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University of Utah Video Game Design Program

University of Utah Video Game Design Program

Entertainment Arts and Engineering at the Utah offers several paths for studying video game design. These include a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Games, a minor in Games, and a Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering – Games Studio (EAE:MGS).

Students enrolled in the MGTS program can develop digital playable experiences for simulation, edutainment or visualization purposes. Furthermore, this program equips graduates for careers in computer science, animation and network architecture.

Program Overview

The University of Utah Video Game Design program is part of a larger media arts and technology curriculum at UT that covers art, film and computer science courses. A joint effort by AET (Arts and Entertainment Technologies), Computer Science (CS), and Radio-Television-Film (RTF), this collaboration aims to equip students for careers in gaming, interactive/immersive media and creative industries through coursework at Utah Video Game Design program.

Our Game Design program spans the spectrum of entertainment product design theory to the production of serious games for social, educational and collaborative needs. Graduates may pursue careers in simulation, software development, animation, network architecture or edutainment; or opt to complete either a Bachelors in Game Design (BSGD), minor in Games (min-Gam) or dual majoring with Computer Science and EAE to acquire business acumen necessary for starting their own gaming-focused businesses.

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Utah University’s video games design program is widely recognized for being among the world’s finest. Entertainment Arts and Engineering Master Game Studio (EAE:MGS) was named first for undergraduate game design programs and third for graduate game design programs according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 rankings. Princeton Review has consistently ranked this program among its top six worldwide since 2008. The program brings together art students with those more technically inclined in an interdisciplinary environment, providing courses such as video game production, project management, design and business development/marketing as well as technical art such as 2D/3D asset creation rigging motion capture programming etc.

The University of Utah Video Games Program not only produces entertaining-based games, but has also created therapeutic ones specifically targeted at patients suffering from chronic diseases. These games help remind patients to take medication on time, monitor symptoms and teach dinosaur physiology – as well as collaborate with the Center for Medical Innovation on medical-related games such as mobile apps that allow cancer patients to track their condition and share updates with loved ones.

The University of Utah Video Gaming Program also boasts a Varsity ESports Team which competes in League of Legends competition. Students on the team receive partial video game scholarships to assist with paying their education costs; making UU one of only few schools which offer both top-ranked game design degrees as well as an eSports program under one roof.

The U stands out as one of the few schools offering both an undergraduate and graduate program in game design, through its EAE division. Furthermore, this EAE division supports a Pac-12 varsity sports team while offering partial video game scholarships.

Recently, Princeton Review placed both our undergraduate and graduate programs among their top ranks.

University of Utah Video Game Design Program

Entertainment Arts & Engineering

The University of Utah stands as one of the premier video game design schools globally. Their Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) program brings together art students with those studying computer science. Princeton Review consistently ranks EAE programs highly, with both its undergraduate program ranked first and its graduate program third among best video game design schools.

The EAE program trains students on how to create games of all genres, from independent titles like Melter Man and 404Sight to eSports competitions like League of Legends tournament. Students gain all of the necessary skills for success in gaming’s fast-growing industry such as digital content creation, computational research, 2D and 3D art creation, game theory & history research marketing management management ethics in games etc. Additionally, University of Utah hosts its varsity eSports team offering partial video game scholarships.

Young emphasizes the EAE program’s emphasis on collaboration and teamwork as a key aspect of game development success. Students work on various projects together ranging from videogames, digital art, experimental media and experimental performance art; some projects may even be designed by teams so students can practice their collaborative abilities while exploring various interests – over 50 courses are available!

Students have the option of participating in numerous student organizations, including Gamecraft (a club for game design); AFK (an organization providing gaming events and industry opportunities to EAE majors); Crimson Gaming (a competitive club). Students may also join lab groups related to EAE such as Center for Medical Innovation which creates games to remind patients to take medication and monitor symptoms or teach dinosaur physiology – depending on their interests and availability of lab groups in that discipline.

The University of Utah is a large public research university located in Salt Lake City with over 100 undergraduate majors, boasting faculty experts in diverse fields. U.S. News & World Report ranks this university as the number one public institution, while its online programs are consistently among the top 15. Additionally, this university boasts an international presence with its Study Abroad Office providing semesters abroad throughout the world. Ute Indian University boasts numerous professional arts organizations, a 3,000-seat theater, and Red Butte Garden as its major outdoor concert venues. With strong ties to its surrounding community and strong links with Ute tribe, this university is aptly named. University of Utah was one of the founding members of the Mountain West Conference and also boasts an Asia Campus located in Shanghai, China that is part of APEC University Network and accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities to offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees to its over 7,000 students residing within Salt Lake City and Temple Square near Capitol Square.

Bachelor of Science in Games

After graduating from this program, you’ll be equipped to work in video game design or create game-based applications for other industries. You’ll have an incredible opportunity to revolutionize entertainment methods, enhance educational methods and pioneer new applications in healthcare. You will acquire fundamental game design, concept creation, market analysis and technical design knowledge as well as specialize in 2D or 3D art animation techniques.

University of Central Florida stands out as an innovator in cutting-edge technology, and features an award-winning video game design program which collaborates with its computer science and digital media departments. Students and faculty conduct research into areas including human-computer interaction modeling and game artificial intelligence.

