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Museum in New Jersey

Museum in New Jersey

Museums offer the perfect gateway into New Jersey culture. Boasting interesting exhibits and collections, museums will ignite your interest.

Discover the history of New Jersey’s Native Americans at Morris Museum or get lost in miniature at Northlandz – both museums offer something exciting for history, art, or science enthusiasts.

Newark Museum

Newark Museum may be New Jersey’s best-kept secret, boasting some of the state’s premier collections of art and history ranging from costumes to paintings to tools. Plus, visitors can gain insights into life in Newark through exhibits and displays! Open year round free for New Jersey residents!

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Newark’s largest museum with galleries that span the globe. It offers art from Americas, Asia and Africa as well as historical and contemporary pieces. Additionally there is science exhibits including rare seashells and minerals as well as animal specimens including mastodon skeletons. Kids will love exploring Dynamic Earth exhibit featuring animals along with Maker Space with trains, arts blocks and legos to play with and the Planetarium for hours of educational playback!

The museum has long recognized that art should be enjoyed by all and prioritized making sure its collection and exhibits were accessible and inclusive, placing special focus on Newark’s diverse communities and their histories.

They have an established history of partnerships with schools and educators in their region. Additionally, they support curriculum goals through in-person field trips and digital classroom toolkits which help educators reach students more effectively using resources provided by the Museum. In 2023 alone, this museum served 33,272 school-children both physically and virtually through its services.

Newark hosts various community days and events throughout the year to introduce Newark residents to what makes their community special, discover its many features, and to experience all it has to offer. Events may feature live music performances, multicultural celebrations, or any number of unique Newark-centric experiences that showcase all that’s great about Newark.

Morris Museum

Since 1913, the Morris Museum has been one of Ohio’s premier cultural institutions. The galleries showcase art, science and history; the museum has received accreditation by the American Association of Museums. 

Exhibits, educational programs and theater performances for both children and adults are offered year round; additionally it houses an impressive collection of natural history specimens, artifacts and natural history artifacts that can only be found here!

The Museum offers various exhibits, spanning American art, costume and textiles, geology and mineralogy, folk art and natural history. American Indian artifacts provide insight into their heritage across New Jersey and North America.

Normandy Heights Road offers easy access to the Museum. Just minutes from both Morristown train station and Interstate 287/Route 202, visitors will also find a gift shop and cafe at this facility.

Regular family festivals are included with admission; past events have included Dr. Seuss Day, NJ Makers Day and Dino Day – plus there is also an art studio and vacation day workshops specifically geared toward young visitors and teens as well as special tot tours on select Fridays!

The Museum also hosts live performances in its Bickford Theater, such as musical and dance shows. Beginning in 2019, its Live Arts series launched to foster dialogue between gallery exhibits and performances on stage; so far, world premieres by Kyle Marshall, Javier Dzul and 10 Hairy Legs have taken place during these conversations.

Old Barracks Museum

Built as winter housing for British troops during the French and Indian War in 1758, the Old Barracks Museum also saw service by both sides during the Revolutionary War. 

On December 25th 1776 it saw a surprise attack by Continental Army against Hessian garrison of Trenton which resulted in key victory of American Revolution. Although one of five such military barracks located within New Jersey borders, only this museum remains preserved and restored to its original condition.

Today, the museum welcomes over 12,000 school children annually from every county in New Jersey to “Meet the Past” and learn about colonial life in New Jersey. 

Tours run Wednesday to Saturday with knowledgeable guides guiding visitors through restored squad rooms, officer’s quarters and other areas from 1700s era New Jersey – other activities include sewing demonstrations, cooking demos and military drilling demonstrations as well as lectures. Events such as Tavern Night May Tea Week Patriots Week.

Building saved from demolition by Daughters of the American Revolution and other local patrons who formed a trust to purchase and restore it in 1902. Since that time, over $2 Million has been invested in extensive preservation and restoration projects; with only 3% of museums nationwide receiving accreditation by Alliance of American Museums.

The Old Barracks Museum brings colonial America alive for visitors, so you can gain a better understanding of our nation’s past and how it impacts today. Explore our vast collection of artifacts ranging from weapons and tools to dresses and books as we interpret history for visitors looking for answers about America.

Museum on NJ Maritime History

The Museum on NJ Maritime History is a New Jersey state museum devoted to preserving New Jersey’s rich maritime heritage, housing an extensive collection of artifacts and archives related to New Jersey’s maritime tradition. These include documents, antique navigational equipment and thousands of rare photographs and logs related to its maritime past.

The museum boasts one of the largest collections of 18th-century sewing clamps known as “sewing birds,” making this attraction ideal for family visits and lifelong learning. There’s always something new and exciting going on at this popular tourist spot!

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Established in 1895, it is one of the oldest and largest museums in America, providing educational content on New Jersey’s natural and industrial history, archaeology and ethnology collections as well as fine art exhibitions and other special exhibits.

From diving gear and authentic artifacts, to old photographs of coastal towns, this museum brings to life often-unheard seafaring tales. When it first opened its doors in 2007, most of its holdings came directly from founder Deb Whitcraft’s personal collection; she had spent years amassing information and artifacts related to Louisiana maritime history (even making an appearance on “Prime Time”!). (She even expressed this hope on one episode!)

The museum features a reconstructed 1868 carriage house from Joseph Francis’ estate that served the lifecar that saved thousands of lives. Additionally, numerous programs and activities take place throughout the year at this museum including wooden boat festivals as well as trawling excursions.

New Jersey State Museum

At its Trenton home at 205 West State Street, this museum overlooks the Delaware River and serves a region midway between New York and Philadelphia. It showcases natural history specimens, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts as well as cultural history objects relating to fine arts – complemented by exhibitions and educational programs to provide context. Furthermore, the museum houses a 140-seat planetarium.

The Museum is committed to encouraging lifelong learning and inspiring innovation and exploration of science, history and art through research, exhibitions and educational programs. Additionally, it promotes state pride by nurturing tomorrow’s leaders while acting as a hub for civic engagement.

As part of its ongoing effort to engage a diverse audience, the Museum offers a range of topics and perspectives while striving for inclusivity in all that it does. Its collection of historical artifacts and decorative arts reflect New Jerseyans’ varied heritage with works spanning 19th- and 20th-century American painting, sculpture and prints along with historic household items and Native American objects; also on view are ethnographic African objects along with Asian works exhibited by the museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Jersey museums provide its residents with a vibrant mix of art, science and history. From the charming New Jersey State Museum to Montclair Art Museum there are ample opportunities for learning and discovery. Additionally, one study found that visiting museums may help increase feelings of happiness and well-being.

New Jersey’s esteemed museums offer something for every interest imaginable, whether that means indulging your architectural passions or discovering science and technology. Travel back through history while discovering local history, art, innovation or taking an astronomical tour at a planetarium – New Jersey museums provide something to fulfill everyone.

Visits to museums can be an ideal way to rejuvenate and escape from daily stressors, with studies indicating that art and history museums help improve mental health and reduce symptoms of depression.

An interactive experience in New Jersey museums is the ideal way to gain deeper insight into local culture and history, from glassmaking and ancient jewelry making, to military might, there is something here for every interest and hobby! There is sure to be one perfect for you in every state in New Jersey.

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