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Museum in Hawaii

Museum in Hawaii

Museums on Hawaii provide an important glimpse of its rich natural and cultural history. At the Bishop Museum you can experience Polynesian culture through heirlooms from Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop as well as an expansive collection of Hawaiian art.

Historic houses can also be visited and information about sugar plantations life can be learned. Other popular museums include Iolani Palace, U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii in an old coastal artillery battery and Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives.

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace stands proud and dignified amidst Downtown Honolulu’s modern skyscrapers, serving as an emblematic representation of Hawaii and its cultural diversity. 

Devoted to preserving Hawaii’s royal legacy and past, this palace was originally the residence of Kingdom monarchs before their overthrow by military coup in 1893; since then it has served as an administrative building for Hawaii Territory, later State. After moving its government offices elsewhere to the new State Capitol building it has undergone restoration work, finally making its future secure as museum.

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Today, Iolani Palace houses an array of crown jewels, feathered cloaks from antiquity, the royal china collection and more. Visitors are welcome to tour on their own or arrange guided tours through the museum website; guided tours provide more in-depth knowledge about its history.

The Palace is open daily except holidays. Visitors can either take a self-guided audio tour or join a guided group tour; guided group tours offer more insight into its history and residents from a knowledgeable guide.

There are also various events held throughout the year. Kamaaina Sundays are one such event which provides free tours to Hawaiians each month.

In addition to offering educational activities, the museum also has a gift shop and cafe where visitors can purchase books, jewelry, memorabilia and other gifts.

Visitors who plan on touring the palace during the day should arrive early as parking space can be limited in the area. 

For those wishing to see it at nighttime, Sunset Tours are offered twice every month and provide a unique perspective of this sacred site. Some areas marked Kapu must be respected when entering them – and comfortable walking shoes should be worn so as to enjoy all levels of this multi-layered palace.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Pearl Harbor National Memorial, one of Hawaii’s premier tourist spots, provides a moving tribute to those lost on that fateful day of destruction. Through various sites, museums, and ships it serves as a poignant reminder of this tragic event that led America into World War II.

This National Park Service site includes a visitor center, two impressive museums, and various shipwreck memorials including that of USS Arizona. It’s also the final resting place of 1,177 crew members killed when Japanese forces struck their naval base on December 7, 1941 – giving visitors a unique opportunity to hear directly from those present during its attack.

Hawaiian territory was not part of the US at the time of attack, yet now serves a vital purpose in maintaining both American and Hawaiian histories. Hawaii often serves as an avenue to gain more insight into how World War II affected daily lives.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial serves more than its commemorative and educational functions – it serves as a living memorial to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve their nation, offering veterans a place to pay their respects and share stories of wartime service.

Memorials at Pearl Harbor are free for visitors, however it is advised to book tours well in advance as tours often fill quickly during peak travel seasons. The National Park Service website lists tour operators offering transportation from Pearl Harbor.

Visit either or both memorials: the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri offer many sights and activities to see and do. The best way to navigate between sites is via bus; #20 and #42 buses usually visit daily but it is best to consult their websites beforehand for their schedules and routes.

For travelers looking to save money when visiting Pearl Harbor National Memorial, the optimal time of year would be from mid-April to late September when temperatures tend to remain mild and the weather remains dry and warm. Furthermore, this allows visitors to avoid large crowds while giving enough time for exploration of this historical site.

John Young Museum of Art

Dedicated art lovers will find Krauss Hall at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus an ideal destination. Here you’ll find an outstanding collection of Asian and tribal artwork, plus a beautiful outdoor courtyard. 

Founded by John Young for art education purposes at school and community levels; its collections span Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa and Mesoamerica – making this museum one of Hawaii’s top art destinations!

The museum features two exhibition galleries, a research library, and workshops. The larger gallery hosts travelling exhibits while student work can be seen displayed in both smaller galleries. 

Just minutes from Waikiki and open to everyone alike – come enjoy your afternoon at this great attraction. Our staff is very welcoming and helpful and looks forward to welcoming visitors.

Honolulu Arts Center was established in 1922 as a premier arts center. Specializing in Asian art, its collections encompass paintings, textiles and sculptures as well as ancient Chinese tomb sculptural works and Buddhist objects – perfect for teaching students about Asian culture and history.

Bishop Museum is another must-visit museum in the city, originally established to house Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s heirlooms but now hosting millions of objects from Hawaiian and Pacific Island cultures spanning centuries of time. Additionally, it provides exhibitions, performances, lectures and multi-cultural centers across its grounds.

The museum’s collection of hula costumes is worth seeing; these magnificent exhibits are beautifully displayed and provide a wonderful way to experience Hawaiian culture. Admission to this free attraction is an added bonus!

The John Young Museum of Art at University of Hawaii at Manoa offers visitors a wonderful way to discover Asian and Polynesian art, from traditional and contemporary pieces through avant-garde works. 

