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Museum in Delaware

Museum in Delaware

Delaware’s museums make for an indispensable experience – from DuPont’s 1914 steel barn to the state folk art collection, these institutions in Delaware showcase contemporary artistic exploration with respect for tradition.

Since 1912, the Delaware Art Museum (DAM) has hosted collections dedicated to American illustration, the British Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Wilmington-native Howard Pyle. Additionally, DAM features Copeland Sculpture Garden and Helen Farr Sloan Library and offers studio art classes.

Anna Hazzard Museum

Anna Hazzard Museum in Rehoboth Beach is one of Delaware’s must-visit museums and a must-see for history enthusiasts alike. Housed in an 1895 tent structure on Christian Street, this attraction showcases Rehoboth’s early religious and cultural heritage while providing visitors with insight into Anna Hazzard, Delaware’s first female licensed realtor and Methodist minister. It also highlights her life through an insight into Camp Meeting Era Rehoboth Beach where visitors can step back in time and relive its earlier days as religious retreat retreat retreats.

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The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes serves as an exhibition hall for Dutch-inspired culture in Lewes and was inspired by Hoorn Town Hall in Holland. This venue hosts lectures and living historian in residence programs as well as conducting research into Lewes-area history and publishing works about it.

Indian River Life-Saving Station Museum can be found within Delaware Seashore State Park and offers self-guided tours that enable visitors to discover more about the history and legacy of United States Life-Saving Service. Exhibits in this museum include shipwreck survivors’ artifacts and memorabilia as well as archive photographs, documents and other historical materials.

The Delaware Aviation Museum is an indispensable stop when visiting Delaware, with an incredible collection of aircraft and aviation artifacts on display. Showcasing both civilian and military aircraft as well as providing educational outreach programs for libraries and schools in Delaware. Open Tuesday to Saturday between 10am-4pm; it’s closed Sundays.

Delaware Art Museum

The Delaware Art Museum (DAM) is a cultural destination that brings art alive for people of all ages and backgrounds. Through its collections, exhibitions, programs and more, DAM harnesses creative energy that invigorates communities. A newly designed main gallery spaces (inspired by community feedback) reimagine how stories are told with art; new works by women and black artists add depth while enhanced design and conservation showcase its collection more vibrantly. Furthermore, DAM hosts Helen Farr Sloan Library Copeland Sculpture Garden Kids Corner

This historic art museum can be found at 2301 Kentmere Parkway in Wilmington and boasts an illustrious collection of over 100 Howard Pyle pieces, one of the largest Pre-Raphaelite art collections outside the UK, an array of urban landscape paintings by John Sloan, among many others. Visitors can explore seventeen gallery spaces as well as explore 9-acre Sculpture Park for regular changing exhibitions or research opportunities with the Art Research Library and Archives – an invaluable resource for scholars and students.

No matter your level of art expertise, everyone should visit the Delaware Art Museum. From its beautiful setting and extensive collections to the engaging education programs provided here.

Come discover why USA Today ranked Hagley among its 10 best open-air museums in America! There’s plenty to see and do at Hagley’s 235-acre property, which features numerous historic structures and engaging demonstrations. Also don’t forget Hagley made their readers’ choice list for best open-air museums here – check it out now.

Johnson Victrola Museum

The Johnson Victrola Museum offers visitors an amazing experience to discover the beginning of recorded music. Situated in Dover, this museum honors Eldridge Reeves Johnson for helping bring music into homes across America at the turn of the 20th century through his invention of Victrola. Johnson used his machinist skills to design spring motors which enabled gramophones to be freed from being manually cranked while using profits from Victrola sales to sign popular acts to recording contracts – using profits to sign popular acts to recording contracts themselves! Additionally, visitors can experience time travel by touring reconstructed 1910 record shops displaying Victrola collections while touring reconstructed record shops from this era!

This museum provides the ideal spot to step back in time and appreciate history, making for an engaging tour lasting about 30 minutes and worth the admission price. I was especially taken with its tour focusing on sound recording history as well as its self-made pioneer who revolutionized our entertainment today. Additionally, two floors are dedicated to Victrolas from 1899-1929 along with an original oil painting depicting Nipper, the RCA Victor mascot, complete the experience!

