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  • May 24, 2024
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Museum in Texas

Museum in Texas

Texas, as the second-largest state in the US, boasts impressive museums and notable arts influences that showcase Texas history and culture. Explore this great state at one of Texas’ best Museums!

Dallas Museum of Art

Established in 1903, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) stands as one of the ten largest art museums in the U.S. It stands out as a destination for innovative exhibitions and groundbreaking educational programs that capitalize on its vast encyclopedic collection consisting of over 24,000 works covering global cultures from across 5,000 years of human creativity.

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The DMA’s collections capture major artistic movements since 1945, from abstract expressionism and pop art through minimalism and conceptualism, installation art assemblage photography video art as well as photography video art. Furthermore, there are significant holdings by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns as well as Texas artists James Surls Claes Oldenburg with Coosje van Bruggen that span over its 69 year existence.

Edward Larrabee Barnes designed The Museum’s building for a Dallas that no longer exists, prior to access and inclusion becoming priorities within its community. Now, with access and inclusion at the forefront, access is being prioritized over accessibility when seeking an architectural reinvention for iconic artworks to further increase visitor experiences in galleries as well as communicating core values as Dallas’ founding cultural organization. Community consultations started in January 2020 and have resulted in new ways of looking at how galleries are presented to visitors.

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, is an internationally acclaimed art museum that houses antiquities from Egyptian Old Kingdom tombs to Assyria and Greece antiquities; European paintings by Rembrandt, Van Rijn, Vermeer and early Renaissance painters; as well as an impressive Asian collection consisting of Japanese screens and hanging scrolls, Chinese paintings as well as Indian, Southeast and Japanese sculptures.

Kimbell Art Foundation was established in 1936 by Kay and Velma Kimbell with their sister-in-law Dr. Coleman Carter as the owner and operator of this museum, in addition to hosting outstanding collections. Furthermore, they host major interpretative exhibitions as well as public programs including lectures, films, book discussions, tours, studio art workshops, festivals etc. It is owned and managed by its sister-in-law Dr Coleman Carter as the Kimbell Art Foundation which owns and manages it today.

Louis Kahn designed and completed his original building two years before his death in 1966; its 16 barrel-vaulted sections are arranged so as to face north and south, filling its galleries with natural lighting.

McNay Art Museum

The McNay Art Museum was the first modern art museum to open in Texas when it opened its doors in 1954, bearing its namesake Marion Koogler McNay’s name after she bequeathed most of her wealth and art collection as well as her 23-acre Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion to it.

The museum provides educational programs to promote arts education. Furthermore, they hold strong dedication in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion across their organization.

The McNay Art Museum is an epicenter for culture in San Antonio. Offering family-friendly events as well as ways to connect with art through lectures, tours, workshops and educational activities – including participation in Museums for All program that grants access for those at certain income levels merely by showing ID card – make this museum one of San Antonio’s premier cultural destinations.

Harry Ransom Center

Located on the University of Texas campus in Austin, the Ransom Center serves as an archive, library and museum dedicated to literature, culture and history studies. With its collections comprising 36 million literary manuscripts, 1 million rare books, 5 million photographs and 100,000 works of art it aims to advance these fields of study.

At its founding, in 1957, the Center broke from traditional collecting traditions at libraries and museums by seeking entire working archives that provide unprecedented insights into an author’s creative process. Scholars and artists also utilize its resources for research and study purposes through exhibitions and public programs at the center.

The center offers its galleries to university faculty and students for rent, while select spaces may also be reserved by the general public for presentations, meetings, receptions, lectures, screenings or other cultural events. Membership benefits include invitations to gallery openings and special events; private exhibition and collection tours; valet parking at certain events; and more.

Texas Aviation Hall of Fame

The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame (TAHOF) recognizes and celebrates those individuals and companies or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to aviation advancement in Texas. As of today, 93 individuals and groups are members of this elite society – trailblazers/explorers; wartime aviators; leaders; entrepreneurs/innovators.

Colleen C. Barrett, R. Walter Cunningham (posthumously), Wally Funk and Heather Wilson have been selected by the TAHOF Selection Committee as members of its Class of 2024. These renowned individuals will officially be inducted at LSFM’s Texas Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Luncheon hosted by Southwest Airlines on Friday April 19, 2024.

