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Museum in Oklahoma

Museum in Oklahoma

Oklahoma museums boast unique collections and interactive components not found elsewhere.

Science Museum Oklahoma provides hands-on experiences and features a planetarium. Additionally, there are galleries highlighting Oklahoman history.

Museum of Natural History

Oklahoma museums provide an exceptional experience, from strolling through 4 billion years of natural history to marveling at dinosaur giants – Oklahoma offers something for everyone in terms of museum attractions. 

From Norman’s Smithsonian-affiliated Museum of Natural History, which displays over 4 billion years, to local museums highlighting Oklahoma’s natural wonders and people residing within, Oklahoma provides numerous must-see museum experiences that are must-see visits.

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On the University of Oklahoma campus, the Museum of Natural History boasts 12 collections that span archaeology, ethnology, herpetology, ichthyology, mammology and vertebrate paleontology. Curators – many from OU professors themselves – conduct global research while teaching courses; students can participate in hands-on studies. Furthermore, detailed dioramas depict Oklahoma’s natural diversity.

The Museum of Natural History also houses the Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources, an archive of biological tissue samples that serves as a library of genetic biodiversity. With specimens representing 46 states and 54 countries – with strong representation for mammals from Argentina, Oklahoma and Oklahoma, amphibians/reptiles/ reptiles from Great Plains region as well as birds from US/PR.

The McCasland Foundation Hall of the People at Oklahoma Museum of Natural History provides an immersive history lesson, from early archaeological discoveries to present day experiences, of Native Americans in Oklahoma for over three millennia. 

Visitors can see handprints from tribal representatives and an ancient Cooper Skull as well as immersive displays illustrating Mississippian-era Oklahoman life and ceremonial practices. Across campus at the Oklahoma City University, Siegfried Family Hall of Ancient Life takes guests back 4 billion years into prehistory of Oklahoma with stunning dinosaur battle scenes as well as fully articulated Pentaceratops skeleton displays!

Gaylord-Pickens Museum

Nonprofit dedicated to preserving Oklahoma’s original history, this museum is housed in an ornate former Mid-Continent life Insurance building and features interactive expositions. Meet Oklahoma’s legendary heroes whose contributions inspire pride among future generations in the Hall of Fame gallery; search Oklahomans by name or hometown on video kiosks and Legacy Map.

CurioCity children’s museum explores the development of science through hands-on activities in eight “neighborhoods,” while the Route 66 Museum takes visitors back through Route 66’s past while teaching how to compose poems is another activity available at Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (ROMP).

Gaylord-Pickens Museum also provides educational programs and homeschool days. Pre-arrival lessons provide educators with an interactive experience in Oklahoma’s energy history through its people. Visit the Energy Tour for a look back into its origins or visit ‘Bust Gallery’ to view sculptured likenesses of Maria Tallchief, Ralph Ellison and Mickey Mantle – three pioneering Oklahomans who helped shape this region!

Gaylord-Pickens Museum houses rotating and permanent collections from both native American nations (39 total) as well as Oklahoma native artists LaQuincey Reed and Markus Muse in its galleries, as well as an extensive Judaica collection. 

Additionally, children will love playing in its Children’s Garden while the Tulsa Botanic Garden features charming tree forts, walking trails and an art deco inspired Tandy Floral Terrace Gardens for added enjoyment. You can rent spaces at Gaylord-Pickens Museum for special events (like weddings or corporate meetings).

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at University of Oklahoma stands out as one of the best university museums in America, established in 1936. Housing more than 20,000 works including Weitzenhoffer Collection of French Impressionism as well as Southwestern Native American art ceramics 20th-century American painting sculpture and Asian art collections – this museum truly is a gem!

The gallery serves as a cultural nexus for the community, offering educational programs and events that connect theory to practice. This can be seen through major exhibitions that showcase different art forms and cultures as well as public lectures and family activities hosted at the gallery.

