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Museum in Fayetteville Ar

Museum in Fayetteville Ar

Visit museums are an effective way to gain insight into local history and culture, with Fayetteville Arkansas home to several museums offering fascinating exhibits.

The Scott Family Amazeum is a children’s museum offering interactive learning experiences for visitors of all ages. This museum includes mock caves, theater performances, laboratories, art studios and markets for visitors to enjoy.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is an exquisite complex of delicate pavilions, nestled into sloping terrain that overlooks two ponds, designed by Moshe Safdie to blend in seamlessly with the Ozarks landscape. 

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Comprised of glass, concrete, wood and steel with hardscape features contrasting with or blending into nature; trails, gardens and courtyards that connect art and nature all come together beautifully at this museum complex.

The museum’s collection is widely recognized for its focus on American art, featuring masterpieces by such luminaries as Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, Norman Rockwell and Alexander Calder. 

Furthermore, there is an impressive selection of American sculpture in both its interior galleries and on outdoor trails designed by artists like Vanessa German, Paul Manship Roxy Paine Mark di Suvero James Turrell sculptors Vanessa German Paul Manship Roxy Paine Mark di Suvero James Turrell among many others.

Permanent collections at this museum are organized chronologically in galleries to provide visitors with a richer understanding of American art as they move through. Furthermore, special exhibitions rotate through periodically offering visitors new experiences.

One of the highlights of visiting the museum is seeing its newly designed Early American Art Galleries, featuring numerous new pieces from its collection. Reinstallation took place in 2018, as part of a larger effort to unify all permanent collections into an accessible environment.

Marlon Blackwell, an Arkansas architect and professor at the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas designed the museum store; its ceiling features cherrywood ribs that mimic fluting on mushroom caps while it has a living green roof covering it all.

The museum grounds feature trails, gardens and courtyards, as well as a gathering hall for lectures and films. They welcome visitors of all ages and provide free guided tours throughout the day; alternatively you can check out an iPod from Guest Services to take an audio tour through your smartphone or phone.

Reilly P. McCarren Railroad Museum

The Reilly P. McCarren Transportation Museum honors a late railroad chairman with an interest in trains and transportation logistics, who passed away earlier this year. To build it, officials renovated an old shop building next to Emma Avenue’s depot for this museum’s opening on Thursday. 

The new facility includes a passenger train station and two cabooses, and is expected to become an attractive attraction in Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, tours of Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (AMRR) operate through this museum. The train offers passengers the unique experience of riding in restored antique passenger and parlor coaches. On its regular route from Springdale to Van Buren and back again, as well as for special community events like Operation Lifesaver or Santa Trains.

The railroad’s primary function is freight transportation for customers such as Tyson Foods, George’s, OK Feeds and Cargill. It transports grain and poultry from regional markets all across the U.S. to international markets via its sister company Allied Enterprises Inc.

There is also a locomotive on display and transportation equipment on display; visitors can try operating a model train using controls from an old locomotive, and see photos of workers from the 1920s railroad who may have participated. 

Finally, this museum also contains historical items from Winslow where labor strife led to riots and even resulted in one worker being hanged during 1922-23 labor strife between railroad employees and management resulted in one worker being hanged for their actions against one of its trains.

James and Patricia McNalley of Yellville donated an impressive collection to be displayed. Included are multiple dishes featuring the presidential seal as well as items from that era; additionally, there is also a model train, lanterns, and railway china on exhibit.

The Scott Family Amazeum offers children an interactive children’s museum experience like no other. Boasting theater seating, mock-up cave replicas, art studio, laboratories, market stalls, playground equipment and much more; this must-see attraction for families visiting this part of Arkansas should not be missed! Located adjacent to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art it’s open daily Monday-Saturday!

Clinton House Museum

The Clinton House Museum in Fayetteville Arkansas is a historic home open to the public that hosts various programs, exhibits and special events to promote Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legacy for international, national and local visitors as well as preserve its history in Fayetteville. Weddings and other special events can also take place here, making the Clinton House Museum an excellent option for families with young children.

This museum, situated at 930 West Clinton Drive, was President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s first home together when they first married there in 1975 when both teaching at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Since 2005, it has been opened as a museum dedicated to honoring their legacy and celebrating their commitment to public service.

Visitors to Fayetteville can tour a one-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot house built in 1931 that serves as the focal point for a collection of political memorabilia and personal items relating to Bill and Hillary’s Fayetteville years. 

Exhibits include their dining room which served as the “war room” during Bill’s campaign for Arkansas Attorney General; as well as replicas of their wedding dresses as well as replicas of Hillary’s wedding gown on display – plus access to The First Ladies Garden which contains flowers favorited by America’s First Ladies themselves!

Visits to the Clinton House Museum can be an enriching experience for anyone interested in American politics. This home marks where Bill and Hillary Clinton began their political careers and where they wed, making it an integral part of Arkansas and US history. Entry is free; donations are welcomed.

The museum provides exhibitions, programs and special events suitable for visitors of all ages – from infants to senior citizens. Their newest show 1968: A Folsom Redemption celebrates Johnny Cash’s concert at Folsom Prison in California that inspired his song ‘Folsom Prison Blues. The exhibition showcases personal memorabilia as well as artifacts related to this event.

The Walmart Museum

The Walmart Museum is an interactive family-friendly exhibit that chronicles the history of Walmart. Featuring everything from old-school fun to advanced technologies and even featuring Sam Walton himself in hologram form – all located within Bentonville’s historic town square for free admission!

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Visitors to the museum can gain insight into Walmart’s heritage, culture and philanthropic legacy. Renovations are currently taking place, with its two main buildings (the original 5&10 store and Terry Block building) scheduled for replacement with new facilities by 2024.

Alice Walton was inspired to found the museum when she wanted to share her father’s legacy with the world. To this end, she assembled a team of associates to document every detail of its early days; later these associates would be recognized for their contributions–among them Carolyn “Boo” 

Randolph who received the Rabbit Dickerson Award for her dedication and passion in preserving Walton’s 5&10. Boo helped associates realize why their efforts should be celebrated and taken seriously as work they took pride in doing.

Museum exhibits go well beyond historic art collections, and this one houses several noteworthy ones as well. One popular one is the Money Machine, which shows visitors exactly how much they save by shopping at Walmart; another noteworthy exhibit is Drone Lab which shows how drones are utilized today for commerce.

Future expansions to the museum will feature an expanded entrepreneurship gallery. This will showcase various projects, such as an interactive where visitors can design their own t-shirt using a computer. Furthermore, it will highlight various forms of entrepreneurship from small business to global corporations.

Bentonville’s Ledger Building will serve as temporary home for The Walmart Museum while their historic town square location undergoes a makeover. Ledger provides a Test Lab space which serves as an incubator for innovative technologies and exhibits to be implemented at permanent location on town square. 

Visitors are welcome to experience these technologies first-hand and share their thoughts with museum staff.


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