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Museum in Ohio

Museum in Ohio

Ohio boasts numerous museums that cover art, local history, U.S. Presidents, planes and trains – among them are many that may seem offbeat – from collections of ingestions to archaic birth control methods these unique museums will definitely capture your interest and amaze.

Columbus Museum of Art will captivate your sense of art while Youngstown’s Butler Institute of American Art expounds Yacin Zawam.

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art is an award-winning art museum known for its internationally acclaimed collection and commitment to community engagement. Their holdings cover many forms of artwork such as painting, sculpture, decorative arts and works on paper.

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Its 30,000-strong art collection is considered one of the finest in the United States. This includes Old Master paintings as well as works by modern artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Rembrandt; Asian and African artwork; as well as one of the finest collections of glass ever assembled in one location.

The museum provides daily glass blowing demonstrations in its Glass Pavilion for visitors to witness this exquisite art form first-hand. Additionally, there are rotating special exhibitions covering diverse subjects that often include educational workshops to foster creativity and deepen understanding of art.


COSI was honored as America’s number one science center by USA Today, offering hands-on exhibits in Gadgets, Life, Little Kidspace Ocean Space Progress plus Extreme Screen Theater Planetarium outdoor Big Science Park Atomic Cafe’ restaurant. Known for their revolutionary approach to science education.

COSI hosts three touring exhibitions annually in addition to their permanent exhibits, with Kessler noting they focus on selecting shows which combine high interactivity with strong educational content – last year’s “How People Make Things” exhibition fit this criteria perfectly, scoring well with visitors through visitor surveys.

There’s also the monthly COSI After Dark event, designed specifically to engage adults without distracting children. Topics covered during these experiences may include the science of fear (with Ohio State providing insight into how our brain responds to perceived threats) and paranormal phenomena; don’t miss this experience!

Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Some consider Ohio’s State Museum the small Jurassic Park due to its exhibits such as a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, giant ground sloth teeth and meteorites that fell within Ohio state borders. Yet this museum offers much more than fossils and rocks. 

Kids can explore science with hands-on activities like wind tubes, water tables and race tracks; explore engineering with costumes and props; express themselves artistically using paper, crayons, paints or other media; use two-story climbing structures with Ninja Warrior courses while also learning food related knowledge with farm-to-table experiences!

Established in 1981, the Children’s Museum of Cleveland has long been recognized as Northeast Ohio’s go-to spot for early learners to experience interactive exhibits that excite, enrich and inspire. Each room in this dynamic museum offers new adventures for learning and fun while adhering to all American Disabilities Act regulations.

Harriet Beecher Stowe House

The Harriet Beecher Stowe House is a museum that honors the life and work of this influential abolitionist. Her most acclaimed work was Uncle Tom’s Cabin which detailed slavery while humanizing black characters for white audiences. Through literature, this museum seeks to promote social justice and foster positive change for society as a whole.

The house has been renovated and now includes an interactive exhibit that captures mid-19th century life as well as modern galleries that connect Stowe’s writing to present day issues. 

Touring this home provides an excellent way to gain an insight into the Stowe family, their involvement in various movements such as abolitionist, women’s rights, civil rights, Underground Railroad as well as personal journey. You may even gain some inspiration!

Ohio Railway Museum

The Ohio Railway Museum is one of America’s oldest railroad museums. Established in 1948, its mission is to showcase electric rail transport’s impactful history on American life through two huge carhouses and three miles of demonstration railway track with trolley rides available to visitors.

The museum houses an impressive collection of historic streetcars, interurbans and rapid transit cars from across North America – some of these can even be used to provide tours or public rides on special occasions! One particular steam locomotive visitors love is Norfolk and Western 578 Pacific-class steam locomotive.

Visit their website for more information on the museum and its collections, as there’s much to see and do here. Traveling with young children should use caution as some exhibits may be frightening for them. Ghost trolley tours during Halloween offer a one-of-a-kind experience sure to satisfy your little train enthusiast!

