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Evermore Park – An Immersive Fantasy Adventure

Evermore Park – An Immersive Fantasy Adventure

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove provides guests with a fantasy adventure experience they won’t soon forget! Immersive environments allow visitors to create their own characters and experience moments of pure imagination.

Ken Bretschneider created an immersive theme park to offer people an escape from everyday life and provide entertainment. Opening in 2018, it is now open and providing visitors with a world-class experience.

It’s a theme park

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah provides visitors with an immersive fantasy world experience. Opened on September 29th 2018, this attraction features trained actors playing out various characters portrayed within fantasy stories. 

However, unlike traditional theme parks with roller coasters or thrill rides – Evermore Park does feature “The Evermore Express”, as well as bars and restaurants themed according to specific fantasy worlds.

Ken Bretschneider established Evermore Park to fulfill his passion for fantasy and roleplaying. Growing up playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and family, he believes this type of roleplaying to be the future of entertainment. 

Evermore Park strives to replicate an experience similar to a Renaissance fair while exceeding it with permanent buildings featuring intricate details comparable to Disneyland.

Evermore offers one of its distinguishing features by inviting guests to interact with its characters grouped in guilds such as Dusk Raiders and Elven Rangers. 

Here, guests can trade banter with these guilds as well as complete quests they are sent on. Furthermore, guests may bring props that they can use during roleplaying games.

Evermore Park has become a beloved tourist and local landmark, known for its creepy setting and interactive storyline that creates an immersive experience. 

However, it has recently been plagued with issues including poor management and no work ethic – with many employees working there underpaid and lacking benefits.

As well as offering interactive storytelling, the park also provides live music and medieval-themed food. Visitors are especially fond of exploring its haunted castle and mausoleum.

Evermore Park will remain open this weekend for its Halloween event Lore and winter season activities featuring Christmas-related themes; however, its future remains unclear due to owner Ken Bretschneider having taken out two loans from the federal Payroll Protection Program and potentially being on his final legs financially.

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It’s a haunted house

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah is an immersive experience theme park where guests can engage with actors portraying fantasy characters to become part of their story and participate in roleplaying situations with characters grouped into guilds offering quests; guides also exist. 

The experience can be likened to that of a Renaissance Faire; however it offers much more details and offers roleplay opportunities with more immersive stories!

The park stands out from other attractions in its area with many attractive features that set it apart, such as real wood for buildings and stones set into the ground to create the experience of medieval village. 

Furthermore, staff encourage visitors to dress up for an authentic experience!

In October, the park hosts LORE: an immersive haunted village inspired by Celtic myth. The event takes place at Olde Towne – an idyllic medieval-inspired setting where LORE takes place. 

Olde Towne residents must use all their resources to defeat an alien force which threatens this haunted village!

The LORE event has been featured on numerous popular television shows, such as Game of Thrones. It boasts an enormous fan base from all around the globe. Designed to thrill and chill visitors to its haunted village, LORE stands as one of the country’s premier Halloween attractions.

Evermore Park hosts several other events throughout the year in addition to LORE. Summer visitors can enjoy Evermore’s Medieval Faire which offers activities such as archery and axe throwing for visitors of all ages, live bird and reptile shows as well as its small train, the Evermore Express.

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Evermore Park has managed to remain open despite a challenging economic climate, thanks to the vision and persistence of founder Ken Bretschneider.

Bretschneider believes the park will continue to flourish and grow over time – drawing comparisons to fictional Westworld, Renaissance fairs and Choose Your Own Adventure games as examples of similar growth potential. 

He has personally settled millions in liens in order to save Evermore’s vision.

It’s a train ride

Evermore Park was an immersive fantasy theme park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah that opened on September 29, 2018 to allow people to be themselves (or play an imaginary character) and experience moments of imagination. 

Unlike traditional theme parks with roller coasters or water slides, Evermore Park provided interactive experiences where guests interacted with trained actors portraying fantasy characters; its only traditional ride was Evermore Express which took them around the park.

