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The DisneyLand Paris Annual Pass Relaunches

The DisneyLand Paris Annual Pass Relaunches

Following an initial suspension, Disneyland Paris has reinstated their annual pass program with new tiers and pricing structures, announced via social media posts such as Twitter or DLP Report articles this morning. Details were shared both ways on these channels.

Gold will cost EUR499. This membership offers access for one full year and features 15% discounts off food and merchandise (compared with 20% with Infinity), free parking, PhotoPass access and Extra Magic Time features.

Access to Theme Parks – Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

For frequent visitors who plan on staying for an extended stay at Disneyland Paris, an Annual Pass provides unlimited entry to both Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Parks throughout a calendar year with exception of block out dates that vary based on ticket type.

These dates are limited to weekdays during non-peak periods; however, the entire month of July 2023 and all weekends in August including September’s last weekend (2024 are blocked off. Additionally there are multiple dates in November that are blacked out across both parks as well as Christmas season.

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So to fully take advantage of all that this annual pass offers, planning your trip should be as flexible as possible in order to take full advantage of all its perks. In addition to park admission and special hotel room offers, free parking and discounts on day tickets and merchandise purchases can also be taken advantage of; just present your annual pass when making purchases!

Last, but certainly not least, you will also gain access to four exclusive AP Parties each year that cater specifically to certain seasons, events or themes – and are only open for one guest per event.

Signing up for a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass requires providing both personal data and payment details, agreeing to its terms and conditions as well as following any internal rules or warnings set by Euro Disney. Furthermore, no selling, transferring, or giving of an Annual Pass or its benefits to anyone is allowed.

Your first monthly Direct Debit payment will be deducted from your bank account within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) on the one month anniversary of signing up, then on every 10th day thereafter unless you cancel before this date. You can monitor its status either through Membership Management page or contact our Customer Services team – should your banking details change, Euro Disney must be informed immediately of these details as soon as possible.

Free Parking

After unveiling plans to reevaluate their annual pass system in March, Disneyland Paris has released new passes with increased benefits, drawbacks and prices. We investigated these offerings to see what we found – and whether or not they are worth investing in.

One of the main new features is that all passes will now be digital, offering automatic renewal and use through the Disneyland app. Furthermore, they’ll also be sold at ticketing desks in person and over the phone – an attractive change from paper tickets you had to keep track of!

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Gold, Silver and Bronze passes of the new passes (Gold, Silver and Bronze) all include complimentary parking – an invaluable perk for guests staying at Disney hotels who would normally need to pay for parking anyway. Infinity provides access to a concierge line dedicated to restaurant reservations as well as pre-booking events and services.

If you plan on visiting parks regularly over a year without needing days off work, a top tier pass may be worthwhile for its free parking alone. But if only planning on visiting on peak dates occasionally in 2018, less costly options might be more suitable.

As of July 19th and August 1st, some perks will no longer be available to pass holders such as Annual Passholder entrance, Infinity Parking, luggage storage and kennels; hotel discounts remain.

Considering an annual pass? Please read all of its terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure you’re completely comfortable with both its perks and costs. It would also be wise to review each park’s calendar prior to purchasing tickets; two single day passes may be cheaper than buying an annual Park Hopper ticket if both dates fall into its mini ticket validity window.

Free Luggage Storage

Disneyland Paris guests visiting for the day can use the Guest Storage Area located to the right of Disneyland Park entrance to store their luggage for free until 45 minutes after Disneyland Park closes for the day. While members should note that Disneyland Paris disclaims any liability in case their items become lost or damaged while stored.

Carrying a bag into theme parks is legal, yet can make maneuvering through queues or visiting attractions more cumbersome. Luckily, there’s ample storage space at the gates for bags and coats; to protect your valuables against theft consider bringing along a backpack or bum bag equipped with ample compartments to hold money, passport and phone – this type of bag also works great if you like taking advantage of food outlets inside theme parks as it has ample room to hold food or snacks!

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Disney Parks publish their blackout dates online, so if you plan to visit during one of these dates it’s essential that you purchase tickets in advance to guarantee entry. Luckily there is an alternative solution which could save both money and hassle: Disneyland Paris provides an Annual Pass Concierge Line which allows guests to book hotel accommodations as well as reserve restaurants or services prior to visiting – simply call +33 1 60 30 60 84 and provide your pass number!

Though Disney parks encourage guests to capture unforgettable memories, they do require that certain guidelines are observed regarding camera equipment. For instance, only smartphones and cameras larger than an 8MP are allowed into theme parks; there are designated picnic areas where you are welcome to bring in food; however cool boxes or tables must not be used to store meals for eating purposes.

Disney have confirmed that starting July 19, dedicated Disneyland Pass entrances will no longer be offered as part of an effort to better prioritize what guests value most. As a result, priority parking, wheelchair/stroller rental, luggage storage/kennel availability will no longer be part of each tier of passes offered.

Special Offers

Disneyland Paris overhauled their Annual Pass program during the summer of 2023, cutting and replacing many perks with new offerings. Existing Annual Pass holders may upgrade to this range starting July 19 at Walt Disney Studios Park ticketing desks – with their remaining days prorated and subtracted from the price of their new pass.

The new range offers four levels of passes, starting with Discovery which grants entry most days except during busy weeks totaling 300 days, including 10% discounts on merchandise, food, photo passes and free parking.

Gold provides all the perks associated with Infinity but at 15% discount across shops; additionally it gives access to Extra Magic Time for only EUR499.

At the top of the line is Infinity – offering access to both parks on every day of the year except select dates like Halloween and Christmas/New Years. Plus it allows up to one special meet and greet event with characters from Marvel Universe (up to one per year ). All for only EUR699.

DisneyLand Paris Annual Pass offers 25% discounts to individuals with disabilities and one carer, and can be purchased either at the park entrance or your Disney hotel reception.

Purchase your Disneyland Paris Annual Pass online early for maximum benefit – not only will this save money and time, but you may even get special online offers (such as free days!) on occasion; additionally package specials are often available that combine park tickets with accommodation and meals; be sure to visit both UK and French websites as they each provide different offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holders have been waiting for details regarding a new program designed for frequent visitors for months and even years since the day they were finally their day to get their hands on the details Disneyland Paris revealed their Pass program to the public.

Following months of rumours and a short-term suspension of the annual passes in March, Disneyland Paris unveiled their brand new ticketing program called Disneyland Pass. The revolutionary ticketing system has various benefits, drawbacks, rates and special offers that are set to change the way people get into Disneyland.

An Annual Pass gives you access to the parks for one whole year with some added perks, making it a fantastic value if you plan to visit multiple times during that year and wish to maximize each experience.

With Disneyland Paris’ latest range of Passes, everything is digital from purchase through renewal and use. Passes can be found within the Disneyland Paris app (not Apple Wallet at present) with holders who purchased online being eligible to request one complimentary card at ticket desks.

If you’re visiting Disneyland Paris soon, be sure to consult the Blockout Calendar as it could save money by purchasing an Annual Pass. These Passes are now on sale and provide one full year of access with special perks at less cost than you might think!


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