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Train Museum in Greenley

Train Museum in Greenley

Train Museum Greenley is an interactive history museum specializing in railroads with artifact displays and an impressive model railroad exhibit, along with engaging details such as an interactive forest fire scene that can be activated with just the press of a button.

The museum has been following COVID-19 guidelines, asking visitors to maintain social distance. Now they are looking into expanding.


The Colorado Model Railroad Museum boasts an astounding collection of trains and exhibits designed to educate visitors on railroad history. As one of the premier tourist destinations worldwide, this world-class attraction draws in millions of visitors each year from all corners of the globe. Furthermore, educational programs and activities for schools, scout groups, and youth organizations such as field trips are offered here as well.

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Dave Trussell is an avid model railroader and journalist. In 2009, he decided to build the museum in Greeley in order to share his passion with others in Northern Colorado and share his knowledge. Since opening its doors to visitors, it has quickly become one of the region’s most visited attractions.

CMRM stands out among model railway museums by featuring both electric and diesel trains as well as a working trolleybus loop, an open full-size wooden caboose for visitors to enter, an impressive archive collection with over 100,000 items and an extensive display of historic railroad artifacts.

Though the model railroad is certainly one of the museum’s main draws, there are also plenty of other fascinating displays and educational programs for adults and children that support Colorado academic standards.

Museum staff have also been exploring innovative methods of introducing STEM topics to young people. Kempema and her team created STEM kits during the COVID lockdown for parents to purchase for their children to help learn about structures, energy sources and paleontology. Furthermore, live lessons were broadcast via YouTube for all to see.

Aside from educational programs, the Museum also maintains an archive of historical photographs and documents that are available for public viewing at Hazel E. Johnson Research Center on the lower level of the Museum.

The CMRM is a non-profit organization and relies on community support for its operations and growth. Donations of money, merchandise, or equipment are tax deductible and donations can be made by calling the museum directly or visiting its website; items will then be put towards Youth Programs or sold at its annual sale event.


Train enthusiasts or anyone simply curious about trains will be thrilled by Greeley’s world class train museum, featuring America’s most picturesque model railroad which operates just like real trains for public viewing. Additionally, this museum houses an amazing collection of railroad artifacts and exhibits.

The Oregon, California and Eastern Railway Company layout at the museum serves as its centerpiece, representing Pacific Northwest regions across the US with intricate detail from rugged mountains and rivers to handcrafted features like 16,000 fir, 8,000 aspen and 4,000 deciduous trees to create three dimensional scenes that are breathtakingly beautiful. It took five years and over 20,000 volunteer hours for this massive train display to come together.

Visitors to the layout can walk along its surface while watching trains pass them by, taking in breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, and valleys while listening to locomotive sounds and freight car horns as they pass. There are also unique scenes such as train smoke in an urban building or firefighters fighting forest fires (smoke included!).

There are also interactives available that can give visitors more knowledge about trains and railways. One such interactive displays shows how a train engineer controls switches of a railway track so trains can pass safely past one another without colliding into each other.

The CMRM hosts events to engage and uplift its community, such as Santa’s visit and literacy day with Harry Potter. Recently, however, the museum is following COVID-19 guidelines by employing timed tickets that allow fewer people to enter at once.

Greeley’s Train Museum offers a fantastic visit for families, couples and groups of friends alike. In addition to their impressive train collection, there is also an impressive museum gallery housing over 1000 railroad-related items and knowledgeable and friendly staff that will assist in finding what you’re searching for.

Brings Joy

Greenley Train Museum provides an experience for visitors of all ages. Their volunteers take great joy in what they do, which shows! Visitors can ring train bells, climb inside an actual Colorado and Southern caboose or marvel at their massive HO scale railroad layout – it took five years and over 20,000 volunteer hours to create. Featuring 150 locomotives, 2,000 freight cars and 23,000 handmade miniature trees this feat took five years and over 20,000 volunteer hours to finish! 

Furthermore it includes rugged mountains covered with handmade features including 16,000 firs trees (800 deciduous trees 4,000 aspen trees ) making its three dimensional artful surroundings!

The museum strives to inspire, educate and bring joy – an often difficult balance. Though the museum strives to be prototypical (highly realistic and historically accurate within a particular time frame), Dave made the difficult decision to permit some anachronisms or aberrations as long as it brings pleasure to visitors and volunteers – for instance kids can often spot dinosaur figurines nestled into trees!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the museum had to curtail some activities; however, it is back open and operational again. Staff is adhering to strict guidelines in order to limit how many people enter at once to help control any possible spread of illness; staff will continue hosting various events such as “Eye Spy,” where children who find all five clues will win an award.

Aside from its model railroad, Gunnison Historical Museum boasts an impressive collection of rail memorabilia that includes numerous gondolas, boxcars, flatcars, locomotives and cabooses as well as an original water tower from when D&RG narrow gauge railroad operated in Gunnison.

The museum is open Wednesday-Saturday with special hours for Christmas and summer. Located at 680 10th St. in Greeley, it will offer free admission for veterans on Friday, Nov. 11. Admission for adults costs $12 while children 13 or under pay $6.

Fun for the whole family

Train enthusiasts of all ages love visiting the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley. The museum boasts hundreds of railroad scenes to view and a 1919 Colorado and Southern caboose that visitors can tour. Attracting people from all around the globe, visitors come from near and far for this educational trip! Plus it also hosts postwar Lionel collection as well as Department 56 Christmas Village Exhibit!

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The Colorado Model Railroad Museum is home to the world’s largest outdoor model railroad layout and provides an engaging educational experience for families of all ages. Construction took over five years, with volunteers contributing over 20,000 hours of their own labor in building it. Today it draws thousands of visitors annually as an excellent way to learn about history and modeling techniques.

Although many have been staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, as things begin to settle it is becoming safer and easier for people to venture outside for some fun activities. There are various attractions around the state which offer activities suitable for children of all ages including train-themed attractions that have proved particularly popular with their audiences.

Visit the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley with your entire family for an enriching and educational experience! There is plenty of interactive exhibits, interactive kid’s activity centers filled with educational toys and a large collection of Lionel trains as well as an impressive operating layout and gift/toy shop to enjoy here.


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