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Museum in New Hampshire

Museum in New Hampshire

Museums in New Hampshire are institutions which house collections of cultural, artistic and scientific items for public viewing; this can also include those open for research.

New Hampshire is widely revered for its charming towns and expansive expanses of wilderness, not to mention some of the nation’s top museums that provide diverse experiences.

Best Museum in New Hampshire

New England is home to numerous museums of art, history, culture and science. Some are world renowned – for instance Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s former homes in Connecticut or Winslow Homer’s paintings in Maine; there’s even early American maritime history along the coast! However, smaller specialty museums can be found throughout each corner of New England making museum visits fun educational experiences for everyone, particularly children.

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The New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord offers exhibits ranging from Abenaki artifacts to antique snowmobiles, in addition to offering several hands-on activities for children. Housed within an historic building featuring beautiful interior design, there’s something here for every interest imaginable!

Visitors of Charlestown can experience life as it was back in 1740’s settlement through tours led by guides dressed in colonial clothing and offering demonstrations such as hearth cooking, musket firing and military drills in this authentic representation of a New England village and one of the oldest living museums in America.

From June through October, Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Visitors can learn about New Hampshire sheep farming during this era while participating in demonstrations of a wool spinning wheel, apple press and other farm activities.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is an outstanding museum for those interested in natural science and nature. Not only can visitors learn about both, but the facility serves as both an environmental education center and zoo too! Featuring interactive programs, classes, and events designed to educate about New Hampshire’s ecology.

Henry Libby established this museum dedicated to natural history in 1912; it is one of the earliest institutions of its kind in America. Exhibits feature birds, mammals and plants related topics – making this attraction one of the state’s most visited galleries for natural history enthusiasts.

The New Hampshire Historical Museum offers families an ideal way to explore New Hampshire’s rich past. Set in an historic town, the museum boasts over 100 exhibitions organized by theme and subject. Plus there’s also a gift shop and cafe; admission for New Hampshire residents is free while non-residents may purchase tickets for a nominal fee – visit their website for more information!

Popular Museum in New Hampshire

As New Hampshire is famously known as “the Granite State”, there are numerous stunning museums and historical sites worth exploring in this beautiful state. From an interactive video tour of an aviation museum to learning about Abenaki artifacts, there is much history and culture here for you to experience. Skiing, snowmobiling or the American Revolution; New Hampshire truly has something to offer everyone!

NH Historical Society in Concord is one of the state’s premier museums, boasting a Concord coach, 19th-century paintings of White Mountains, Abenaki artifacts and replica 1700s home; along with demonstrations like hearth cooking, musket firings and military drills. Furthermore, their collection boasts more than two million items (manuscripts & books).

The American Independence Museum in Exeter showcases New Hampshire’s role in America’s independence from Britain through historical artifacts and tours of Ladd-Gilman House and Folsom Tavern, respectively. Entry to this free museum is guaranteed.

Strawbery Banke Museum brings 350 years of history alive in an historic waterfront neighborhood in Portsmouth. The museum explains a changing neighborhood through historic houses on original sites, engaging costumed roleplayers, traditional craft demonstrations, and heirloom gardens.

Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury provides visitors with a glimpse into the lifestyle and craftsmanship of Shakers who believed in simplicity and excellence. It features beautifully preserved buildings, exhibits, and an easy half-mile trail for strolling leisurely through history while admiring their exquisite handiwork.

Mount Washington stands proud in the northeast corner of Vermont as one of its highest peaks – it boasts a cog railway that leads up to its summit, is home to both moose and black bears, as well as being a beloved destination for skiers and snowboarders alike.

New Hampshire boasts several acclaimed art galleries and museums. Manchester’s Currier Museum of Art boasts over 5,000 pieces by American and European artists; admission is free; plus there are hands-on activities designed specifically to appeal to children.

Are you seeking an immersive and engaging museum visit experience? Book a group visit with a program! It includes a guided tour through the museum as well as experiences ranging from nocturnal animals, patterns and mask-making workshops – designed specifically to help children learn through art! 

In addition, The Naturalist Study exhibit allows kids to examine specimens while exploring elements of nature from June-October every day – plus you can book in advance a children’s workshop for just $8 per child!

Famous Museum in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is well known for its picturesque towns and vast forests, but the Granite State also offers visitors plenty of museums that will provide educational experiences. From world-famous collections in its heart to museums dedicated to telecom technology and even world renowned pieces by Matisse and Picasso; New Hampshire museums provide visitors with plenty of educational experiences for learning. 

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One such institution is Currier Museum of Art which ranks among New Hampshire’s premier attractions with exhibits that span from 17th Century Dutch masters up to modern pieces by these masters – not forgetting its collection from World-Famous World-Fair!

New Hampshire museums specialize in historic houses and topics like farming history. Canterbury Village’s living history museum transports visitors back in time when Shakers thrived there; Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth interprets an historic neighborhood while offering tours of historical houses while meeting costumed role players and watching traditional craft demonstrations.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover is an interactive learning center dedicated to inspiring innovation and creation in young minds. 

Offering both self-guided and group visits, visitors can choose between educational programs such as Science + Math featuring night animals, deep sea creatures and patterns; or State History/World Cultures/Art programs which explore New Hampshire history as well as celebrations around the globe, mask making, fish printing and much more!

Visit Warner for an unforgettable experience at the New Hampshire Telephone Museum, a non-profit organization which collects and preserves telecommunications equipment and artifacts from bygone years, such as when private phone companies were common and locals could say, “Call me on Don Ameche!”

The New Hampshire Historical Society is a state-wide museum that showcases the rich history of New England through artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, maps and other documents. Visitors can learn all about New Hampshire’s past including how it became a state. The New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord offers free admission and is open Monday to Saturday (except on holidays). 

In addition, other locations of this organization can also be found throughout New Hampshire. These landmarks include John Fitch House in Hanover, Boston’s Old North Church and New Hampshire’s White Mountains; all are free and open to the public. The museum offers various programs tailored specifically for groups and schools, such as Family Discovery Day on February 17, 2019. 

A great destination to bring students on a field trip! This is an opportunity to educate them on New Hampshire and all that makes it special, including going on a walking tour to learn its history before dining at one of the restaurants located within that same building.

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