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Universal Studios Hollywood A Behind The Scenes Look at Movie Making

Universal Studios Hollywood A Behind The Scenes Look at Movie Making

Universal Studios Hollywood opened its doors to guests for an exciting behind-the-scenes glimpse into movie-making in 1964, inviting visitors to experience this fascinating world first hand. Red and white “Glamour Trams” transported them from station to studio backlot where they would be treated as part of an actual film shoot!

The Studio Tour offered visitors an immersive look into Hollywood production bungalows, large sound stages, artificial lakes and waterfalls, prop department warehouses, exterior sets of New York City, Europe, Hong Kong and Old West; movie cars and motorcycles used during filming; stars’ extravagant dressing-room costumes as they changed for shooting; visual effects created using everything from Lon Chaney’s personal make-up kit to CGI raptors).

Today’s guests can still take the Studio Tour led by experienced VIP Guides who immerse them in Universal history as they journey across 13 city blocks of studio production lots that house some of today’s most beloved movies and television shows. 

Additionally, guests may explore the famed Property Department – an expansive warehouse packed with thousands of set pieces used in films ranging from superhero flicks to romantic comedies – as well as exploring its famous Property Department, home to thousands of set pieces used in both genres of filmmaking. 

Dozens of actors, directors, producers, producers, industry professionals have began their careers by becoming Studio Tour Guides themselves!

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The Studio Tour continues to evolve with new and nostalgic upgrades, including an opportunity to step directly off your tram onto movie sets from popular films like Jordan Peele’s NOPE or Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, or Peter Jackson’s Kong 360 3D experience.

These highlight include Jupiter’s Claim from Jordan Peele’s horror epic NOPE; Psycho House/Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho; Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds crash site with massive 747 crash site as well as Peter Jackson’s Kong 360 3D experience from Peter Jackson himself!

Universal Studios Hollywood

No matter your taste in film – horror, science fiction, comedy or action – The Studio Tour offers something for every film buff in its unique lineup of attractions. That is one reason it remains one of the most popular attractions within any theme park.

Universal Studios Hollywood Presents an Engaging Look Behind Movie-Making Universal’s latest addition is an interactive and high-tech take on their Studio Tour experience dubbed Fast & Furious: Supercharged. 

This experience transports guests through the world of Fast & Furious franchise and gives a firsthand feel of being part of this thrilling world. Fast & Furious: Supercharged opened to the public on April 26, and will remain available for guests to experience until 2024.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers visitors an insider look into moviemaking, from touring actual film sets to experiencing thrilling thrill rides that immerse visitors into exciting action scenes complete with eye-popping special effects.

The Studio Tour features an educational special effects show, providing guests with insight into make-up, 3D effects, blue screen photography and water world performances with Animal Actors proving immensely popular with visitors.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is one of California’s premiere theme parks, providing an exciting movie studio-meets-theme park experience. 

The vast complex features an interactive tour of the studio with thrilling action rides as well as walking-through activities suitable for guests of all ages. This makes the park accessible from the major freeways of Los Angeles County.

The theme park offers an array of activities designed to please youngsters of all ages, including kid-friendly rollercoasters such as Flight of the Hippogriff and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem rides as well as water-based versions, and more. 

Visitors can also explore original sets from iconic films such as Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and Apollo 13 among many others on its backlot.

Explore behind-the-scenes attractions such as E.T. Adventure and Studio Tour for an experience you won’t forget, or purchase a Universal Express ticket and skip lines at popular attractions without waiting in line!

Universal Studios Hollywood provides an easy and efficient way to plan and navigate a day trip at their park – using their mobile app can help you strategize your day and navigate a detailed map.

When wait times for rides are optimal, show schedules or any other pertinent details will be shared; tickets and preferences can also be managed. WiFi service at Universal Studios Hollywood is free but data charges from your wireless provider may apply;.


Universal Studios Hollywood offers a diverse selection of rides, shows and attractions that cater to everyone. You’re sure to find thrill-packed rides inspired by silver screen memories or simply wanting an up close and personal experience of film-making magic here – there is something here for everyone at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Super Nintendo World is an unforgettable park ride designed to recreate their favorite worlds from video games such as Mario Kart or Toy Box – like dodging Thwomps or collecting virtual coins! Come experience an unforgettable gaming adventure!.