As you step through the gates of this park, you are welcomed with a stunning area boasting ticket windows and an entrance way designed for fantasy seekers. 

However, much of its attraction was incomplete; nonetheless, its stunning attention to detail made up for any missing elements.

Inside, the park features high-quality custom built settings and buildings similar to what you might find at a Renaissance Faire. 

Sets go beyond mere painted facades; their intricate interiors contain elaborate detail that’s heavily themed; providing an experience similar to roleplaying games – perhaps best representing this new form of theater.

Evermore’s residents are organized into guilds such as Dusk Raiders, Black Heart Guild, Elven Rangers and Mystics. 

Each guild offers its own story for visitors to experience first-hand while sending you on quests – making your experience all the more real! 

These interactions add an authentic feeling that enhances Evermore.

This attraction proved extremely popular with guests and won multiple lifestyle and themed industry awards – even making Time Magazine’s list of 50 places to visit in 2019! 

This inclusive, fun, and safe space offered people of all ages the opportunity to play a character. Creators of the park aimed to bring an element of magic and inclusivity into everyone’s experience as soon as they stepped inside its walls.

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It’s an adventure

Evermore Park was established by Ken Bretschneider in 2018 to transport visitors into an immersive fantasy experience. 

Combining theatrical performance, movie quality costuming and state-of-the-art technology into an environment where visitors can be themselves. 

Evermore Park has won many lifestyle and themed industry awards and was chosen by Time Magazine as one of its Top 50 destinations worldwide.

Evermore Park may not have roller coasters and water rides like your typical theme park, but visitors still find it enjoyable to explore it. 

They can meet costumed characters, play games and participate in quests with costumed characters. 

Furthermore, Evermore offers other activities like knife/axe throwing/archery and train rides for even greater adventure – plus there is even an annual lantern festival held during autumn that adds even more festivities!

Evermore is a testimony to great physical design. the paths wind through beautiful cottages, and the light of lanterns spills from the windows of taverns; Inside, guests chat and make requests. Outside, winds whirl under an unsettling mausoleum’s eaves.

However, there are some concerns about Evermore. Staff appear overworked and underplayed while management does not respond quickly enough to complaints; several employees have recently left due to these conditions, as well as unaddressed safety concerns that make some workers feel unsafe working there.

Evermore Park announced its closure with regret and deep gratitude, yet its founder says they feel it had met its mission of being a place where people could express themselves freely while living out moments of imagination.

Situated in Pleasant Grove, Utah – Evermore was popular tourist spot and location.

Evermore offers more than just an immersive theme park experience; it is also a full-fledged event venue, hosting various Halloween shows and Christmas festivities. 

This charming old world attraction boasts unique old world structures such as mausoleums, medieval pubs, Victorian confectioneries and mausoleums.

Guests can attend events such as Halloween shows or Christmas festivities while taking part in activities like Knighting Ceremonies and playing games; they can even enjoy riding aboard Evermore Express train ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evermore Park was conceptualized by multimillionaire Ted Abelstein to offer visitors more than just an ordinary park experience; it allows visitors to step into another realm and unleash their imaginations through theatrical performance, movie-quality costuming and state of the art technologies.

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah provides an engrossing fantasy-themed experience. Guests can explore unique old world structures such as catacombs and medieval buildings from the 17th Century; as well as real European tombstones in its graveyard; themed tents; interact with actors portraying fantasy characters; engage in activities such as archery or bird/reptile shows and ride a miniature train known as The Evermore Express!

Evermore Park offers an unforgettable experience that transports guests back into their childhood dreams of magic and adventure. As soon as they pass through its medieval gates, visitors are immersed in an enchanting world full of mystery and excitement!

Evermore Park can provide an enjoyable and unique experience, but the admission costs can quickly add up when visiting with a group. Hotwire makes finding hotels near Evermore Park at affordable rates easier so that more money remains for other Pleasant Grove attractions and activities.

No matter the length of your trip, Evermore Park is here for you. Explore its surrounding area on foot or hop aboard public transit for even more sights to see.


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