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Top 7 Best Car Racing Games for PC, PS4 and XBOX One in 2017

Top 7 Best Car Racing Games for PC, PS4 and XBOX One in 2017

Racing games offer an immersive racing experience. From hard-core simulators that let you tinker with cars to arcade hybrids that allow you to speed around Imola on LMP1s, these thrilling titles give players a true taste of how exhilarating these machines are.

Here are the best car racing games for PC, from those featuring wheels or controllers.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Bring out your speeding side in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, the reboot of Need for Speed set in Seacrest County that pits racer against cop in high-octane car chases. Modernization includes enhanced visuals, cross-platform multiplayer asynchronous racing powered by Autolog, and access to main DLC packs; Ford Crown Victorias and McLaren MP4s along with Ferrari automobiles are still featured among its roster of cars.

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Criterion Games successfully brought its Burnout formula to the Need for Speed franchise with this 2010 release, and it still feels great today. While gameplay may not match that of Forza or Gran Turismo, its thrill of drifting around corners or racing before overtaking police cars remains exciting and captivating.

Need for Speed: Shift 2

Need for Speed Shift 2 is an exemplary racing game sequel that provides more realistic alternatives to Forza and Gran Turismo series. Its revolutionary driver-eye view was one of the first of its kind, providing new thrills when playing racing games. Furthermore, Need for Speed Shift 2 boasts an outstanding audio visual feed – with cars growling their engines purposefully before opening doors or bonnets convincingly convincing.

Slightly Mad’s game remains true to its old-school sim roots, so large crashes pose a real risk for podium placement. Yet it also does an impressive job at gradually introducing you to more extreme cars; from hatchbacks with low horsepower through sports cars and GT1 racers.

Adjustable assists and AI difficulty enable you to personalize the game to your personal taste, with deep tuning options and decal features providing further satisfaction.

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2, from Slightly Mad Studios’ ambitious first title, is the most realistic car racing simulation game ever created. Even better yet, its creators tried to honor motorsport with nostalgic memory lane montage scenes and Tag Heuer-sponsored Brand Central showrooms that make GT Sport seem more like an overblown car advertisement (although there may be good reason behind its more vivid graphics).

Project CARS 2 excels with its vast variety of cars and tracks available – you could spend hours simply exploring this vast collection! LiveTrack 3.0 also makes races more realistic by adding dynamic weather effects that give corners lifelike corners while circuits look more lifelike than ever.

Richard Burns Rally

Rally enthusiasts should seek out this 2004 title as it features input from 2001 World Rally Champion Richard Burns – making for an immersive racing experience that pushes realism limits.

Even though this game is challenging, it is also great fun. The physics engine is incredible: feel power transfer as you take on gravel or weight shifting as your car leans into corners; not forgetting an impressive damage model and fun sound effects!

Initial forays can be intimidating, but spending some time learning its complexities is more than worthwhile – once immersed, however, you cannot escape its enthrallment; I’ve lost many evenings due to feeling guilty over falling behind friends by milliseconds!

Toca Race Driver 2

Experience what it’s like to take the wheel for Slightly Mad’s game is unlike anything else! Their immersive racing disciplines, realistic handling model (with help from actual racing drivers as consultants) and sophisticated CPU AI make this one of the most authentic car racing simulations out there – especially since busted tires, broken axles or engine failure will actually cause you to lose a race!

Toca Race Driver 2 may not match GT3 when it comes to graphics, but its smooth and consistent frame rate makes it feel fast even when handling multiple cars simultaneously. Furthermore, Toca’s car models boast gorgeous detail – including freshly waxed surfaces as well as lens flares and reflections on other cars!

Flat Out

Bugbear have delivered one of the most devasting racing experiences ever created with Wreckfest – taking inspiration from both FlatOut series (including underrated PS classic Destruction Derby and fan favorite FlatOut Ultimate Carnage ) and Wreckfest. Boasting 16 cars to unlock, multiple modes for racing and destruction and an unforgettable soundtrack featuring bands most North American players have likely never heard of, it offers hours of enjoyable entertainment! 

You won’t even get pulled over for driving illegally! It is truly one of the greatest arcade style racers out there without getting caught or getting pulled over!

FlatOut 2 features an upgraded version of its groundbreaking physics engine and an expanded career mode, and boasts double the vehicles, race environments, ragdoll mini games and destructible objects compared to its predecessor – perfect for novice sim drivers and hardcore gamers alike! Although not as extensive as some Codemasters Grid games, FlatOut 2 remains a fun experience that makes driving simulators accessible.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

From its early editions which introduced street racing and car customization, to their Most Wanted iteration with cop chases and narrative, Need for Speed offers something for all kinds of gamers – from casual gamers who appreciate its simple controls to hardcore fans who’ll appreciate its depth of play and attention to detail.

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Criterion delivers another brilliant blend of realism and gameplay with this game’s driving, offering cars that allow drivers to drift around corners, boost out of them and ram opponents into walls as they try to avoid policemen who appear frequently during races. The fun formula allows drivers to escape law enforcement while trying to outwit one another. It makes for a thrilling racing experience that is both realistic and accessible at the same time!

With an expansive city to discover and a large roster of licensed cars to collect – as well as multiple events to participate in – this PC car racing game proves highly addictive.


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