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Museum in Nebraska

Museum in Nebraska

Nebraska museums boast some extraordinary and unique exhibits, from petrified wood exhibits to displays dedicated to Bigfoot. Here are 10 of Nebraska’s best museums.

Ogallala Museum celebrates the beauty of agriculture through paintings depicting cornfields, vintage tractors and farm houses as well as housing an extensive collection of petrified wood art created using it.

Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Central Nebraska gives children and their adults the chance to explore the world around them by encouraging joyful lifelong learning. They achieve this through interactive, “Hands On”, educational environments and exhibits that explore themes such as growing, living, working and creating. 

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Furthermore, there are youth volunteer opportunities tailored towards various interests as well as adult volunteer positions available that allow you to save money on admission costs through memberships.

Since 1976, Omaha Children’s Museum has been inspiring imaginations and excitement about learning at 500 S. 20th St in Downtown Omaha. Offering three floors of engaging exhibits and programs designed to foster growth and development as young children and their families explore our ever-evolving world together. 

Educational programming at the museum plays a strong role, from educational experiences and workshops to field trips, summer camps, overnights presentations and birthday parties – everything you could possibly need!

The North Platte Area Children’s Museum provides an environment in which both kids and adults alike can relax and have fun exploring science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics experiences. 

From innovative science exhibits to nature-based learning programs for all ages – they strive to make this museum an inviting and safe space where young minds can experiment safely while overcoming challenges on their own terms.

Museum of the Fur Trade

Before Thinsulate and multi-zone heating were available, pioneers and Native Americans survived harsh frontier climates with animal skins for warmth. At the Museum of the Fur Trade, five centuries of animal fur trading are chronicled as part of North America’s first continent-wide business, along with everyday life of trappers and traders. 

Housed three miles east of Chadron on James Bordeaux’s trading post built in 1837, its extensive collection includes an original point blanket made by James Bordeaux himself, weapons, beads and weapons; there is even an onsite garden of Native American heirloom crops grown specifically by Museum staff!

History enthusiasts who are fascinated with the region’s long history should visit The Museum of the Fur Trade, particularly those interested in its fur trade history. It features bark canoes suspended from its ceiling as well as movie props used in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant film for which Museum staff served as consultants.

Other exhibits feature Native American tribal artwork, one of the world’s oldest tusks (narwhals), an impressive collection of antique firearms and textiles including beadwork from Native Americans as well as tobacco boxes and quill smoothers.

KACM offers interactive experiences designed to engage children. Children are invited to touch, push and pull exhibits as they explore their environment – with dedicated spaces just for young visitors like Performing Arts, Vision Center Critter Care and Firehouse available as special exhibits.

Kool-Aid Museum

If you’re in the mood for an interactive journey through history, science, and human culture then visit the Kool-Aid Museum. As the largest municipal museum between Chicago and Denver it hosts exhibits such as board games to video games; natural history dioramas; local history dioramas; guns; living on America’s frontier and more!

As opposed to spectacular mega-attractions like Coca-Cola World and other city museums’ floor exhibits, Kool-Aid exhibit is more modest and takes up one half of Hastings Museum’s lower level – still boasting an extensive collection of all things Kool-Aid!

Edwin Perkins revolutionized how we enjoy cold beverages through his invention, Kool-Aid. His story is told through vintage packaging, advertisements, and discontinued products like bubble gum and sherbet packets. However, the highlight is arguably General Foods’ first Kool-Aid Man suit – not Perkins’ creation – standing sealed inside a glass box as though he has just burst through an obstacle.

The Nebraska Museum of Kool-Aid features an interactive Kool-Aid stand where visitors can try their hands at making powdered drink mix themselves. There’s also a store selling T-shirts and hats dedicated to Kool-Aid merchandise; rarer items on display such as its original plant building are even on offer – an ideal spot for learning about Kool-Aid! Whether looking to learn or simply refresh, Nebraska provides plenty of opportunity for doing just that!

Pioneer Village

KACM is an unparalleled museum experience for both kids and adults, featuring interactive exhibits that let visitors touch, explore and create everything from their imagination. Covering over 23,300 square feet, you’re bound to discover something new here; interactives range from teaching about fish diversity, evolution and Native American culture – not to mention an impressive fossil collection full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts!

The Children’s Museum provides a fun-filled atmosphere where children can dance, climb and build as their imagination takes over. Pretend to be superheroes or shop at the grocery store; parents are even welcome to participate in educational activities!

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village was first opened for visitors in 1953 as an ode to the American dream. Born poor in Nebraska sod house, Warp went on to become a plastics manufacturer millionaire by age 50 – using this fortune wisely by purchasing his hometown one-room schoolhouse, church and train depot along with antique cars, furniture and art from across the country and collecting more buildings over time and arranging them chronologically for display.

Pioneer Village spans 20 acres with 28 buildings that each contain over 50,000 historic items relating to American progress from 1830 until today. As a museum of Americana and testament to the hard-working spirit that makes Kansas so exceptional, Pioneer Village must be visited. There’s no duplicates in this fascinating collection of history and culture so any lover of Midwest should pay this incredible collection a visit!

Archway Monument

Archway Monument stands off Exit 275 on Interstate 80 near Kearney as Nebraska’s first museum permitted to use airspace over a highway. Open since 1999, this unique landmark pays homage to those who traveled along the Great Platte River Road – pioneers who pioneered America. Reminiscent of a covered bridge at sunset, its 308-foot structure represents 170 years of American westward movement through educational displays.

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The upper portion of this museum explores the development of our national highway system, particularly Lincoln Highway. Pioneer travelers would travel in their Model Ts across our first cross-country paved roads creating a culture of roadside motels, all night diners, and offbeat tourist attractions that remain today. 

Archway Monument’s exhibits do an outstanding job of depicting this history via multimedia displays, re-creationss, audio tours via wireless headsets and wireless headsets – truly an immersive experience!

Visitors can walk alongside pioneers on the Oregon Trail, watch as riders switch horses at a Pony Express Station and hear Mark Twain recount his cross-country stage coach trip. 

Additionally, they can relive the construction of transcontinental railroad and visit travelers’ campgrounds while learning of their perils on their voyage toward America’s frontier.

Archway Monument offers much to see and do for visitors traveling through Nebraska, making it one of its most distinctive museums. However, some critics question its intellectual integrity or suitability for classroom use; design/concept criticism; lack of funding has resulted in declining attendance numbers; regardless, this must-see attraction remains an attraction worth seeing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Omaha Children’s Museum stands out as a top family destination and features hands-on learning through play at its science lab and maker space, earning national acclaim. Furthermore, this museum houses a world-famous fossil elephant and rhino collection from Nebraska that was previously living here.

Nebraska State Historical Society is best known for its comprehensive genealogy research offerings; however, they also boast an impressive collection of microfilmed local newspapers, local authors’ works and photos as well as special events and educational programs throughout the year.

Nebraska boasts some unique museums. For example, the Nebraska Museum of Natural History features fossil mammoth and dinosaur bones alongside a planetarium and exhibits on science, technology and space. Baseball players’ uniforms and equipment from across Nebraska can be seen at another popular attraction at Nebraska Museum of Natural History; another museum offers clowns and roller skates as attractions.

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