In addition, the Museum offers rental spaces that can host private and corporate functions for groups up to 2,000 guests – everything from wedding receptions and meetings to receptions for royalty! In fact, University of Oklahoma Athletic Department was even one of the first entities to make a gift that provided free admission for visitors in perpetuity!

One of the Museum’s main draws is its impressive collection of works from iconic artists like Van Gogh, Monet and Georgia O’Keeffe. However, visitors should also explore its diverse array of temporary exhibitions, which explore different styles and techniques.

“OK/LA” pays tribute to six Oklahoma artists who made a mark in Los Angeles: Patrick Blackwell, Joe Goode, Jerry McMillan, Mason Williams and Ed and Paul Ruscha (brothers). Their works depict red dirt ambiance alongside Los Angeles politics and ambience.

45th Infantry Museum

The 45th Infantry Museum offers visitors an engaging journey into the history of the National Guard. Visitors can explore this museum through exhibits and activities that cover everything from Revolutionary War artifacts to those related to Global War on Terror. Furthermore, this venue hosts events dedicated to veterans as well as members of the general public to honor those who served.

This museum can be found near NE 36th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Oklahoma City. As Oklahoma’s only state-run military history museum, it boasts an incredible collection of military artifacts. Admission to this free exhibit is always welcome – there’s so much to discover here!

At the 45th Infantry Museum, many of the most fascinating objects are personal items that soldiers brought back from battles – these range from chaplain’s coat and Bible from Civil War, Hitler’s Leica camera, and Vietnam War prisoner of war camps used as “tiger cages.” Additionally, the museum houses an impressive arsenal that spans Revolutionary War to World War II; including Reaves Firearm Collection which contains over 1,000 guns.

Notable artifacts at the 45th Infantry Museum include cartoons by Bill Mauldin, who served with his division during World War II. His cartoons of mud-covered soldiers became immensely popular during this era and helped capture soldiers’ experiences during battle.

The museum features an array of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, including a gift shop where they can buy books and souvenirs to remember their trip, as well as a 15-acre park with aircrafts, tanks and other vehicles used during military campaigns.

First Americans Museum

The museum presents the histories and cultures of 39 distinct tribal nations present in Oklahoma today.

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Johnson Fain architects imagined the First Americans Museum (FAM) in Oklahoma City as a building that would serve as a living tribute to America’s tribal nations and their lasting legacies. 

Conceived as an embodiment of resilience, it stands as the largest single-building tribal cultural center in America – designed and constructed with multiple perspectives in mind while honoring each tribe’s history, land use patterns, culture, and relationships to their communities.

FAM stands as an invaluable resource for tribes headquartered in Oklahoma and represents them with visually-immersive exhibits, striking art pieces, and stories that represent all 39 tribal nations found there – highlighted by Okla Homma: Oklahoma Tribal Nations’ Voice exhibition as its focal point.

Wasserman witnessed one of his proudest moments at FAM when a tribal elder visited for a museum preview and said to one of its staff members that FAM felt like home for her and young Indigenous communities. That sentiment epitomizes FAM’s goal – providing space that represents their interests.

FAM is an excellent destination to introduce children and families to Oklahoma’s 39 distinct tribal nations, while learning their histories. Additionally, the museum hosts quarterly Homeschool Days featuring tours, hands-on activities and demonstrations; admission fee covers both museum admission and Homeschool Day registration online – for more information or registration click here.

Oklahoma museums provide a diverse range of outdoor activities and indoor exhibitions that cater to families’ diverse interests and needs. If you’re seeking adventure, writing practice, or new perspectives on familiar topics, Oklahoma’s museums provide plenty of learning opportunities both for children and their grownups alike.

Science Museum Oklahoma stands out as a must-visit educational destination because of its distinct approach of sparking curiosity and unleashing it to create an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. 

Oklahoma’s museums showcase its rich history and culture through artifacts, objects, art, stories and objects. If you are keen on exploring dinosaurs or discovering Oklahoma’s 39 distinct Native American nations, the Oklahoma Historical Society can offer something suitable.

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