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Museum in Mississippi

Museum in Mississippi

Mississippi museums showcase its artistic legacy and historic roots with exhibits ranging from reconstructed Delta juke joints to Eudora Welty’s manual typewriter; each gallery provides insight into life in Mississippi.

USA Today recently recognized two Mississippi museums – the Mississippi Children’s Museum and Mississippi Civil Rights Museum – in their Top 10 Readers Choice Museums list.

Eudora Welty House

Eudora Welty House was constructed in 1925 as the primary writing center for internationally acclaimed short story author Eudora Welty – born and residing in Mississippi – during her prolific writing career. Welty dedicated her life to reading and writing, which greatly impacted both her own works as well as those around her. When Welty passed away she left both her house and literary collection to Mississippi State for all to benefit from her legacy.

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The museum seeks to interpret Eudora Welty and her literary achievement by exploring her home, manuscript collection, papers and memorabilia as well as writings. Tours take place Tuesday – Saturday with guided tours lasting approximately one hour each time.

Welty’s work spanned numerous genres and topics. She used humor – often dark in tone – to capture the essence of southern small town life with its post offices and beauty parlors; she wrote of Depression-era tenant farmers in despair, artists’ dedication to their craft, and grief experienced by women grieving a lost spouse.

The Mississippi Historical Museum features eight main galleries that span 15,000 years of Mississippian history. From an archaeological dig at the shores of Mississippi Lake that unearthed an Ancient American dugout canoe dating back 500 years, to Eudora Welty’s manual typewriter used at home, visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in state culture through this museum’s collections. 

Experience an unforgettable journey through “One Mississippi, Many Stories”. Additionally, special exhibits are featured throughout the year at this immersive museum. This year, the museum is honoring Jim Henson – 2017 Hall of Fame inductee and creator of Sesame Street, The Muppets and Labyrinth – through its exhibition called “Jim Henson: 

Imagination Unlimited”. Additionally, Mississippi Department of Archives and History sponsors an annual Eudora Welty Research Fellowship to support graduate student research within their collections.

Mississippi Museum of Art

As the largest art museum in California, this cultural institution provides world-class traveling exhibitions as well as an outstanding permanent collection. Art from all around the globe ranging from paintings to ceramics from all time periods is on display here, while educational programs provide students of all ages an opportunity to explore these objects on display and methods for teaching with them.

The museum is committed to addressing complex issues central to Mississippi heritage. In 2018, they launched a new initiative founded on values of equity, transparency, and truth – providing visitors with an avenue to face past events with an aim towards understanding new narratives in contemporary Mississippi.

The Museum and The Art Garden serve as anchors of Jackson’s emerging arts district. Their combined 1.2-acre public green space brings people together through art, culture, and community involvement.

Jimmie Rodgers Museum in Clarksdale is a must-visit destination for music fans and enthusiasts. Exhibits at this museum honor one of the leading figures of country music: Jimmie Rodgers himself (known as the “Father of Country Music”). 

Items on display include instruments from his blues legend days as a singing brakeman on steam engines; railroad equipment that would have been used during those same days; The Museum Store offers unique gifts related to current exhibits and special items available as souvenirs after visiting. 

The Museum hosts events that engage local communities through live concerts, brunches, key speakers’ talks/demonstrations plus many others events!

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The 91,500-square foot complex overlooks a 300-acre natural landscape and 2.5 miles of nature trails. Inside visitors will meet over 200 living species from an aquarium network of 100,000 gallons and explore 73,000 sq. feet of permanent and temporary exhibits focused on Mississippi’s flora, fauna, history, and culture.

The Museum offers special events throughout the year that appeal to museum-goers of all ages. One such exhibit, entitled “Wild Weather,” explores severe weather as a powerful and unpredictable force – it features current severe weather science, cutting edge technology and stories from scientists, forecasters and enthusiastic enthusiasts who share their expertise with us all.

In addition to hosting special events, the Museum’s education team provides outreach programs that use the facility as a living classroom. Young children are invited to climb trees in the Preschool Discovery Room, visit animal habitats, and engage in hands-on learning experiences under guidance of museum education staff.

Museum visitors often marvel at its fossil collection. Visitors can view teeth of some of the largest shark species as well as incredible ancient specimens ranging from an articulated fossil horse foot and giant ground sloth teeth to ammonites (squid-like fossils) and much more.

