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Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort

If you want an unobstructed view of Shanghai Disneyland’s daily parade, plan your arrival early as the streets can quickly fill with large crowds (with no personal space available) before it begins.

This show combines acrobatics and singing performances to pay homage to Jack Sparrow; unfortunately, however, much of it will likely pass over the heads of most foreign visitors.

What to Expect

Shanghai Disney Resort offers something special for visitors of all ages – from young ones eager to meet their favorite characters to teens eager to test out a thrilling ride. Shanghai Disney Resort provides generations with something memorable; innovative attractions and spectacular shows offer generations a memorable experience together. Perfect for Chinese families to come discover magic!

Shanghai Disneyland stands out from other parks in the U.S. due to one major factor – it lacks some classic Disney rides, tailored specifically for Chinese guests’ needs. Visitors may require assistance navigating its layout as many of the iconic attractions are no longer located where originally intended and have been altered with more localized charm.

Downloading the official Shanghai Disneyland App is the best way to navigate its attractions – check wait times for attractions and get Fastpass tickets (which can shorten lines considerably) early. Plus, if you are staying in a hotel such as Shanghai Disneyland Hotel or Toy Story Hotel, use this app instead of waiting in line and use a special entrance into the park instead!

Planning meals ahead is also wise as most restaurants tend to fill quickly during peak seasons. Although most offerings at Disney Parks tend to lean heavily toward Chinese cuisine – from steamed duck and rice dishes with unidentifiable mushrooms – there are still more traditional Disney treats like popcorn, churros and Mickey Ice Cream Bars available as well as adventurous options like the Wandering Moon Teahouse for authentic tasting cuisine.

Theme Parks

Shanghai Disney Resort is an absolute treat for theme park enthusiasts. Offering amazing rides, top-of-the-line entertainment and impeccable guest service – everything one expects from Disney – Shanghai Disney Resort makes the experience memorable and is a boon to China’s flourishing theme park industry.

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China’s new Disney theme park is unmatched when it comes to design and concept. When Disney Chairman Robert Iger proposed creating one there, he promised an authentic experience rooted in Chinese culture – without Frontierland or New Orleans Square; without Toontown; rather featuring Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland Fantasyland and Gardens of Imagination as main lands.

One of the most exciting additions to the park is an entirely new section based on Disney’s Zootopia film. This mammal metropolis allows guests to walk freely through, filled with Fru Fru and Nick Wilde from Oscar-winning movie Zootopia as well as Koslov the polar bear, Flash sloth and Yax Yax among many other characters who interact with visitors throughout their stay.

Fantasyland now includes an all-new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride as well as an Alice in Wonderland maze and Peter Pan’s Flight attraction that have all been recently renovated. Enchanted Storybook Castle represents all Disney Princesses with an enormous garden of imagination at its back; and many family classic rides such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Fantasia Carousel round off its offerings.


Visit Shanghai Disney Resort between January and March or November and December during its off-peak seasons for optimal experience, reduced wait times for rides and shows, and shorter wait times in general.

If you plan on visiting Shanghai Disneyland, make sure that you book both accommodations and tickets as early as possible to ensure you receive accommodations and dates that best suit your schedule. Plus, booking early saves money.

Shanghai Disney Resort features two main hotels – Toy Story Hotel and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel – each of which are themed after popular films from Walt Disney Company, providing guests with a fun-filled stay experience. Furthermore, both hotels are situated conveniently nearby so as to allow quick and easy access to parks, activities, and other features of Shanghai Disney Resort.

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At Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, guests can experience themed dining locations as well as Disney entertainment at Walt Disney Grand Theater, home of The Lion King Musical. There are also multiple gift shops within the hotel offering souvenirs perfect for family members and guests.

The Toy Story Hotel is an engaging and colorful experience for children of all ages, featuring rooms themed after the popular film series featuring characters such as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, plus colorful carpeting that depicts scenes and colors from these movies, cute artwork on walls and cute dining with Buzz and Woody at an attached restaurant – unlike Shanghai Disneyland Hotel which provides early park admission or other perks just by staying on property!


As any Disney fan can attest, one of the greatest pleasures of visiting a Disney Park is enjoying all its delicious foods and snacks! That is certainly true at Shanghai Disney Resort with its array of restaurants that serve up delicious fare!

