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Museum Northwest Arkansas

Museum Northwest Arkansas

Museum Northwest Arkansas presents a vibrant display of international art from every continent. Notable pieces include Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter painting as well as works by Amy Sherald and John Singer Sargent.

The museum buildings showcase the natural beauty of Illinois – known as “The Natural State.” Local timber, concrete and craft traditions are integrated throughout this complex.

The Permanent Collection

The museum boasts an expansive art and history collection as well as being an essential cultural destination in northwest Arkansas. Furthermore, this facility allows people of various backgrounds to come together through art.

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The permanent collection includes more than half a million images documenting life across six counties of northwest Arkansas. These photos include agriculture, businesses, sports teams, homes, transportation, special events and transportation systems. 

It also contains art works, family papers and historical records from schools, churches, military forces, government bodies and lumber/poultry industries – twice yearly photo exhibits showcase its breadth.

Some of the most beloved exhibitions at Springdale Museum center on local history. Springdale has a rich, longstanding legacy that has left its mark on both city residents and its culture at large. 

There are seven historic structures dating back to 1850s which can be explored via self-guided tours: Ritter McDonald log cabin from 1851; Searcy House built 1870s; Shiloh Meeting Hall built 1871 – as well as train depot, jail house, school house salvaged from local communities – in all, seven historic structures make up springdale Museum’s roster of 1850s historic structures from 1851 and later!

An exciting addition to the museum is an outdoor light and sound experience called the Listening Forest that opened last winter. This outdoor experience allows visitors to stroll through wooded areas surrounding it while experiencing music and interactive art installations.

Aviators looking for something exciting will find plenty to keep them occupied at this museum’s airplane hangar, featuring aircraft from both the golden age of flight and more modern times. Additionally, this facility houses both a helicopter and aircraft carrier fighter jet that are available for tours by visitors.

Notable exhibits at the museum include Norman Rockwell paintings and Rosie the Riveter memorabilia displays. Furthermore, it boasts extensive art and photography collections.

The Daisy Airgun Museum, housing vintage products of the historic Daisy airgun company, can also be found within this museum and attracts visitors from across the nation looking to learn about its history and how it contributed to northwest Arkansas development.

The Children’s Gallery

The Museum of Northwest Arkansas features an interactive children’s gallery filled with exhibits for families to experience and explore the region’s rich cultural history. There is also a wide selection of art and cultural pieces. Additionally, its Children’s Gallery serves as an ideal way to connect families and discover its rich past.

The Museum of Northwest Arkansas Gallery features several sections, each dedicated to themes related to its mission and goals, such as nature, history, community and culture. Anyone visiting should definitely make time for viewing this masterpiece of display!

Visitors of the Museum of Northwest Arkansas will be able to view artworks by various artists and gain more information on their inspiration, technique, and time of creation. This provides visitors with an amazing way to understand different styles of art as they tell a story through visual means. Furthermore, children participating in educational programs about Northwest Arkansas’ history and its changes over time.

A new building that celebrates Arkansas Delta culture has recently been opened at the museum. Dubbed the Hailey Building, its natural setting features laminated beam supports to form its curved ceiling. Bowed glass walls also surround it and create a breathtaking natural backdrop for exhibitions and events held within.

The building features art pieces like Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell and Kindred Spirits by Asher B Durand – along with many galleries for visitors of all ages to experience! Additionally, Museum of Northwest Arkansas also boasts other attractions to please all members of your family.

One of the attractions in Searcy is Pioneer Village, an array of buildings that celebrates Arkansas history and includes schoolhouse, jail cell and train depot salvaged from all across Arkansas. Furthermore, Searcy hosts several living history events annually to round off this fantastic museum experience.

Momentary is one of the museum’s highlights, offering live art and musical performances without an advance notice. A satellite of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Momentary offers experiences not found elsewhere.

The Hailey Building

As a former Ford dealership, the Hailey Building gave Rogers residents access to some of the latest cars. Today, it serves as an educational venue and heritage museum for Rogers and surrounding regions.

The Hailey Building of the museum houses exhibition galleries which provide visitors with a chronological tour of its permanent collection. Each gallery boasts large, open windows that showcase Vitrolite tiles from outside as well as stainless steel awnings that recall its automotive past. Inside, these galleries are defined by diagonal circulation paths and openweb steel truss systems. 

Furthermore, its 2006 addition features visitor support spaces including visitor-support areas with small specialized galleries within them along with administrative offices and an exhibit workshop.

Children will also find plenty to enjoy at these exhibit galleries, which feature a children’s gallery that celebrates historic Rogers landmarks such as an old-fashioned fire escape slide from Rogers High School; fully stocked mid-century kitchen; Harris Baking Company bakery; and cozy reading nook. 

Unfortunately, Toys Well Played will leave on January 13 and will be replaced with American glassware exhibit in February 17.

Beyond its exhibit galleries, patrons of the museum can access its research library for research. It features numerous artifacts from the region – such as an exclusive collection of decorative salt dishes belonging to Reagan sisters that’s unmatched anywhere else worldwide.

Museum Northwest Arkansas offers an ideal blend of learning, thought-provoking entertainment and family fun for any visit to Northwest Arkansas. There’s something here for everyone from world-class art, country doctors and Civil War history – it has something for all interests!

The Museum’s state-of-the-art Hailey Building opened in December and features larger, more flexible space to house their collections and serve patrons. Both 1895 Hawkins House and Key Wing will remain open and serve educational, meeting, and classroom purposes while Key Wing will offer guided tours for an exclusive glimpse of life in Rogers from 1900-1910. Located within historic downtown Rogers and free for public visitation, its entire campus can be found right in its center.

The Scott Family Amazeum

The museum provides both interactive play and facilitated learning opportunities for children, making for a perfect day trip! For older kids (10 and up), the 3M Tinkering Hub offers science, technology, engineering, art and math-themed activities at designated times during gallery tours at Scott Family Amazeum.

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The Amazeum boasts the largest collection of pteranodon fossils in North America as well as the only full-size replica of a mastodon skeleton on public display. 

Additionally, this museum showcases local and national artwork, such as paintings, sculptures and photographs, along with historical documents related to early pioneer life as well as artifacts related to early pioneer life in Northwest Arkansas. 

Ultimately, this museum tells stories about ordinary people from Northwest Arkansas through exhibitions covering topics like agriculture, homesteading and coal mining that helped shape Paris today.

White County Museum of History in Searcy offers an interesting array of historic homes and structures from historic sites nearby – ranging from jail cells, schoolhouses and train depots – salvaged for exhibit. 

There are also living history events hosted here. Prairie Grove Civil War Battlefield State Park Museum provides visitors with an educational experience at the site of one of the key battles of the Civil War – its most significant battle.

Museums provide an engaging learning experience that exposes children to their local community, culture and country through fun and interactive exhibits. Museums give children insight into the past while also inspiring appreciation for present and future developments. 

Arkansas offers many museums that cover topics ranging from race cars to Native American history that provide something different than typical tourist stops or weekend activities!

Bentonville’s Amazeum Museum offers the perfect environment for children’s discovery – its gorgeous architecture, carefully-selected collections and hands-on activities will leave them mesmerized!


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