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Museum in Idaho

Museum in Idaho

Idaho museums boast internationally and nationally-renowned traveling exhibits as well as permanent displays. You’ll find everything from mammoth skeletons to Lewis and Clark artifacts and even a recreated bear cave here! There is sure to be something exciting in store!

Visit the Old Idaho Penitentiary to experience life behind bars, or discover Idaho City’s cultural history at Pon Yam House.

Idaho State Museum

Be sure to visit Idaho when on a road trip, and plan a quick detour off the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to visit this Boise museum managed by Idaho State Historical Society focusing on how land connects to people living here.

The Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and adheres to their professional standards. Educational trunks and exhibits developed at the Museum travel to schools statewide; furthermore, technical assistance for records management issues provided to governmental agencies across Florida is also statewide.

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The Idaho State Museum showcases Idaho’s lakes and forests, mining industry, logging industry, fur trading, gold rush, pioneer settlements and pioneer settlements through world-class exhibits that span from fur trading, gold rush settlements and pioneer settlements all the way back to fur trading, fur trading and pioneer settlements. Also on view is the J.

Curtis Earl Weapons Exhibition that showcases historical arms from Bronze Age through Vietnam War conflicts – free admission is offered for Idaho SNAP holders (up to four individuals per EBT card). Furthermore, “Museums for All” offers discounted entry for those presenting an EBT card cost only $1 admission!

Idaho Military History Museum

The Idaho Military History Museum is one of Idaho’s premier attractions, located behind Boise Airport’s Gowen Field near Idaho Air National Guard base and inaugurated by Idaho Military Historical Society in 1995.

Visitors can explore an impressive selection of weapons such as F-86s, MiG 21s and RF-4C Phantoms as well as tracked vehicles such as M60A3, M728CEVs DUKWs from different branches of army as well as armored personnel carriers from different branches.

The museum features a vast collection of artifacts with connections to Idahoans and state history, such as weapons, uniforms and letters pertaining to specific wars fought by Idahoans.

The museum provides educational programs and special events throughout the year that appeal to guests of all ages, as well as being EBT/SNAP/WIC approved, so up to four individuals with one EBT card may enter free.

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

After the Anne Frank exhibit was shown at Boise in 1995, it inspired thousands of visitors to support its construction as a permanent tribute. Community leaders and human rights champions spearheading this initiative worked diligently until 2002 when Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial officially opened.

This world-class educational park provides an environment of reflection for people of all ages to consider the moral repercussions of their actions and consider their civic duties. Home to Rose Beal Legacy Garden and Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights as well as Anne’s Attic Amphitheater and Memorial Quote Walls, The Memorial is an oasis of reflection.

The Memorial’s life-sized bronze statue depicts Anne as she looks out her garret window and sees the world gone mad, yet her voice of hope enlightens its path forward. A recent gift from Boise State University Games, Interactive Media and Mobile (GIMM) program adds further illumination while offering new ways for visitors to experience it all.

Appaloosa Museum

At the center of Palouse country lies this museum showcasing Idaho’s state horse. From its roots and role in Native American culture to the Nez Perce War and current Appaloosa Club activities, there’s something here for everyone in its hands-on exhibits, library, and gift shop.

The Museum is a proud member of the Association of Historical Museums and has achieved IRS 501(c) 3 status, an important step that allowed for more professional support and guidance allowing it to focus more effectively on collection preservation and expansion.

Gia is a Moscow resident with a great passion for horses. As she was brought up showing Appaloosas and has spent most of her professional career working in the equine industry. She enjoys life in small-town Moscow as well as working at the Appaloosa Museum; teaching is something she truly enjoys doing at this venue which serves as an important cultural venue in Palouse Region.

Herrett Center

The Herrett Center provides an educational, visually appealing, and just plain fun experience for kids of all ages and history enthusiasts alike. Visitors will discover archaeological finds, Idaho history and even some wildlife during their visit.

The museum features over 18,000 artifacts and specimens with an emphasis on prehistoric America. Highlights of its collection include Simon Clovis’ cache of stone bifaces and its full-size replica of an ancient horse carcass found during an excavation.

Since 1980, this non-profit support service of College of Southern Idaho (CSI) in Twin Falls has been an indispensable community resource. Situated on its campus in Twin Falls and featuring galleries dedicated to anthropology and contemporary art; visitors can also take a tour through space at Faulkner Planetarium or look directly up into the sky from Centennial Observatory.

