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Museum in Pennsylvania

Museum in Pennsylvania

Did you know Pennsylvania boasts many fascinating museums? Read on to discover some of our favorites.

The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh is renowned for its site-specific installation art. Their pieces often draw inspiration from the beauty of southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Hershey Story

The Hershey Story Museum shares Milton Hershey’s inspiring tale and legacy as chocolate magnate. Through interactive exhibits, it explores his impoverished childhood, apprenticeships and early business failures before revolutionizing milk chocolate production techniques and building his philanthropic empire.

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The Hershey Company did more than produce chocolate; it created an outstanding community for its employees. From his tree-lined town to the amusement park, world-class theater, and professional sports arena – Hershey envisioned Hershey as being an oasis where people could find work while having fun and living healthy lives.

Hershey donated millions to his community during his lifetime, including funding schools, zoos, botanical gardens and other amenities for residents. 

The Hershey Story Museum exhibits demonstrate his strong faith in human worth and generous spirit; additionally it houses an impressive collection of Pennsylvania-German and American Indian archaeological material such as pottery sherds, glass beads and European trade goods as well as petroglyphs from nearby Washington Boro in Lancaster County – researchers are welcome to access our holdings and please refer to the Research section for guidelines and policies regarding access.

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is an iconic museum located in Pennsylvania, USA. With an expansive collection that showcases over 100 historic locomotives and railway cars that detail America’s railway history. You can climb aboard various locomotives and cars; view restoration activities via closed circuit television; as well as participate in interactive educational programs.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania manage and run this museum. With renowned collections to accompany shopping, dining and lodging opportunities in historic Strasburg and Lancaster County as well as various seasonal special events at this facility.

This museum is an ideal way to gain insights into how humans have attempted to change nature through various means, from altering acorns to planting tulips. Discover how human ingenuity has altered the world around us at Pittsburgh’s Center for Post-Natural History; its fascinating exhibits will leave you spellbound!

Civil War Tails

Gettysburg is famously associated with Civil War battlefields and Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address; yet one lesser-known museum brings Gettysburg back to life in an unusual way: Civil War Tails displays unique diorama battle scenes depicting combatants dressed up like cats!

Rebecca and Ruth Brown created these handmade clay figurines known as cat-soldiers in 1995 when they were 11 years old, when Rebecca first started carving them for visitors at her exhibits. 

Over time they expanded their collection by adding Union and Confederate generals as well as Yankee and ironclad soldiers; plus dioramas with buildings, fences, trees, cannons, horses and dioramas that can be seen at her exhibits.

The museum exhibits showcase historically accurate Civil War scenes such as Pickett’s Charge, Fort Sumter bombardment and battle between ironclad ships USS Monitor and CSS Virginia (Merrimack). Visitors can experience scenes like Pickett’s Charge, Fort Sumter bombardment and clash between ironclad ships USS Monitor and CSS Virginia (Merrimack).

Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles

Not far from Reading in Boyertown is a museum devoted to automobile history – the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles was established by Paul and Erminie Hafer in 1965 and housed in an old factory from 1872 used to manufacture Jeremiah Sweinhart Carriage Company carriages and later used to manufacture truck bodies – some of which can now be found displayed within its walls.

The museum features vehicles built right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. You’ll find everything from snow sleighs and Bavarian State Coaches, to horse-drawn vehicles such as Skeleton Breaks used to train carriage horses as well as Hansom Cabs that once held prominence throughout London.

At this museum, other exhibits focus on local transportation vehicles, roadside architecture and alternative propulsion methods. A 1921 cottage-style Sunoco gas station and 1938 Jerry O’Mahony diner can also be found among their collection – among the more comprehensive automobile museums I have visited in my region.

Barnes Foundation

Pennsylvania is best known for producing Hershey chocolate and Arnold Palmer’s golf clubs; however, the state boasts some stunning museums that display both natural and cultural history of Pennsylvania. Visit the Hershey Experience or witness a Mastodon Skeleton at Barnes Foundation to experience some unforgettable attractions!

Albert C. Barnes created his foundation in Philadelphia as an educational institution in 1922, featuring both Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings alongside an innovative pedagogy system to guide visitors around his gallery space. Barnes was inspired by American philosopher of education John Dewey as well as Spanish philosopher George Santayana when creating this educational endeavor.

Barnes instead organized his collection into ensembles that bridged different artistic periods and cultures, in order to encourage contemplative engagement with works of art. Today, the Barnes is an educational center offering its unparalleled art collection while cultivating new perspectives on human creativity.

The museum contributes to the mission of PHMC’s 21st Century Task Force by creating an environment of equity, diversity and access. Partnering with local colleges and universities to provide credit classes at Barnes Museum gives students another avenue of engagement with its collection.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University is one of the oldest museums in America and an iconic Philadelphia location filled with natural history treasures and notable exhibits that will delight both kids and adults.

The Academy of Natural Sciences was established by six amateur scientists in 1812 for “the encouragement and cultivation of science, as well as for the advancement of useful learning”.

It opened its collections to the public for viewing for the first time in 1828 and quickly gained notoriety for its stunning dioramas depicting exotic animals and landscapes from faraway corners of the globe.

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In 2011, the Academy formally affiliated with Drexel University to form a bridge between university-based biological research and museum-based natural history collecting. Since that time, they have made important contributions in fields as diverse as biodiversity and evolution research, water issues, geosciences and more.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an essential cultural destination that showcases American art from 18th and 19th century works by such esteemed artists as Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer and Mary Cassatt. As well as traditional artwork displays and events throughout the year, visitors to this cultural hub will also discover talks and seminars to enhance their art experience.

The Mercer Museum

The Mercer Museum stands out among Pennsylvania museums by housing fascinating pre-industrial artifacts from America’s early years. Housed within a concrete castle, its collection includes tools from this era as well as some unusual pieces used then; these tools differ significantly from modern-day usage. Walking into this unique museum, machinery dangles from walls and ceilings – it feels almost like entering a set from Harry Potter film!

Henry Chapman Mercer was an eccentric Victorian and self-styled gentleman archaeologist. His passions for tools and castles inspired him to establish the Mercer Museum; additionally, early American history held great interest for him and he wanted to preserve artifacts of this period in time.

Mercer chose concrete because it was fireproof; he did not want his collections destroyed as they had been when his aunt’s medieval armor was burned in Doylestown. 

The Mercer Museum is one of three poured-in-place concrete structures he constructed throughout Doylestown; other examples being Fonthill Castle and Moravian Tile Works. Within its walls lie items such as Conestoga wagons, stage coaches and antique fire engines – just some examples!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pennsylvania is an idyllic vacation spot that draws visitors with diverse interests. Not only is Pennsylvania famous for its fishing and restaurant hopping, but there is also an incredible range of unique museums exploring various aspects of American culture – including one dedicated entirely to one artist and medical peculiarities museums that provide visitors with fascinating history and knowledge.

Pennsylvania offers visitors of all backgrounds much to discover. Its inviting waters for fly-fishing and legendary shops attract outdoor enthusiasts, while world-class art museums delight art fans and history buffs. If you want to learn about the French and Indian War or explore Pittsburgh’s African American community there is surely a museum suitable for you in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania boasts an array of museums that celebrate its rich history and culture. Visitors to these museums gain insight into everything from Pennsylvania’s Native American roots to its people, places, and products that made Pennsylvania famous. Popular among both residents and visitors alike, many offer discount passes or cards for museum admission.

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