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High Camp Supply – Ephemeral Supply

High Camp Supply – Ephemeral Supply

High Camp Supply creates sensory experiences that last. Based on their belief that experiences are more precious than things, High Camp Supply creates temporary luxury that feels lasting.

Use and inheritance of camps vary based on season and terrain. Winter camps located in mountainous and riverine landscapes tend to be passed on more commonly than their summer-based counterparts.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers bring beauty and bring back memories of special moments in life. A staple at weddings, fresh flower arrangements can add elegance to any event with just a bit of TLC! Your fresh flower bouquets may last much longer than you ever anticipated – giving you more enjoyment each day than expected!

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Annuals, perennials, woody plants and ornamental grasses all possessing potential as cut flower crops can be grown for the cut flower industry. Each crop should be assessed to ascertain if its suitability for production based on consumer demands, market trends and ease of harvest and handling as well as resistance to disease, insect pests storage characteristics or vase-life characteristics.

Floral crops make for excellent small-scale farming projects and production methods vary accordingly. Floral crops can be sold through farmers markets, roadside stands and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs as potential outlets; wholesale distribution to florists, grocery stores and garden centers is another potential outlet; value-added items like specialty or seasonal arrangements can help drive up sales and profits margins even further.

Once cut, flowers should be placed immediately into clean buckets filled with low pH water to hydrate and potentially chilled to slow respiration and photosynthesis while decreasing bacterial disease risk. This process, known as conditioning, ensures that customers will receive fresh flowers that have been adequately prepared to travel further on their journeys.

Flowers can then be packaged for shipping, with labels bearing their names, harvest date and brief descriptions attached to each box. A plastic bucket or vase may be included to provide extra support to the flowers and maintain proper hydration levels – adding floral food daily is advised as needed to replenish these containers with enough liquid.

When it comes to bouquet care, it is best to display it away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as exposure to hot, dry air will quickly dehydrate flowers and reduce their lifespan. 

Be sure to use a clean vase that has its water regularly changed for best results; searing your bouquet may help prolong its longevity by immersing the ends of its stems in boiling water or applying the flame of a match or candle for up to 30 seconds for maximum bloom longevity.

Loose Gardenias

No matter whether they’re planted in the garden or placed in decorative bowls, fragrant flowers add an aromatic sweetness that brightens any tablescape. 

High Camp Supply offers loose gardenias that can easily be added to any glassware collection with their “loose, untied chic” approach allowing customers to choose their own arrangement with additional flowers, candles and accessories if desired – providing an effortless and cost-effective way to bring fresh elegance into any home!

Gardenias offered by this company are grown at their own garden in Northern California and shipped throughout the U.S. They boast an incomparable fragrance that lasts long-term when kept properly; adding them to a vase of water prevents their degeneration and makes an excellent simple yet thoughtful present for someone special.

As with most plants, gardenias are susceptible to various pests like mealybugs, aphids, and scale insects; however, insecticidal soaps and horticultural oils usually keep these at bay. 

Furthermore, gardenias are susceptible to the fungal pathogen Phomopsis gardeniae which causes stem cankers. Stem cankers are dark sunken lesions with raised edges which typically appear on top of gardenia plants although leaves and roots may also be affected.

Gardenias that begin to drop their buds indicate stress. This could be caused by insect infestation, nematode feeding, overwatering or underwatering, poor soil drainage, cool weather or insufficient light levels.

When cutting gardenias, the stems should be cut just above a node containing buds for best results. A light trim of each end of stem every other day will also help retain moisture and extend their lives as flowers.

When placing gardenias in a vase, it is essential that they are not near fruit that emits ethylene gas or plants that produce this gas – this will accelerate the wilting process and should also keep vessels and vases clean as bacteria may quickly form on their surfaces.

Large White Lilies

Large white lilies make an eye-catching statement in any floral arrangement with their alluring scent and elegant trumpet-shaped flowers, making them the perfect flower to symbolize renewal and new beginnings. 

From wedding bouquets and significant events to showing sympathy or condolences, these stunning blooms never go out of style as an elegant symbol for renewal and new beginnings that’s sure to stay fashionable forevermore.

Lilies come in many varieties that bloom pure white, from hardy tropical species like Zantedeschia (Turk’s Cap Lily or Calla Lily) to traditional Easter lilies like Formosa Lily hybrids and Formosa Lily hybrids. Each variety is prized for its beauty, fragrance and long bloom time; some varieties even thrive indoors as true versatile flowers perfect for virtually every situation.

