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List of New York Media Outlets

List of New York Media Outlets

New York’s local news media are an essential resource for communities, yet are in crisis and require your assistance. In honor of World Press Freedom Day, The New York Times created a database with lists of local publishers compiled into an alphabetical listing – but many in its own backyard were missed!

Beginning at the top tier is essential, but don’t stop there; plan B, C and D are equally critical components of successful strategies.

The New York Times

The New York Times is an American daily newspaper that covers domestic and international news, publishes opinion pieces, investigative reports, opinion columns, and boasts a significant online presence. Having earned more Pulitzer Prizes than any other news organization, The Times’ headquarters can be found in Manhattan at The New York Times Building.

The Times was established as a penny newspaper in 1851 with an aim of serving an upscale intellectual readership without resorting to sensationalism or sensationalist reporting. Early success came through its editorial style which helped establish modern journalism as a watchdog of society; its name originated from its initial distribution area – New York city itself. Since then, The Times has expanded into television broadcasts, podcasts, as well as publishing the Times Magazine.\

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The New York Times offers articles in multiple styles and formats, such as video, interactive graphics and podcasts. Events including live debates on important issues. Furthermore, The Times hosts blogs, social media accounts as well as an archive of digital photos and articles. With over 30 million unique visitors per month, The New York Times remains one of the world’s most-read newspapers.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s premier news publications, published daily both in print and online editions. Covering global business, financial, national and international events; owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation which also owns various media properties – it features global coverage with localized news updates for each continent.

The Journal was established by journalists Charles Dow and Edward Jones along with financier Charles Bergstresser to deliver stock market information to traders on the New York Stock Exchange. To do this, they started printing small sheets of carbon tracing paper called “flimsies”, which they hand delivered personally.

Early on, The Wall Street Journal focused on finance and business news before expanding its coverage in the 1930s. Over time it grew into a national newspaper; winning Pulitzer Prizes for covering 9/11 attacks at World Trade Center.

Recently, The Journal has significantly altered its editorial positions. Gone is its traditional liberalism for more conservative views that emphasize free market economic issues and criticism of government policies; also more critical are views with strong neoconservative overtones regarding foreign policy matters. 

At a time of increasing media consolidation, The Journal provides an important counterweight against corporate influence in American journalism.

The New York Post

The New York Post, founded in 1903, is a daily tabloid newspaper published daily and owned by News Corp (Rupert Murdoch’s media empire). The Post offers news and opinions from the world of real estate, jobs, stocks, movies, restaurants fashion music theater travel health horoscope horoscope and weekend guide coverage.

Hannah Frishberg covers breaking health news and fascinating wellness-related stories for the Post’s digital team. She excels at translating complex medical statistics into relatable copy, interviewing individuals to hear their personal tales about health struggles. Hannah hails from Brooklyn and has worked at Brokelyn, Bensonhurst Bean, Brownstoner, Gothamist and Curbed among others as a staff writer.

During the November 2020 AllSides Blind Bias Survey, readers of The New York Post were split on whether it leans right or left; most respondents who identified with a left bias rated it as lean right, while those with center or lean right bias generally classified the paper as center on average. Unfortunately, due to unclear delineation between news and opinion articles within its content – possibly contributing to its overall Lean Right rating; however, AllSides team was pleased that editorial writing did not appear sensationalist or biased toward clicks!

The New York Daily News

The New York Daily News is a daily newspaper published from New York City and widely considered one of the most influential papers in America. Renowned for its investigative reporting and hard-hitting investigations, this newspaper has received several Pulitzer Prizes over time – most recently one award was granted for their coverage on police brutality against Abner Louima.

The Daily News was first established in 1919 as one of the first daily tabloid newspapers. Now owned by Tronc and publishing 200,000 copies each day, it features extensive feature articles, celebrity gossip, classified ads, sports coverage and an opinion section; its reputation for bold headlines often puts it ahead of New York Post.

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The Daily News once played an integral part in tabloid journalism, yet its circulation has since diminished drastically. In 1978, when its staff went on strike for 147 days during which 145,000 subscribers left; eventually the paper recovered its readership but Robert Maxwell passed away shortly thereafter.

The New York Amsterdam News

On December 4, 1909, James Anderson launched the New York Amsterdam News as a four-page newspaper serving Black communities across America. Named for the street where Anderson lived in San Juan Hill’s predominantly Black neighbourhood of San Juan Hill, early editions focused on social news such as weddings, engagements and charity events.

As it expanded, its coverage expanded to address racial injustice in America as well as highlight positive aspects of Black life in Harlem. As its readership expanded, so too did its support of Republicans, Democrats, Fusionists, and Socialists all working towards bettering Black lives – eventually all departments within its publication were unionized – becoming the first Black newspaper with all departments unionized.

After outgrowing their space on 65th Street, the Amsterdam News relocated uptown to 17 West 135th Street where the building has since been renovated to include a deli grocery store and CHASE bank branch. Today, this is still considered one of the oldest newspapers dedicated to African Americans in America; notable columns by W. E. B. Du Bois and Roy Wilkins appear weekly; also chronicling Black leaders like Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X emerge over time.

El Diario La Prensa

El Diario La Prensa was established in New York City in 1913, making it the oldest Spanish language daily newspaper in America and New York’s largest. It merged with La Opinion in 1963 to form impreMedia; since then it has served a vast readership, covering local news, human-interest pieces, politics, sports and business alongside an online portal and numerous mobile applications.

Staff from the newspaper have been fighting hard to preserve it. Protesters gathered at City Hall and Somos conferences where politicians court Latino voters. Additionally, lobbying City Council members for support has taken place, along with filing an unfair labor practice complaint against their parent company.

But they are still struggling, with many readers moving online and revenues dropping significantly. Their owner is trying to sell it, while employees are unhappy about this development; unionized workers are fighting for more money and flexibility with contracts. La Opinion belongs to impreMedia family of Latino media outlets which provides digital properties reaching over 35 million per month; with over 100 years serving local communities through this service provider.

The New Yorker

American firms tend to abide by the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. One such publication that has managed to remain true to itself in an ever-evolving media environment is The New Yorker magazine.

The New Yorker’s legendary mix of reporting, political and cultural analysis, fiction and poetry has cemented its status as one of the world’s premier magazines. Now available as an electronic daily digital destination, The New Yorker writers and contributors bring its nearly century-long legacy alive through entertaining yet informative content.

The New Yorker has become an iconic brand around the globe due to its mix of top-notch journalism and hilarious satire, yet is not without issues. Fiction may often focus exclusively on a few countries while perpetuating stereotypes; this trend was even apparent during Treisman’s tenure, when there were hopes that an international fiction section might emerge. Additionally, capital letters may often go unutilized, which indicates formality.


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