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Fast and Furious: The Ride at Universal Studios Florida

Fast and Furious: The Ride at Universal Studios Florida

The Fast and the Furious franchise focuses on street racing, heists, and spying; with films, shorts, television shows, video games, and theme park attractions.

This trackless motion-sensing vehicle simulates a high-speed car chase with hidden surprises throughout its queue – from an Easter egg reminiscent of Disaster Studios jacket slung over a chair to power breakers with references to Beetlejuice and Earthquake films.

Fast & Furious: Supercharged

As its name suggests, this attraction is fast and furious. A roller coaster-style ride situated within a movie studio backlot and featuring prop cars from franchise. Additionally, special effects create an unforgettable ride experience.

This attraction, which opened in 2018 as an alternate to Disaster! and Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue attractions, is inspired by the popular film series that centers on illegal street racing and heists – this franchise now comprises eight films, two shorts and a TV series.

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The ride takes guests on a track for a simulated race, and while waiting, riders can watch exclusive interstitial content featuring cast members from movies featured. Furthermore, guests will get to see some of the real cars used in movies.

This attraction is a modified version of Universal Studios Hollywood’s original Fast & Furious ride, adding new scenes with Ludacris’ character Tej and a garage set. Furthermore, queue monitors provide information about characters as well as allow viewers to select individual action sequences they would like to experience.

Fast & Furious: Apocalypse

In this installment, the Fast family assumes dominion over what remains of Earth after an uncontrolled nuclear exchange. Dom is appointed ruler of Quarter Mileia; Letty reigns Australia and New Zealand while Hobbs becomes president of ‘Merica. 

Roman and Ramsey also exert control over lower Italy, Black Sea region and North Africa while Cipher devotes her efforts towards making Antarctica into farmland.

The film also marks an extensive retcon, taking place 2 million years prior to the events of Fast and Furious 1. Additionally, this marks the first Fast and Furious movie with a diverse cast and representation across race.

The eighth installment in the franchise, released in 2017, marked Paul Walker’s final appearance, before his death in 2013. 

To honor that fact, its cast was assembled slowly over 10 films: Charlize Theron as cyberterrorist Cipher, Russell Crowe as Dominic Toretto’s long-lost brother Jakob and Helen Mirren as Queenie were newcomers; series regulars Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Dwayne Johnson also returned, along with Gal Gadot’s character Gisele Yashar.

Fast & Furious: The Ride

Universal Studios theme parks have long excelled at immersing guests in Hollywood blockbuster action, but Fast & Furious: The Ride takes it one step further with Florida’s attraction being an immersive world to discover for all to experience.

As guests enter, they encounter a garage set with Dom’s Charger and other vehicles belonging to Dom. After touring through several rooms – such as Paul Walker’s character Brian being honored through tributes – Tej informs them they are invited to an event hosted by Dom Sullivan at his garage, but warns them about Owen Shaw who may follow them there.

The final installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious stars Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz alongside Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Helen Mirren. 

For this particular film however, Universal hired F. Gary Gray instead of original director James Wan to direct.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood provides guests with an authentic movie-based theme park and Studio Tour experience filled with dynamic animation characters and heart-pounding action rides. 

Visitors can explore both real and virtual film sets while taking control of world-class action rides that swoop, dive, roar and shake with dizzying special effects.

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This park offers several attractions based around popular children’s television shows and movies, such as Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants ride, Nickelodeon Blast Zone and The Simpsons Ride. However, these features come and go depending on their popularity.

Universal Studios Hollywood stands out among smaller theme parks by remaining open year-round and offering extended operating hours during winter and holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

However, weekday hours begin to decrease around August 3 as school lets out and visitor numbers start decreasing.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida opened on June 7, 1990, featuring rides and attractions based on movies, television, and other aspects of entertainment. Situated in Orlando, Florida and owned by NBCUniversal, the park features themed areas with many familiar characters from popular films as well as special events throughout the year.

The original concept behind this park was to showcase film-making processes, with visitors even seeing real film crews working on the backlot. 

Unfortunately, however, its attraction offerings lacked enough innovation or state-of-the-art technology to draw large numbers of visitors in large enough numbers to justify continued operation.

Today, the park offers simulation-heavy rides and shows inspired by iconic silver screen icons. 

Visitors can sip Duff beer in Springville, ride the Hogwarts Express into Diagon Alley, rock out on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit or experience unforgettable character encounters aplenty – not forgetting unforgettable character encounters and dining options at every turn! 

Additionally, seasonal celebrations such as Mardi Gras and Christmas in the City add even more enjoyment for visitors.

Fast and Furious: The Ride at Universal Studios Florida

No matter whether it’s your first or fifth viewing of Hobbs and Shaw’s Fast and Furious franchise films, fans of the movies know one thing for certain: action-packed cinema. So it should come as no surprise that Universal Studios Florida’s theme park ride based on these movies offers thrills of their own.;

What Is Fast and Furious: The Ride?

Fast and Furious: The Ride is a motion simulator ride that puts riders into the center of an exciting virtual street chase based on popular movies from this franchise, complete with recreated sets and vehicle chase scenes that will leave you screaming with delight! This attraction is sure to delight fans.

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This attraction brings Dom Toretto’s garage and other locations from the movies to life. Plus, meet Hobbs, Letty, and Roman as you experience their action-packed world from Fast & Furious blockbusters!

The ride opened at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of their Studio Tour, replacing Disaster! and Beetlejuice’s Rock & Roll Graveyard Revue. 

At first it was also planned that Fast and Furious: Supercharged would open at Universal Studios Florida as well. However, that plan changed once its arrival was confirmed by Universal.

As soon as you step onto the ride, Luke Hobbs and Letty from the film series will greet you and direct you into your vehicle. 

Once seated on your party bus, your F&F crew will escort it into a warehouse to protect from Owen Shaw and FBI, with massive screens and 4K projectors creating the illusion that your bus is driving at 100+ mph through Los Angeles!

While being an addition to the Park’s tram tour, this ride received mixed reviews when it first launched. Some fans were disappointed that most of its action took place on screens rather than in person; nevertheless, its popularity led to it later being introduced at Universal Orlando as well.

Budgetary issues at the park have caused attractions to open later, and entertainment features like 3D glasses to be taken off display altogether, so Fast and Furious: Supercharged may soon be coming to a close. 

In such an instance, it may re-themed or closed entirely; either way it remains an excellent way to experience Fast and Furious up close!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ride is an exciting motion simulator located at Universal Studios Florida that immerses visitors in a thrilling virtual street chase that is inspired by the famous film franchise. It recreates set pieces as well as dramatic chase scenes in the style of The Fast & Furious blockbusters.

On the ride you’ll have the opportunity to go inside Dom Toretto’s garage and other locations that are famous in the movies. In addition, you’ll be able to meet some of the characters from the film like Hobbs, Letty, and Roman as you embark on a thrilling ride through The Fast & Furious world.

Attraction first began operations at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of the Studio Tour, replacing previous attractions. The attraction has since been added to Universal Studios Florida, offering people on and off of the East Coast the chance to participate in the excitement.

When you first get into the ride you’ll be greeted by characters like Luke Hobbs and Letty, who will assist you in getting inside the car. The fun begins when your F&F team takes you to a secret facility that will protect you from Owen Shaw and the FBI making it appear as if you’re moving through Los Angeles using massive screens and 4K projectors.


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