovery efforts for SS Edmund Fitzgerald’s bell.

Every year, The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum holds a Nautical Archaeology Workshop designed to teach adults and children alike about nautical archaeological research and the preservation process for shipwrecks. Led by expert instructors, participants gain knowledge about maritime archaeology research as they discover hidden mysteries beneath Great Lakes waters.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is operated by the non-profit Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society. This organization’s purpose is to preserve, educate, and promote Great Lakes shipping history; working in cooperation with state/federal agencies, private organizations and individuals to further maritime heritage preservation.

Cell Block 7

JACKSON, MI – For an immersive look inside one of the world’s largest walled prisons, visitors can still visit Cell Block 7 of State Prison of Southern Michigan from 1934 until 2007, now serving as a museum since 2014.

Not quite prison-like, this museum operated by Ella Sharp Museum is nonetheless chillingly close. Rented from the State Department of Corrections, visitors can walk through some of the same cells where prisoners were housed while also seeing some original guard towers.

These tours are led by volunteers, who research prison history in order to craft engaging stories such as that of an incoming prisoner who was so terrified upon his arrival that his legs gave out and his greeter had to carry him in. Another tour describes the 1952 prison riot which inspired the movie Riot in Cell Block 11.

It isn’t recommended that children under the age of 18 visit this museum without supervision from an adult, as the atmosphere and stories told may contain content rated G or PG (with some swearing) that is best left at home. 

I recommend giving yourself between one to two hours to explore this museum so you have ample time for walking around, reading exhibit signs, and asking any pertinent questions about what you see.

Honolulu House

Honolulu House is an excellent example of tropical modern architecture. Designed by architect Alfred Preis for a writer living in Manoa in 1949, its architecture blends classic, Gothic Revival, and Polynesian influences harmoniously.

It features an entryway with restricted entryways leading into wall-to-wall glass that frames views of Hawaii. Furthermore, European architectural styles like Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo can also be found here.

As well as breathtaking mountain and sea views, Hawaii Art Museum also features Hawaiian art by notable artists like Isami Doi, Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams. Furthermore, guided tours and workshops are available through their museum.

History enthusiasts will find plenty of fascinating information on this island’s vibrant culture and role in military history – particularly regarding Pearl Harbor’s attack.

The museum also houses one of the premier zoological research collections worldwide. Boasting specimens from all primary global ecosystems and several million species, its scientists are actively engaged in unraveling their evolutionary histories as well as genetic information pertaining to each animal exhibited here, essential knowledge that enables biodiversity protection, health security and food sovereignty for humanity. 

Visitors interested in nature or science should not miss visiting this free public museum – open daily with plenty of activities designed for all.

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

The Air Zoo brings together the best aspects of museums and theme parks to offer its visitors an experience they won’t find elsewhere. As part of Smithsonian Institution, this aerospace museum houses more than 50 aircraft as well as amusement park-style rides, full motion flight simulators, 4D Mission Theater and much more – giving visitors a truly memorable experience they won’t soon forget!

In recent years, the museum has significantly expanded in terms of planes and exhibits. Furthermore, in 2011 they unveiled the Flight Innovation Center which offers additional space for planes, education labs and attractions, along with a second floor observation deck.

Air Zoo also hosts special activities and events throughout the year, such as in September when children can climb inside cockpits of historic aircraft – this feature is free for Air Zoo Members! In addition, their exhibits make up just part of what makes an enjoyable visit!

Other activities at the museum include an Imagination Playground and KEVA Creation Stations, with opportunities for guests to meet notable figures in aviation history such as Orville and Wilbur Wright or Charles Lindbergh during character appearances. Visitors will even have an opportunity to chat live with these figures during presentations!

The museum also hosts traveling exhibits that support its mission, such as DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers. This program encourages children and families to battle criminals in a fictional crime-ridden city while learning valuable lessons about teamwork, self-discovery and strength. Furthermore, Museums for All provides EBT cardholders free or reduced-cost admission.

Children’s Museum of Michigan

Ann Arbor Museum features engaging hands-on galleries that invite children to discover the world around them. Curious minds can build hero figures, uncover dinosaur fossils and even soar towards the moon! Additionally, children can gain knowledge about our universe via planetarium shows or touch native fish species, geology specimens or other objects found therein.

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Children will love exploring exhibits with themes they recognize and find captivating, such as a replica of a lighthouse and keeper’s quarters where they can “captain” a miniature shipping freighter; or experiencing river or ocean tide flow with the Great Lakes water table. Furthermore, kids can discover playhouse interpretations of historical streets, the 1928 Spillman Carousel or walk across an actual suspension bridge in the outdoor discovery area!

At the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, children can see pterodactyls soaring through the ceiling, dinosaur and whale skeletons recreated from their natural environments and more! Additionally, this museum also fosters kids’ curiosity with various exhibitions, public labs that allow visitors to experiment on real science experiments, and even opportunities to meet real scientists!

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum based in Marquette provides children the chance to discover local and regional history through rotating exhibits. Some popular areas include a three-story ABC treehouse, maker’s space in Discovery Lab and A-Mazing Airways exhibit where kids can simulate flight simulation. 

At Creature Kingdom children can touch turtles and snakes or get an up close view of prehistoric whale skeletons before exploring more about their world in Michigan Nature Area or at their own hands-on grocery store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan offers an eclectic collection of museums that span from state history to Nun dolls. Each unique Michigan museum has something different to offer but all share a common goal of education and inspiration, making these experiences perfect family days out! No matter your interests – art, history or Michigan in general – one is bound to pique your curiosity at these facilities.

Michigan boasts an abundance of world-class museums that offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Some specialize in science and natural history while others embrace culture and art – these Michigan museums are must-sees for anyone curious to gain more knowledge of Michigan’s rich past and culture.

Michigan’s museums provide an educational and explorational experience. Their exhibits showcase rich cultures, historical developments and interactive exhibits – something for all age groups to enjoy – making these venues perfect for families or even free museum trips!

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