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Marvel Snap Series 3 Tier List

Marvel Snap Series 3 Tier List

Series 3 cards can be unlocked by ascending the Collection Ladder, and they often provide powerful building blocks for different archetypes of decks.

Venom recently received a significant upgrade and is now an effective Destroy card. Magik can dramatically alter the course of a match by placing locations into Limbo.

  1. Doctor Doom

With the release of Series 3 cards, players have many new options when building Marvel Snap decks. This tier list showcases some of these top cards and how they can enhance existing strategies.

Once you reach Collection Level 486, Series 3 becomes the first available deck to unlock. This pool contains cards of various power levels; some can even be extremely potent!

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Doctor Doom is one of the most potent six-drops available in Magic: The Gathering. His effect can make or break matches during their final turn. Though only having five strength, Doctor Doom still is one of the best ways to put pressure on opponents at crucial moments during a match.

Magik is one of the premier six-drops in Marvel Snap and she can help boost your power on each turn, as well as fill in locations to apply pressure against your opponent. Additionally, She-Hulk adds an incredible slugfest pool option, often seen at higher tiers of Marvel Snap matches; providing big power spikes during final turns while pushing out combos as well.

Mister Negative may have taken some hits from recent nerf hammers, but he remains an invaluable option for any destroyer deck. Repopulating locations and positioning heroes properly are two primary benefits; plus evening out power levels is something every destroyer deck needs!

  1. Magik

Once you reach Collection Level 486 and unlock Series 3, things become much more engaging. Cards in this pool offer powerful opportunities, and owning one or two may reveal new strategies worth trying – not to mention they could significantly increase the effectiveness of decks you already own and play with!

Magik is an excellent example of this phenomenon; her ability is highly unique, transforming any location she’s placed into Limbo – creating significant dynamic shifts during gameplay. Although this might or might not be considered beneficial, Magik makes for one of the most versatile cards in her set.

Hela is another card from this pool quickly becoming a must-have, thanks to her powerful ability. When used effectively in a deck such as Corvus Glaive’s ramp list she can be particularly effective during early game phases.

Shuri is an extremely promising card. Her Reveal ability can be extremely useful and could prove decisive against any deck that wants to focus on destruction. While some might find her name intimidating, her potential cannot be denied.

These four cards from Series 3’s Pool 3 can help get the game underway! Check out our Tier List to view them all and add your own lists as you play Marvel Snap! For additional tips and tricks, check out our Guide to Marvel Snap.

  1. She-Hulk

Series 3 of Marvel Snap contains many powerful cards that will add significant value to any deck, no matter your chosen strategy. This includes cards that serve as synergistic archetype engines as well as cards that enhance existing lists – some powerful enough to even qualify as top tier cards like Doctor Doom or She-Hulk!

One of the easiest ways to assess a card’s strength is through its abilities. She-Hulk can be particularly effective for building up energy in late game situations by attacking and drawing lots of cards; she even allows summoning two Doombots which can come in handy when creating location-based decks.

Strength is determined in part by its versatility; flexibility refers to how many ways a card can be utilized within one deck, including its likely locations or how easy it is to counter it.

Series 3 cards that offer flexibility include Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Both make great additions to control decks, helping secure those last few victories when needed.

Cerebro and Wave are two other versatile Series 3 cards that provide options when used strategically in decks with small cards like She-Hulk; Cerebro provides an effective means of cheating out 6-cost cards like Deathlok while still fitting well within control strategies. 

Wave serves a similar role, while also being capable of being used to bolster decks that need She-Hulk playthrough or simply as an alternate play in specific instances.

  1. Wave

If you want to make an impactful statement in Marvel Snap, make sure you own some of the cards highlighted on this tier list. These cards offer essential disruption, buffs or standalone options that will help create winning strategies and decks. Including them in your collection can open up new strategies while optimizing existing decks.

Marvel Snap is a card game which relies heavily on how much Power you put into play; being able to consistently add tons of it will determine success, and these Series 3 cards provide some excellent ways of doing just that.

Magik, Wave and Death are some of the more interesting Series 3 Cards because they add another turn to your game. Magik in particular can change up game dynamics drastically by placing her anywhere she’s played on into Limbo for two turns at a time; making her one of the more interesting Series 3 Cards you should own.

Wave is an impressive three-drop that allows you to spawn two Broodlings of equal power from wherever she is placed in a location quickly, increasing overall deck strength considerably and filling locations quickly – an excellent addition for Destroy-heavy decks.

Death, Sera and Dracula are three of the most efficient energy cheat engines available to Marvel Snap players today. By reducing costs in your deck and helping put more points onto the board than your opponent, these cards provide an essential edge in winning matches. They’re also great additions to archetypes with similar effects, like high evolutionary.

  1. Lockjaw

Lockjaw, one of the final three Series 3 cards available in Marvel Snap, is an ideal finisher to utilize in Destroy decks. His ability lets him spawn two Broodlings of equal Power as his location when played on, providing additional filler to fill out your board while adding some extra power to any Destroy Decks you might use him in. 

While not as powerful as other Series 3 cards in terms of keeping opponents guessing and off balance, Lockjaw remains an asset to any Deck’s arsenal.

As an added benefit, your opponent could be held back from getting too far ahead in the early game by forcing them to discard cards – this can make all the difference between winning and losing in some matches.

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Players can only unlock Series 3 cards once they reach Collector Level 486, and many of them are worth the wait. Particularly valuable cards include Sera, Wave and Death – three powerful 3-drops that make a major impactful statement about your overall strategy; Wave can help improve other cards in the deck and increase their effectiveness; finally Death and Sera make for excellent energy saving engines by decreasing costs while increasing power of other cards in your decks.

Venom and Magik are two other standout cards from this set. Venom was given an enormous boost after receiving a recent buff to bring his power up to three, making him an invaluable choice as both an archetype finisher and budget option for any Destroy decks. Magik provides engine support in Destroy archetype decks while remaining an excellent choice in homebrew builds as well.


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