Studio Tour: Experience an extraordinary tour through 13 blocks of actual film sets, marveling at mind-boggling special effects which have become the hallmark of fame for this studio worldwide. Plus, learn about filmmaking at The Making of a Movie Stage and The Special Effects Stage – it all adds up!

Other popular activities include Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest, which puts visitors into an exciting kung fu battle between Po and Tigress; Minion Mayhem is a family-friendly ride filled with troublemaking animatronic minions from Despicable Me franchise; WaterWorld features jet ski stunts and explosions while Terminator 3D promises an amazing show experience.


At Universal Studios Hollywood, you’ll discover restaurants that serve cuisine from around the globe and fantasy treats from distant corners of space and time. Enjoy crepes for breakfast at Three Broomsticks or bangers and mash in a pub inspired by Harry Potter lore at any of several pubs throughout the park. Fast-service restaurants can also be an ideal option for families or those pressed for time!

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Voodoo Donuts along with Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen offer quick and tasty snacks. Also, make sure to stop by the Universal Tower Snack Bar before getting into the park. There you can find delicious cold drinks such as Jumbo Turkey Leg! Jumbo Turkey Leg!

Visit Isla Nu-Bar for some healthy dining and sample Costa Rican cuisine – their healthy menu features Citrus Glazed Chicken and Slow Roasted Mojo Pork as well as tropical drinks such as Raptor Refresher or the traditional Tiki Tahiti cocktail!

Attraction parks can be tiring, so eating well during your visit to Universal Studio CityWalk – a shopping and dining district adjacent to the theme park – can help. From stores to restaurants to entertainment, this three-block area has everything you need to satisfy any craving you might have!


Universal Studios Hollywood offers visitors a fascinating glimpse behind-the-scenes of filmmaking at this LA theme park, located on a sprawling complex in Hollywood Hills. 

Visitors can experience all aspects of moviemaking with studio tours and thrilling action rides that combine special effects with thrilling rides for an immersive movie studio meets theme park experience. Plus, regularly popular movies and shows are showcased here too!

Arrive early to avoid long lines at rides and attractions. Parking is available, though it can become crowded and costly; those on a budget may opt for General Parking; those willing to spend more may opt for Front Gate or Valet Parking; visitors can also save money by taking the Metro line to either Universal City/Studio City or North Hollywood stations and saving on parking expenses.

Visit during off-season months or summer or school breaks for optimal crowd management. Start your day in the lower lot to minimize crowding; for faster access to rides and shows, upgrade to Universal Express tickets for fast track access; download their mobile app as it tracks wait times for all attractions and notifies when their wait time has become optimal!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Studio Tour is an approximately two-hour tram tour through an actual lot where some of the most beloved movies and TV shows of all time were filmed, offering guests an up-close experience that includes demonstrations such as flash floods, earthquake simulations, brief encounters with King Kong himself and high speed car chases in Fast & Furious: Supercharged attraction.

Universal Studios Hollywood was initially founded to give visitors an inside view into film production. Studio Tour trams still pass real production bungalows and backlot streets; guests are free to ogle film sets.

Characters are at the core of every story. They keep audiences’ interest while entertaining, educating or persuading. Characters can come from real or fictional lives; each comes from its own background.

Special effects in movies use special techniques to create visual and auditory illusions that draw the audience in, such as animating fearsome monsters, controlling weather systems or producing stunning pyrotechnic displays.

Universal Studios Hollywood was opened to visitors in 1964 as an attraction that enabled guests to peek behind the studio curtain. Their iconic red and white Glamor Trams ran five times daily for two hours each time around the studio backlot to provide visitors with an up-close glimpse into film and TV production processes.

Today’s Studio Tour takes visitors on an immersive behind-the-scenes experience through sound stages, special effects and sets that have been used in blockbuster hits such as Jaws, Frankenstein and The Fast and the Furious. However, it can be risky: recently during WaterWorld show one stunt performer was hospitalized – an incident is being reviewed by the studio.

Dodge dinosaurs, visit Homer Simpson and transform into a Minion on some of Universal Studios Hollywood’s exhilarating rides – but don’t forget to save room for lunch: its restaurants provide international cuisines as well as treats inspired by movies and TV shows!


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