Delaware is home to many unique cultural attractions and museums that will take your breath away, like Winterthur, which showcases exquisite antique furniture and decor as well as its heritage of gunpowder manufacturing at Hagley Museum and Library near Wilmington. Don’t just limit your exploration to museums though – take time out to experience its diversity! This state boasts numerous amazing points of interest beyond museums as well. From charming ornate antique furniture at Winterthur’s regal estate of the DuPont family or exploring early days of gunpowder manufacturing at Hagley Museum & Library near Wilmington!

Delaware Contemporary

Delaware Contemporary is more than an art museum – it’s also an interactive creative space dedicated to exploring new ideas through thought-provoking exhibitions. As an alternative museum with non-collecting status, Delaware Contemporary features seven galleries, 26 artist studios, gift shop, high tech auditorium and classrooms as well as 30 exhibits presented annually from regionally, nationally and internationally-recognized modern artists.

The gallery shows at the museum are regularly changing seasonally, each designed to promote meaningful dialogue on timely subjects that resonate with visitors. For example, during fall 2023 the main gallery show celebrated suffragists with paintings that reached beyond mere gender equality issues.

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Meleko Mokgosi’s installation titled Domestic Threshold addresses the cultural identity of Southern Africa as it intersects with Pan-Africanism in the US. It includes an image of a young boy sitting down and the projection of him becoming an adult man alongside posters that encourage people to fight for human rights and freedom.

Museums offer more than impressive art; they showcase Delaware’s diverse culture and history through various exhibits. You’ll be delighted by natural treasures like mollusk collections or early American perspectives at many of these institutions; Winterthur Museum also hosts stunning ornate antique furniture from their regal estate belonging to the DuPont family that’ll leave an indelible mark!

Delaware boasts several must-see attractions beyond museums. Visitors can experience life from another era at the Iron Hill Museum in Newark, which showcases old iron ore mining pits dating back to before the Revolutionary War. They can also learn about Lenni-Lenape Native Americans while witnessing life during Delaware’s early days at Hagley Museum where visitors can tour DuPont gunpowder mills.

First State Heritage Park

Delaware’s inaugural urban “park without boundaries” connects 19 historic sites in Dover for an unforgettable experience that showcases Delaware’s vast past. Historical interpreters dressed in 18th century clothing are on hand to lead visitors on themed walking tours, lantern-lit programs and craft workshops that recreate bygone eras. Dover’s historic Green is an area rich in history where Revolutionary soldiers marched, the US Constitution was approved, freedom seekers fled slavery and crusading suffragists battled to expand equality. Other attractions within walking distance from the Welcome Center and Galleries include: Old State House, Legislative Hall: State Capitol, John Bell House, Woodburn and Hall Houses (Governor’s Residences), Biggs Museum of American Art, Delaware Public Archives and Johnson Victrola Museum.

Experience the whimsical imagery of Pre-Raphaelite art at the Delaware Art Museum or explore aviation history at the Air Mobility Command Museum, both offering special Kids’ Corner experiences for families and renowned for its collection of Brandywine Valley artists Howard Pyle and his students including N.C. Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish as well as one of the largest collections of Pre-Raphaelite art outside the British Isles.

Delaware Contemporary is an exciting contemporary art gallery located in Wilmington that stays up-to-the-minute with changing exhibitions. As a member of the Association of Art Museums, and with partnerships with numerous local artists, Delaware Contemporary offers full schedule of programming tailored for adults and families; plus it provides free admission on every first Friday of every month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Delaware’s Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs boasts five museums that tell its unique tale through history, culture, and art. Administered by the Delaware Department of State, these institutions are accredited by the American Association of Museums, providing valuable services for communities, scholars, outside agencies, and the general public alike.

Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley offer world-class museums for fans of ornate antique furniture, illustrative art or cutting edge contemporary pieces alike. Check out local legends like Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth at the Brandywine River Museum of Art; while Delaware Art Museum boasts an expansive American illustration collection as well as one of the largest Pre-Raphaelite paintings outside England.

What is the best Museum in Delaware for Kids?

Discover dinosaurs or invent something innovative; Delaware offers plenty of kid-friendly museums and activities designed to engage preteens. Stop by the Delaware Children’s Museum on Wilmington Riverfront where exhibits such as Structures and Stratosphere encourage engineering and science learning; or sail along with pirates aboard Kalmar Nyckel!

Delaware may not be the largest state, but its rich history can be appreciated at its various museums. From luxurious mansions to fascinating defense structures, discover these special attractions that will enlighten and inform.

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