Shanghai Disneyland offers something to satisfy everyone in your group’s appetite – from quick bites to sit-down meals! Take a look at our recommendations of where to eat at Shanghai Disneyland.

If you’re craving an authentic American diner experience, check out Toy Story Hotel. Designed as an assembly of toys, its many details will make you feel right at home in this iconic hotel; carpeting and window treatments all follow Buzz and Woody’s vision of what makes their world enjoyable.

Toy Story Hotel features a buffet dining room that features an assortment of foods such as pasta stations, Asian stations, carving stations and desserts – not to mention its extensive beverage offerings – all within easy walking distance from Magic Kingdom itself! Also from this restaurant you can catch its light show!

At Toy Story Hotel, guests can also take advantage of dining at Royal Banquet Hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner – one of only two table service restaurants at Shanghai Disney Resort that serves characters! Dinner here costs 368 RMB with children under 10 receiving free admission.

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At Shanghai Disney Resort there are a number of restaurants you can visit, such as Jumbeaux’s Cafe serving Zootopia-inspired foods like Officer Clawhauser’s favorite donuts or even an adorable paw-shaped popsicle! Jumbeaux’s is also the only location offering laksa (rice noodles in spicy coconut shrimp broth). And for something cold to drink why not enjoy an iced Coke.

Things to Do

If you are an avid Disney fan and haven’t visited Shanghai before, the resort is well worth your while. Featuring six themed lands – Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Tomorrowland, Mickey Avenue Fantasyland and Treasure Cove from Pirates of the Caribbean films) plus Enchanted Storybook Castle Grand Theater performances as well as Disneytown for shopping and dining, Shanghai Disney resort provides something for every Disney enthusiast to experience!

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is one of the main draws, offering an immersive 3-D movie experience into the Star Wars galaxy. Boasting breathtaking visual effects and unforgettable visuals, it is a must for fans of these movies. Other highlights include Roaring Rapids river rafting ride and Soarin movie experience as well as reinvented Pirates of the Caribbean dark ride and Seven Dwarfs roller coaster ride.

Shanghai Disney offers plenty of charming spots to relax including it’s Gardens of Imagination that resemble an attractive urban park, with paths that wind through the park as well as flower beds and benches that resemble the ones you’ll find in other parks. You can also enjoy an attraction called the Fantasia Carousel featuring horses designed by Chinese artists to delight you!

Shanghai Disneyland’s parade every day, Mickey’s Storybook Express, might not be as impressive as the top parades in the world however it offers an enjoyable experience, with stunning parade floats. To ensure you have a clear experience, make sure you reserve a seat ahead of time!

The dining options in both parks include fast-service eateries serving American and Asian food. If you want to experience an unforgettable experience in dining with characters look into Lumiere’s Kitchen located in the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel or Royal Banquet Hall within the Enchanted Storybook Castle. Both are highly sought-after, so reservations must be made in advance to guarantee an experience unlike other!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many classic Disneyland attractions can be found at Shanghai Disneyland, including an exquisite Enchanted Storybook Castle that will stun visitors. But these lands have been adjusted to better represent Chinese culture and traditions – for instance, no Haunted Mansion exists as spirits of the dead are revered there; and Soarin’s finale flight climaxes over Shanghai instead of Disney property because this cultural practice honors China as its city-state.

Disney Fastpass allows guests to get ahead of wait times at attractions by selecting them via an app prior to arriving at a theme park, or from guest services during their day of visit. The app can be downloaded before entering, or can be requested any time throughout their visit from guest services.

If you want to minimize your wait time at Shanghai Disneyland Park, the key to doing so is purchasing a Fastpass before arriving – either directly at the entrance or through the Disney Resort App. Furthermore, to reduce crowds further it would be prudent to avoid weekends and public holidays as much as possible.

Shanghai Disney Resort can become very crowded during winter, spring and holiday weekends; to minimize wait times for rides and attractions, consider visiting during weekdays during spring or fall before or after Chinese New Year or National Day Golden Week (Jan 1-7th or 2nd week in March/April respectively).

No matter if you plan on staying in one of the on-site hotels or not, getting around Shanghai Disney Resort is easy and accessible in various ways. Hotel guests can use their hotel ticket to avoid most line queues; alternatively, arrive early (around 7:30am) to beat crowds during weekends and public holidays.


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