The Museum’s Gift Shop is also a must-visit. Here, guests can buy gifts for loved ones back home or souvenirs to remember their visit – such as elegant handkerchiefs, coffee mugs and jewelry pieces from its large selection. Located within regular museum hours and online – visitors can order customized keepsakes that offer them personalized keepsakes of their Jackson MS experience!

Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience (MAX)

At Meridian Arts & Media Exchange (MAX), they honor Idaho’s cultural legacy by honoring creative legends while inspiring future artists. 

The MAX’s contemporary building blends harmoniously into Meridian’s historic brick architecture and provides a landmark on a downtown street corner, drawing visitors in for classes, workshops, civic clubs, professional groups meetings as well as family activities – not to mention hosting special events such as The MAX Hall of Fame! 

Inside is where visitors will discover educational spaces as well as meeting rooms that are ideal for classes, workshops civic clubs meetings families & more – something the MAX Hall of Fame offers visitors.

MAX exhibits are organized into six themes: Land, Community, Home, Church, People + Places and Global Community. With 15 permanent galleries and two spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions, these displays focus on Mississippians who have had an impactful cultural legacy ranging from music and literature, film & television, visual arts & architecture.

MAX explores Mississippi through artifacts spanning 500 years of American history – such as an ancient Native American dugout canoe found submerged in mud on the shore of a Mississippi lake, author Eudora Welty’s manual typewriter, and even recreating an authentic Delta juke joint to the sounds of legendary Blues artists from Mississippi – to demonstrate how Mississippians shaped America’s development.

MAX features a Hollywood-style Walk of Fame, honoring musicians, actors, authors and media figures with Mississippian roots – such as Jimmie Rodgers (often considered the “Father of Country Music”), Jimmy Buffett, B.B. King and others. King, William Faulkner, Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty and Bo Diddley among many others are featured. 

Additionally, visitors can experience an interactive feature which allows them to form clay pots reminiscent of three Mississippi potters. Within the MAX facility there are other unique experiences, including playing virtual guitar with legendary Mississippi musician Jerry Lee Lewis and experiencing its first-of-its-kind railroad simulator. Furthermore, MAX also hosts live performances and educational programs; for more information please visit MAX’s website.

Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum

Coca-Cola’s iconic red and white logo may be recognized around the globe, yet many remain unaware that this historical mark was founded in Vicksburg by an enterprising candy merchant named Joseph Biedenharn in 1894 – starting bottling Coca-Cola here permanently changing soft drinks as we know them today! A museum honoring his innovation now stands on his original building where his business started out.

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The Coca-Cola Museum features an abundance of Coca-Cola advertising materials, historic memorabilia and equipment used by Biedenharn himself in his early days as a bottler. Exhibits also detail its history as a company and how its syrup was first developed. Open daily, the museum stands as one of Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation’s key achievements and should not be missed!

Visitors to Coca-Cola Experience Museum can stroll through exhibit rooms that showcase its history and memorabilia, from vintage delivery trucks and Coke signs, posters, and bottles to recreated soda fountains where an amusing soda jerk explains its early bottling beginnings – as well as enjoy refreshing five-cent Cokes for refreshment!

Vicksburg Museum can be found in the heart of Vicksburg and is surrounded by other great attractions, including the Old Courthouse. It’s the perfect way to learn about Mississippi’s rich history while enjoying a refreshing Coke in town! 

In addition, nearby shops and restaurants make visiting even easier; additionally, for full day sightseeing trips, Visit Vicksburg has visitor center offers passes that provide discounts at local attractions as well as coupons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mississippi boasts one of the nation’s richest artistic legacies and deepest historical roots, which can be found through museums throughout Mississippi. From contemporary art galleries in Jackson to Elvis Presley’s birthplace in Tupelo, these museums provide visitors with an insight into its rich culture and heritage.

Mississippi offers plenty of historical homes and museums, but sometimes you need something a bit offbeat to keep things interesting. That’s why we compiled this list of Mississippi’s unusual museums; everything from those focused on automobiles to ones celebrating Mardi Gras. These quirky establishments will surely keep visitors amused!

Mississippi seems to be blessed with something in its water that inspires such talent in people over decades – writers, musicians, actors, artists and craftspeople from this state continue to enrich lives around the globe – Faulkner, Eudora Welty, John Grisham Elvis Presley Morgan Freeman Jimmy Buffett are just a few examples; Mississippi also saw blues music being birthed here! Mississippi remains home to performers across every genre.

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