The Casa Blanca lily, native to Mediterranean regions, is an outstandingly beautiful plant with eye-catching pure white flowers that stand over five feet tall. These exquisite blooms boast symbolic meaning that make them the perfect choice for ceremonial events and wedding bouquets alike.

Casa Blanca lilies have been an elegant symbol for centuries. Their beauty and significance make them popular choices when celebrating special events or ceremonies; their sweetly scented blooms also help ease tensions.

When Is A Lily Not a Lily?

While many plants may be referred to as “lilies”, only those belonging to the Liliaceae family are true lilies. One such beautiful calla lily species, Zantedeschia aethiopica, features an attractive calla-shaped spathe with petal-like petals which opens back up onto a yellow spadix which conceals this rhizomatous herb’s true blooms.

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Easter lilies (Lilium longiflorum) are another popular type of lily found across Western cultures and represent purity, faith and rebirth – symbols often celebrated during Easter celebrations in Western culture. Their delicate white trumpet-shaped flowers not only add beauty and fragrance to floral arrangements, but they have deep religious and secular meaning that dates back centuries.


Candles provide light in homes, offices and boats alike and are also an attractive decorative accent to set the ambiance and atmosphere. Candles come in all sizes and shapes; their scent can range from subtle to strong; they’re made with paraffin waxes like stearic acid palm oil soy and more while other materials such as dyes herbs spices may be added for unique coloration.

Candles serve many functions; most commonly as backup light sources during power outages or rural communities living off grid. Candles also aid relaxation, sleep quality and overall well being – and may even be lit in places of worship to remember dead and remember our loved ones or as part of meditation practices.

The wick is an integral component of candlemaking, as its performance ultimately determines how effectively and sootily a candle burns. There are various materials used for candlewicks – some work better with certain kinds of wax, containers or shapes than others; most jar and container candles use braided cotton wicks coated in some wax to help it remain in place, while solid or hollow cored options also exist.

Scent and emotion are inextricably connected. Odor molecules from fragrances can interact with proteins in your nasal passages to generate electrical signals that change your state of mind, thanks to being small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier and interact with limbic brain regions that control emotions, thoughts, memory retention and heart rate regulation.

No matter if you use candles for mood, relaxation or meditation purposes, or as part of a regular practice, its essential to trim their wicks to 1/4″ before each use to ensure safe burning conditions and avoid soot and smoke that could harm walls, furniture and carpet in your home. 

Doing this regularly will prevent drippy candles from dripping and ensure they burn efficiently without creating soot or smoke that could stain walls, furniture and carpet surfaces in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freshly cut flowers can last longer than you think when properly cared for, usually providing you with more pleasure each day than you anticipated. Clean buckets filled low pH water and frequently altering the pH of water as well as keeping them out of hot and direct sunlight can extend the life of your flowers.

The sale of flowers is possible through a variety of outlets, including farmer’s markets, roadside stands and community-supported agricultural (CSA) initiatives. Distribution of wholesale to grocery shops, florists as well as garden centres is yet another possibility, as is offering products that are value-added such as special or seasonal arrangements could boost sales and increase profits margins.

The gardenias can be placed in a vase with water to avoid degradation. They must be kept away from fruits that release the gas ethylene and also plants that release this gas since it can accelerate the process of wilting. Also maintaining vases and vessels free of dirt is vital as bacteria could quickly develop on the surfaces.

Gardenias are vulnerable to many insects like mealybugs, aphids as well as scale insect. They are also susceptible to fungal pathogens like Phomopsis gardeniae that causes stem cankers. Gardenias that show signs of stress like dropping buds, could be indicative of issues like infestation by insects, excessive watering or a poor drainage of soil.

Candles can be used to light office spaces, homes as well as boats. They also are attractive decorative elements to create an atmosphere. They are also great lighting sources for backup during power interruptions, to help relax as well as sleep quality and general well-being. They can also be used in worship spaces or for meditation.

To ensure safe and secure burning conditions To ensure safe burning conditions, you must cut candle wicks down to a quarter” prior to each use. This will stop the drippy candles from spilling and also ensures that they burn well without generating soot or smoke which could damage furniture, walls or carpeted surfaces within your home.


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