LSFM is a nonprofit museum and STEM learning center committed to preserving historic aircraft and telling their stories of construction, ownership, pilots and crew. 

Their 130,000 square foot museum houses rare and historic commercial, general aviation and military aircraft as well as flight school programs offering public STEM education programs; its collection regularly participates in airshows nationwide LSFM is funded through membership dues, grants and private donations – it’s not for-profit!

Houston Museum of African American Culture

Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) is an institution with the goal of collecting, preserving, exploring, interpreting, and promoting the rich diversity of African- and African-American history and culture in Houston, Texas, the Southwest region and globally. 

HMAAC serves as a cultural gateway for people of different races and backgrounds to come together and share experiences that recognize and expand on African American experience as they create shared histories for a brighter future.

Third Ward Museum specializes in honoring the heritage and showcasing Black America. Their gallery hosts exhibitions, workshops and events that honor community history while also showcasing vibrant Black art.

HMAAC houses an impressive permanent collection of over 5,000 paintings, photographs, films, sculptures, documents and other artifacts that illustrate different aspects of African American community history. HMAAC currently showcases Christopher Blay’s Mami Wata Afrofuturism: 500 Years Back to the [Afro][Future], which depicts future through past by exploring transatlantic and trans-Mississippi delta journeys carrying histories, mythologies and cultures to new futures.

Lone Star Flight Museum

The Lone Star Flight Museum (LSFM), originally founded in Galveston during the 1980s and severely damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008, reopened at Ellington Field in 2017 as their 130,000 square-foot facility now showcases an amazing collection of historic aircraft as well as STEM education programs geared toward students of all ages.

LSFM’s mission is to recognize aviation achievement in an engaging educational setting for visitors of all ages. Offerings range from summer camps and field trips to scout programs; their offerings delve into both the science behind flight as well as its social implications.

Carver Museum

This museum serves both cultural preservation and modern community resource functions in one. Through exhibits, educational tours, concerts and storytelling programs that pay homage to George Washington Carver’s achievements — for instance his techniques for improving crop yields while mitigating pests and diseases — visitors can learn of his contributions.

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This 36,000-square foot museum includes four exhibit galleries, a conference room, classroom, darkroom, dance studio and 134-seat theatre designed by Carter Design Associates and is LEED certified. Additionally, sustainable features of this building include its masonry facade and foundation that incorporates fly ash recycled from coal combustion processes as concrete aggregate.

The gallery program at the Museum of Texas supports local artists by giving them opportunities to show their work. Since 1983, for instance, solo exhibitions by Austin-based black artists and hosting the regional Black Artists show have been organized at the museum. 

Furthermore, its core exhibition, The African American Presence in 19th Century Texas can illuminate aspects of African American material culture and history that would otherwise remain hidden or obscured from view.

Museums in Texas

Museums in Texas provide visitors with insight into its complex history, cultural heritage and artistic innovation. Visitors to any major city or quaint country town in Texas will discover world-class exhibits.

Texas museums cater to our inner explorer, offering us the perfect escape during Texas’s humid summer days and providing us with something new to learn! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas offers many worthwhile museums worth visiting. Ranging in subject, these institutions will delight any visitor while providing insight into Texas’ rich culture and history.

Texas offers its visitors many attractions. Ranging from breathtaking landscapes and engaging museums that will satisfy your inner historian, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here. Some of the state’s more renowned institutions include Perot Museum of Nature & Science, Witte Museum, and Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth – these three have something special to offer visitors alike!

If you are traveling to Texas, make sure that one of its popular museums is on your itinerary. Museums provide an insight into its rich history and distinct culture – offering art exhibits, science displays and historical exhibits – there’s sure to be something there for everyone in Texas!

The Museum of Texas should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting Texas. As one of the country’s premier art museums, this landmark boasts many exquisite artworks on permanent display as well as engaging exhibitions that run regularly. Families will love visiting together here! It can be appreciated by visitors of all ages.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day is the optimal time to visit Texas’ Museum of Weird – with special events such as Cabinet of Curiosities (mummies, mermaids, fossils, freaks of nature, shrunken heads and movie props), Sfanthor’s Chamber of Horrors (a wax museum featuring an enormous King Kong), Creature in Ice, etc. on offer.

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