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Best Heroes in Hero Wars

Best Heroes in Hero Wars

Selecting and upgrading heroes is central to Hero Wars success, so this tier list provides players with useful guidance in making informed decisions regarding whom to include as top priorities in their lineups.

Jorgen, Oya, Kayla, Fafnir and Aidan are currently considered some of the premier heroes in Hero Wars. These players can deal damage while increasing teammates’ attack power and blocking enemies’ attacks.

S-Tier Heroes

At the S tier, you will discover game-changing heroes who excel both in PvE and PvP modes – these juggernauts should be prioritized when building your main team.

Mages are ranged heroes who specialize in dealing burst damage and crowd control, and often need to play smart to remain safe. Luckily, many magi have access to escape and retaliation options to prevent getting overwhelmed early game.

Marksman heroes are high damage ranged heroes that can effectively clear lane creeps and push towers, as well as being effective ganking targets from behind the backline. It’s crucial that marksman heroes pay close attention to their positioning, as they can be difficult to hit from long distances.

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Supports heal their teammates with both sustained and rapid healing. They can also eliminate Mercenaries and minions. Lucio, Rehgar and Ymir are some of the best Supports that can help your team win battles.

They are experts in close-range melee attacks and can eliminate their opponents quickly. Special abilities can also temporarily root or stun enemies. Sombra Tracer and Mirage are two of the most popular assassins.

Tanks are powerful heroes who can provide their allies with damage and survival advantages. Diablo, Blaze, and Brightwing are some of the best tanks. They have excellent wave clearing and self-sustenance and still deal decent damage when compared to others in the game.

S tier is the highest rank of Hero League, representing only the greatest heroes. These champions possess all-around power that allows them to dominate both ranked pub matches and professional matches alike.

A-tier heroes are excellent options to consider when S-tier heroes are banned or needed as replacements; while they may possess minor weaknesses or depend on specific team compositions, they are still powerful in the right hands. B tier heroes may be useful but have significant downsides like low late game viability; C-tier heroes should not be prioritized due to poor qualities that will only let you down during battle.

A-Tier Heroes

These Heroes provide your team with a solid mix of abilities to aid in battle, not as powerfully as S-Tier heroes, yet can still do well in most circumstances.

Bruisers are heroes that specialize in dealing sustained physical damage against enemy Heroes from close range, with burst damage being another method used against enemies. Furthermore, their versatility enables them to adapt to various battlefield conditions with ease.

Healers have the ability to heal or buff their teammates to make them more effective on the battlefield, and also act as crowd controllers by disrupting enemy plans or protecting vulnerable Heroes from harm.

Marksmen can use ranged attacks to deliver large amounts of AoE damage against an enemy team. Furthermore, their skills may disable enemy Heroes or Mercenaries while providing their allies with ranged stuns or slows for limited amounts of time.

Tier I heroes offer reliable support in most circumstances and should be added to your roster. Though they may have their own set of weaknesses, they’re easily adaptable to today’s meta and make great additions for any team composition.

Ms Marvel, Hawkeye and Black Panther are three excellent heroes who capture their comic book inspirations perfectly. Although these three heroes may face difficulty with minion swarms and tough villains at times, overall they make excellent additions to most game modes.

Diablo offers excellent crowd control and self-sustain for a Tank Hero while dealing sufficient damage compared to other Heroes. He should always be kept near impassable terrain in order to remain effective as an early game threat.

Venture is an exceptional hero with an astoundingly powerful Ultimate, capable of turning any team fight on its head. His Tectonic Shock waves can hit up to six enemies with each wave and deal up to 130 damage (dmg per shockwave).

Igor is a stubborn hero that can make for an unpleasant game experience as he hops from tombstone to tombstone blocking fatal damage and drawing attention away from others. Although not durable enough for long battles, his axe still manages to deal plenty of damage.

Tier Heroes

Hero Wars offers many exciting heroes to choose from, each offering specific advantages in certain game modes or possessing specific skills that make them strong against particular opponents.

Therefore, it’s crucial that players understand each hero’s individual characteristics to build the ideal team both PvE and PvP content; using this tier list will help determine the heroes you should add to their squads for optimum battle victory!

S-Tier Heroes are the best in hero combat. They have exceptional stats and skills that make them unbeatable in battle. S-Tier Heroes such as Martha, a healing hero that can restore health quickly while dispelling buffs, or Jorgen, a fighter who is able to disrupt enemy battle formations and drastically alter the course of battles are often used by players to dominate PvP and PvE content. 

Martha, a healing hero that can quickly restore health and dispel debuffs or Jorgen who has the ability to drastically change battles are some of the most notable S-Tier Heroes.

A-Tier Heroes are flexible enough to fit in different team compositions. Keira is a physical damage dealer that specializes quickly taking out enemies with high health, while Orion is a mages who can use area-of effect spells which can destroy multiple enemies at once.

They may not be quite as powerful as S-tier heroes, but B-tier heroes still offer decent power spikes that can prove useful under most circumstances. Rahl excels in dealing massive damage using his powerful shotgun, and Sindri specializes in ranged damages with her active skill which deploys a 3-piece barrier that moves forward. Both are great examples of B Tier heroes who offer decent power spikes depending on the situation.

C-Tier Heroes are inferior options that should only be selected if absolutely necessary. Garwood, who excels in PVE only and tanks Behemoth tanking and Bakhar, who is weak to most enemy hero types are some of the worst C Tier heroes.

C-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars features an extensive roster of heroes to choose from in battle, each offering different combat specializations ranging from tanks and healers to tank killers and healers. You’re sure to find one to suit your playstyle and strategy; but bear in mind that selecting an effective hero could have a dramatic impact on how far you get in this game!

Hero Wars heroes aren’t hard or expensive to upgrade – you may even gain them while progressing through the campaign and quests! So investing in these powerful characters could be key if you want to dominate both PvE and PvP battles.

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S-Tier heroes are unrivaled performers that will make an incredible difference for your team. These heroes can dominate in any situation and help speed along progress quickly through the game.

A-Tier heroes are excellent options in any situation; however, they may require specific team compositions or have minor weaknesses which hinder performance. Still investing in these heroes is well worth your consideration as they provide a solid basis for progression.

B-Tier heroes are average in terms of performance, often needing a specific team composition in order to excel. While B-Tier heroes might be useful early game progression, after that point it should be avoided as these heroes become less useful and should be abandoned altogether.

C-Tier heroes are considered subpar and typically possess significant drawbacks that prevent them from competing against more powerful heroes in higher tiers. While these heroes may serve as useful starter options for newcomers without access to more powerful options, these should ultimately be phased out as soon as possible for improved options.

Astaroth offers players searching for an effective ranged tank to deal damage and disassemble enemy formations an excellent ranged option, as she boasts unique skillset. 

Durable and capable of protecting allies while having decent damage potential that debuff opponents. Meanwhile Mauga can become a formidable frontliner when equipped with chainguns; with his high mobility enabling heavy damage output along with debuffs enabling full ranger teams to do their work with greater effectiveness.


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