Butler Institute of American Art

Joseph Butler founded the Butler Institute of American Art in 1919 as the first museum dedicated solely to art created by United States citizens. To honor his philanthropic spirit, the museum’s front door reads “Pro Bono Publico,” making admission free ever since.

Youngstown’s Butler Museum on Wick Avenue boasts collections spanning centuries and genres. These works span landscapes of the American West to portraits by Mary Cassatt and Howard Wormer artists renowned for their comprehensiveness – something no other museum in Ohio can match.

The Butler Museum hosts an annual midyear exhibit showcasing artists from Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana and Mercer counties in Ohio as well as Lawrence and Mercer counties in Pennsylvania. 

Additionally, in 2015 they received National Endowment for the Humanities funding to conduct an intensive preservation survey of works on paper in their collection and its results helped the institution formulate an action plan for caring for its most fragile materials.

National Museum of the United States Air Force

The National Museum of the United States Air Force boasts more than 360 aerospace vehicles and missiles in its exhibit galleries, making it one of the world’s premier military aviation museums. Here visitors can learn all about its history – as it shaped Southwest Ohio – through sensory and interactive experiences that connect Wright brothers’ pioneering efforts with contemporary stealth technologies like stealth bombers. In addition, SAM 26000 – President Kennedy’s Air Force One plane – can also be found here!

A new Global Reach Gallery showcases the Air Force’s humanitarian mission worldwide by showcasing tools used in Thailand for the rescue of trapped cave divers and Alaska wildfirefighting efforts, among other events. Additionally, this museum hosts hundreds of events annually such as World War I Dawn Patrol Rendezvous events, space and rocket events, Giant Scale Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Fun-Fly events with Air Force Band of Flight concerts, etc.


The USS Cod Museum in Cleveland provides visitors with a captivating glimpse into submarine warfare. With interactive exhibits and knowledgeable volunteers ready to assist visitors, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of this aspect of modern warfare.

The museum, situated in Cleveland Port, offers public tours that are open to everyone. Visitors will see many historical artifacts such as five-blade bronze submarine propeller and Type 8A search periscope; as well as an impressive collection of submarine models and memorabilia.

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The USS Cod is one of the best preserved submarines in existence and an immensely popular tourist attraction in Cleveland, as well as being a National Historic Landmark. Built as a Gato-class vessel named after cod (an extremely common food fish). However, unlike most museum submarines it does not feature access stairways into its pressure hull and visitors must climb vertical ladders to enter.

Central Ohio Fire Museum

Central Ohio Fire Museum, housed in an historic 1908 firehouse, is an essential destination for anyone interested in firefighting history. Here you will find vintage firetrucks, wagons, alarms and paraphernalia to give visitors an understanding of life as a firefighter decades ago. Additionally, children aged 6-13 can learn fire safety in age-appropriate settings at this educational museum.

Museum tours led by retired or active firefighters provide an exciting way to gain an in-depth knowledge of firefighting. Exhibits range from hand-pulled carts and horse-drawn steam engines to modern motorized firetrucks; providing visitors with a fascinating glimpse into how technology has changed this industry over time.

Kids visiting the museum will appreciate its play area where they can imagine themselves driving or operating a firetruck, sliding down poles and dressing in firefighter gear – perfect for birthday parties and group tours alike.

Ohio museums are an invaluable way to bring history and local artists alive for all. While dusty dioramas and Renaissance paintings might come to mind, most are now equipped with high-tech exhibits and immersive experiences for modern audiences. Here are some of the top museums for visiting with kids.

These 27 unique museums and collections in Ohio provide something for everyone, whether that means exploring the history of beer, collecting troll dolls or visiting Ohio’s oldest house.

Ohio offers an abundance of museums for your enjoyment, be it dinosaurs, art or modern science. Many are family friendly with fun educational activities for kids while there may also be unique and unusual museums with exhibits that will engage adults as well as children alike.

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