Indeed, this program has already achieved some notable milestones. According to Animation Career Review and Princeton Review rankings, the program ranks as one of the premier video game design schools. Furthermore, it is the first video game design program offering a dual MBA/MEAE degree with David Eccles School of Business as a partner institution.

Since 2007, Entertainment Arts and Engineering, or EAE, program was born out of student demand. Faculty from School of Computing and the Division of Film collaborated together to provide comprehensive instruction in all facets of video game design and development education. Over time, this division has grown substantially as an academic discipline in its own right.

EAE stands out among few institutions by offering undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in gaming; with presence at both Utah Asia Campus in Incheon South Korea as well as supporting an eSports team competing at League of Legends tournaments. Furthermore, this school now provides partial video game scholarships to its students.

Behind every sword swing, item drop and hit point in a video game lies an intricate system of rules embedded within its code. At the University of Utah Video Game Design Program, graduates learn the technical and creative expertise to become dynamic software developers on any software development team.

University of Southern California currently offers a bachelor’s, minor and master’s degrees in gaming as well as plans to introduce a doctoral program by 2022. Their undergraduate and graduate programs have consistently been recognized among the best nationwide by Animation Career Review and Princeton Review.

The university’s innovative curriculum brings the best of both worlds: hands-on project-based learning in teams as well as individual study through its diverse course catalog. Students can tailor their education program according to their interests and career goals; for instance, those interested in 3D art may opt for courses focused on sculpting, modeling, texturing and lighting while those wanting to develop immersive virtual environments may take courses on principles of physics and sound design.

The Entertainment Arts and Engineering program at the University of Utah was recently recognized by The Princeton Review as being among the top 10 undergraduate and graduate programs for 2024 – marking an impressive leap since last year when they were only 5th among undergraduate programs and 2nd among graduate schools.

MEAE students can select one of four tracks (Game Arts, Game Design, Game Engineering or Game Production), with courses tailored specifically to their area of specialization and electives that can be taken together with fellow MEAE students.

Video game design is a complex endeavor requiring the perfect blend of art, technology and business skills. Achieve success in this highly competitive field requires creativity coupled with knowledge of physics and math (think particle engines for realistic blood splatter effects). At the University of Utah’s Game Design program students can take classes like computer programming and sound production as well as figure/life drawing and digital media production before studying project management and marketing for career success.


The University of Utah video game design program offers students multiple pathways. The most popular option is bachelor’s degrees in computer animation; there are also minors and an accelerated BS/MS. Coursework at U-U covers animation, math and science, interactive media production modeling user interaction game design as well as development. Students have their choice between thesis or non-thesis tracks when enrolling.

The University of Utah Video Game Design program brings together art oriented students and more technically inclined ones, helping students develop a wide array of skills while making themselves more marketable. Established over a decade ago by faculty from both School of Computing and Division of Film Studies, today it is known as Utah Division of Games with both undergraduate and graduate programs available.

Graduate students can pursue either a Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering in Games or a Dual MBA/MEAE degree, which provides instruction on both sides of gaming industry business operations – graduates have gone on to work for studios like Disney, Riot, Apple and ESPN after earning one or both degrees.

Students will spend the first semester learning the foundational courses necessary for 3D computer animation, motion graphics and digital fabrication. In the second semester, they’ll start to specialize in their area of choice via 18 credit hours of required electives that span a range of topics including Unreal Engine, Maya, C# digital sculpting in ZBrush as well as animation history.

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Utah University boasts the oldest game design program in the world and is widely recognized for its expertise. Accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, students may enroll in traditional game design as well as programs focused on serious gaming to promote health and wellbeing.

The University of Utah also provides an excellent internship program for those interested in video game design. Students gain valuable experience while networking within the industry. Furthermore, this program boasts a large student game development club which serves as an excellent place for meeting fellow gamers and building connections in this sector.

Career Opportunities

The university offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in video game design. A bachelor’s degree can lead to junior designer positions at popular video game companies such as Nintendo or Blizzard; whereas, master’s degrees open more senior positions within these companies and allow for conducting research into character development or artificial intelligence – not to mention teaching video game design at high schools or junior college levels!

The University of Utah Games Division has long been at the forefront of gaming education and was honored with a top spot on U.S. News & World Report’s 2024 rankings of video game design programs. Offering game design minor courses and degrees (bachelor in computer science with emphasis in games and master in entertainment arts and engineering), as well as offering an innovative dual MBA/MEAE graduate program to equip students with business acumen necessary for starting and running gaming companies, their ranks now boast one of the highest rankings ever in video game education!

A bachelor’s degree in video game design typically takes four years to complete and provides students with a solid grounding for success in the gaming industry. Students learn programming languages, 3D modeling tools, UI/UX design principles, level design principles and multiplayer design practices – not forgetting creating their own portfolio and being seen online!

An associate degree in video game design can be completed within two years and provides students with an accelerated pathway into this booming industry. Students learn basic coding and user interface/UX design principles as well as game development using popular software platforms like Unity or Unreal Engine 4. An associate degree provides the perfect way for those without time or financial resources to pursue a bachelor’s degree to break into this exciting profession.


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