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Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Astronauts need to stay physically fit to handle the stresses of spaceflight, and for that they receive fitness training from an elite team led by astronaut strength and conditioning specialist Corey Twine.

One of the top general personal training certifications available today is NASM’s, with registration costing about $799 for exam and essential materials. This exam covers exercise science principles across nervous, skeletal and muscular systems as well as exercise physiology principles such as muscle recruitment.


Are You Seeking to Advance or Expanse Your Fitness Business by Becoming Certified as a Personal Trainer? Certification as a personal trainer is an ideal way to build clientele and expand career options. There are various kinds of certification available – it all depends on what area of expertise you specialize in!

If you enjoy working with groups, one course that may prove valuable is NASM-GPTS: Group Personal Training Specialization. This course equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to design and deliver effective group exercise programs for clients while earning 19 AFAA CEUs upon completing its final online exam.

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The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers an innovative personal training certification. Their NCCA-accredited program has long been respected within the fitness community, while their Optimal Performance Training model draws upon scientific research. 

While you don’t require an exercise science degree for admission into this program, participants must still demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

As well as possessing a high school diploma or GED certificate, becoming an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer also requires certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). 

You may enroll in the self-study course without these credentials in hand; however, before you can take the exam. In order to maintain certification status you’ll also need at least 20 continuing education units every two years in order to maintain it.

Before choosing any certification to pursue, it’s essential to check with potential employers to ensure it will meet their standards. Both NASM and ISSA are accredited by the NCCA; however, their differences could make one better suited for your career goals than another. 

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NASM starts at a lower starting price while offering more to get you going, while ISSA’s prices start higher but offer more value upfront.

Basic requirements aside, in order to enroll you will also require an email address and computer/mobile device with internet connectivity. 

Once these basic criteria have been fulfilled, the next step should be creating an account on the official NASM website and receiving your password and link for testing preparation portal.


Participating in such courses can provide the training necessary for passing the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer certification exam. 

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The curriculum covers anatomy, physiology, injury prevention techniques and motivation techniques while students also learn to create exercise programs for clients while collecting informed consent forms and release of liability waivers before tracking their clients’ progress.

Once you obtain your NASM personal trainer certification, employment opportunities become readily available across multiple environments – gyms and fitness centers, hospitals, recreational facilities and more are just some examples of venues where personal training jobs could be found. 

Contract work enables trainers to come directly to clients’ homes or places of business and conduct sessions there – however their salary varies according to what work is involved and their geographical area of residence.

Option two is specialization. Doing so allows you to tailor your services more specifically towards a certain population, expanding clientele while making additional revenue streams possible. Furthermore, specialization can provide a lucrative income source!

To become a personal trainer, you require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program and at least two years of work experience in relevant areas.

For optimal results, enroll in an online personal training program endorsed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These programs are specifically designed to help you pass the Certified Personal Trainer Exam and reach your goals more easily – they come complete with study materials and fees for exams – plus they’re accessible on either Mac or PC!

As personal training becomes an increasingly lucrative field, certification has become ever more essential. Receiving one demonstrates to clients, employers and health organizations that you possess the necessary domain expertise as well as discretion and trustworthiness – it marks your pathway toward becoming successful within this burgeoning field.


Are You Seeking to Become a Personal Trainer? In order to become a personal trainer, you will require either a high school diploma or GED certificate, CPR certification and completion of an approved personal trainer training program with a passing grade on its national exam. 

Some programs are available online while others require classroom instruction – each should provide comprehensive study guides and practice questions as part of its offerings.

NASM and ACE certifications are two of the most favored in the industry, offering extensive coverage of exercise science as well as robust programs. 

Both certifications have their own special advantages; for instance, ACE Personal Trainer Certification costs less than NASM but does not cover as much exercise science; plus it requires more continuing education hours than NASM.

ISSA also boasts extensive special populations sections compared to most fitness certifications, providing more in-depth guidelines for designing programs specifically targeted towards different client types as well as guidelines for assessing client needs. This ensures personal trainers can accurately devise programs without worsening any preexisting medical conditions.

ISSA provides comprehensive information about several aerobic training methods, such as interval training. Furthermore, it outlines how to create periodized aerobic training programs for clients; while ACE contains some of this knowledge it does not cover it as thoroughly as ISSA does.

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ISSA is an ideal solution for trainers seeking to assist their clients achieve results more rapidly, with its course providing practical advice as opposed to NASM’s theoretical focus.

Corey Twine, an astronaut strength and conditioning coach for NASA astronauts, discusses the significance of nutrition and exercise prior to departing Earth for space missions. 

Additionally, he shows some exercises astronauts perform to stay in top physical condition during space travel. This video offers an excellent way to gain more insight into this unique career field.


As more people realize the significance of physical fitness for health and longevity, employment opportunities for personal trainers have skyrocketed. Therefore, earning a certification such as NASM personal training certification will give you an edge when applying for employment in this field. A NASM personal training certification demonstrates your expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition and health science that sets you apart from your competition.

The NASM-CPT exam is a two-hour multiple choice test with 120 questions that requires you to score at least 70% to pass. Administered through hundreds of Pearson VUE testing centers nationwide, you must bring valid photo identification to take part in this examination and no personal items such as pens, papers, bags or food are allowed into the testing room during taking of this examination.

After completing your NASM-CPT course, you can register for its exam. When registering you’ll receive an email containing exam details and instructions. 

You have two options when taking this exam: either in-person at an NASM training center in the US or online through Pearson VUE in your region.

Expect the NASM-CPT exam to cover topics like exercise training and techniques, program design, nutrition for exercise and wellness, injury/illness spotting techniques and injuries/illnesses. It covers an expansive variety of fitness and wellness subjects that will allow you to work with different clients and populations.

NASM is widely considered one of the premier general personal training certifications. Their price point may be challenging for newcomers entering the industry on a relatively modest level.

Luckily, NASM offers various package tiers beginning at $799 that provide greater insight into corrective fitness protocols and may appeal more. Even with these options in place, however, NASM remains amongst one of the more costly certifications in existence.


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