Additionally, its library houses books, magazines, and online journals which make this museum a wonderful resource for students, researchers, teachers.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

On Hawaii’s Big Island lies an active volcanic park preserving two active volcanoes and their natural setting, offering visitors one of the world’s most active volcanic regions to visit. 

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Visitors can experience recent lava flows erupting, witness the fiery birth of a new moon in a lava lake, view ancient petroglyphs, stroll through rain forest to old lava tube or explore coastal fishing villages that still visit Kilauea summit and pay respects to Pele, goddess of volcanoes residing at Halemaumau Crater in Hawaii.

Geological activities within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are closely monitored, and open to the public. Rangers offer information and guidance to help visitors appreciate its natural splendors.

Crater Rim Drive is the star attraction at Kilauea Caldera. Offering scenic views of its lava lake within, visitors can also walk out onto it to walk out onto its flow if desired – however this activity should be undertaken with caution as walking on it could prove hazardous and should therefore be avoided altogether.

Another notable attraction at the park is a series of steam vents which emit bubbling hot water – an intriguing phenomenon which provides visitors with an insight into the inner workings of volcanoes. Volcanic activity at this park draws thousands of tourists each year and draws numerous tourist groups as visitors come out for tours.

The park features numerous hiking trails that lead to various destinations of interest, with Puu Loa Petroglyphs as a must-see archeological site with over 23,000 petroglyphs lining their walls. 

Educational programs and special events for both locals and international travelers are offered throughout the year as well as visitor center, bookstore, cafeteria and gift shop services available daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; entrance fees start at $7 per person while children under 18 receive free entry – visitors are advised to bring binoculars and cameras for optimal viewing experiences!

Museam in Hawaii

Explore Hawaiian culture at this museum, featuring historic artifacts and information about its history. Visit a traditional village and learn the tale of sugar cane plantations.

Journey back in time when royalty reigned at this historic palace, once home of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. Now housing artifacts retrieved during their monarchy’s downfall.

Best Museam in Hawaii

Hawaii boasts an extensive collection of fascinating museums ranging from military exhibits and Polynesian cultural centers, to Hawaiian art galleries. Hawaii’s Bishop Museum in Honolulu and Polynesian Cultural Center are two options that any museum lover should visit on their next trip to Hawaii. Here are a few other worthy offerings in Hawaii you should keep an eye out for when planning your vacation itinerary.

The Bishop Museum is one of Hawaii’s premier museums and should be on every visitor’s itinerary to learn more about its rich culture and history. Boasting an expansive collection of artifacts and treasures inherited by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop herself, as well as exhibits dedicated to both natural history and cultural heritage of Hawaii and its Pacific region, The Bishop Museum makes for an unforgettable visit for anyone.

Spalding House, the museum’s latest addition, provides visitors with a chance to participate in curating exhibitions. This experimentation space gives the museum the chance to try something different and innovate while being open to the public with free admission and educational programs for local students.

Famous Museam in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to numerous internationally-recognized museums that showcase its diverse cultural history – from art and natural history exhibits, aviation history displays and military history archives to military memorabilia displays, these museums provide something for everyone! Many also partner with multiethnic communities in documenting, displaying, and preserving immigrant histories and historic objects; some participate in repatriating Native Hawaiian sacred objects through policies established under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

One of the most beloved museums in Hawaii, the Bishop Museum has long been one of its premier attractions. Originally intended as a repository for Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s collection of royal family heirlooms, it now holds millions of artifacts and documents related to Polynesian culture as well as an exhibit about its history and science with features like planetariums and observatories.

Doris Duke’s Shangri La Museum is another must-visit destination in Hawaii, designed to promote Islamic art. It boasts beautiful arabesque wall structures, marble mosaics and wooden ceilings; as well as hosting various events throughout the year for visitors’ entertainment.

Popular Museam in Hawaii

Hawaii museums will please both art lovers and those looking to gain more insight into Hawaii’s cultural history, from military museums to Polynesian cultural centers and even submarine museums! You will surely be sure to find something worthy in Hawaii.

Museums provide more than just exhibits – they also provide educational and community outreach programs like Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center’s family-friendly exhibits with their mission of inspiring children to dream big!

One of the most beloved museums in Honolulu, established in 1889 and housing one of the largest collections of Polynesian art and natural history specimens in the world was established by Charles Reed Bishop – American husband of Princess Bernice Pauahi who is descended from Kamehameha I – Charles Reed Bishop also added a planetarium in 1961 for added attraction.

Learning more about Hawaiian history is easy at the Damien Museum, which documents Father Damien’s selfless treatment of Hansen’s Disease sufferers during the late 1800s. Other museums on Oahu include Pearl Harbor’s Pacific Aviation Museum and USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park as well as various military displays that highlight Hawaii’s strategic role during World War II.

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