Priest Lake Museum

Priest Lake Museum, situated at Idaho’s panhandle, boasts an extraordinary collection of historic photos and artifacts. The museum shares stories about hardy Idahoans who helped form this community; plus its lake has drawn in explorers, prospectors, loggers, tourists and others over its history.

The museum collection boasts photographs depicting early family life, homesteads and community activities in Priest River and around Lake Superior. One photo depicts Prater Ranch stage stop where riders would stop to break for lunch on regular trips between Priest River and Lake Superior.

Other photos illustrate the logging industry. Beginning in 1901, log drives started on Priest River and soon spread to Priest Lake, altering its landscape with cabins and lodges dotting its shorelines. Today, its crystal clear water draws kayakers and canoeists alike; its source lies within Selkirk peaks that surround it.

EBR-1 Atomic Museum

Idaho may seem an unlikely location for atomic energy development, yet this was where its first commercial use first produced usable electricity. The EBR-1 Atomic Museum offers visitors a glimpse into this groundbreaking facility where Enrico Fermi first demonstrated that reactors could produce more energy than they consumed.

Visitors enter the control room with its banks of old-style buttons and dials that once had the potential to trigger national disaster. Visitors also come face-to-face with giant turbines powered by fuel rod steam; visitors also witness Walter Zinn, the manager who oversaw EBR-1 from its initial stages until December 20, 1951 when enough electricity was generated to illuminate four symbolic lightbulbs in his log book.

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An app-enabled museum allows users to explore and discover its collection at home or while traveling along U.S. 20; just download it while driving to hear an expert narration as you tour. Secluded desert setting provides endless learning opportunities!

Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center

Since it opened its doors in 2007, thousands of visitors from all around the globe have visited the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center to see their beloved aircraft, automobiles, as well as innovative inventions that shape modern technology.

Inventors often create wonder by connecting wild imagination with practical needs. One such inventor was Sagle resident Forrest Bird (1921-2015), whose aviation and medical inventions saved lives.

He drew inspiration for the modern respirator from a simple device he created by melting together empty shortcake tins, similar to those worn by pilots during World War II at high altitude. Later, he also designed a G suit.

At his bequest, his legacy lives on at The Bird. This year it moved from its original site on the family property near Sandpoint and into Hayden for self-tour. Volunteers like Todd Moore have been volunteering there for 14 years – telling visitors stories about him while also volunteering there themselves! Neither founder he or Pamela were still alive last year at their respective ages of 94 when both died recently.

Discovery Center of Idaho

Discovery Center of Idaho on Myrtle Street in Boise aims to spark lifelong curiosity about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They collaborate with teachers in organizing field trips and providing educational materials; plus they offer summer camps covering everything from dispelling science myths to computer sciences.

The exhibits at this attraction are both educational and enjoyable, providing you with plenty of chances to engage in scientific experiments under control. Activities may include launching air rockets, testing gravity on floating spheres and operating a Rube Goldberg machine – to name just a few!

Exhibits change every six months, with current offerings including mummies from Central and South America as well as a state-of-the-art planetarium. Other highlights include BRICKS!, an interactive 3,000 square foot exhibition designed to spark design curiosity while cultivating hands-on creativity using classic building blocks; this show is co-presented by both Idaho STEM Action Center and Discovery Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho museums will satisfy your every curiosity – be it about ancient arrowheads or fighter airplanes – with more than 150 local, regional, state and national museums; heritage centers; art galleries; interpretive sites and three zoos to choose from in the Intermountain West alone! The state offers history; culture; natural science in abundance!

Idaho is well known for its outdoor activities, but we also boast world-class museums. If you’re interested in exploring Idaho’s culture or just learning something new, Idaho offers museums that will meet any need or interest.

The Museum of Idaho is an ideal way for anyone who’s curious to gain more knowledge of Idaho history and culture. Featuring exhibits and displays on topics ranging from military service history (Mountain Home Air Force Base and Gowen Field) to covering Coeur d’Alene tribe history as well as Cataldo Mission; many visitors find their visit rewarding!

Idaho’s museums showcase Idaho’s local histories through exhibits that depict people, places and industries that developed at that time. Examples include Bonner County Historical Museum, Mountain Home Museum and Jerome’s Hunt Japanese-American Relocation Center which all provide visitors with a window into Idaho’s past.

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