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Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida is an innovative dark ride/roller coaster hybrid attraction which opened in 2004 as an alternative to Kongfrontation in its former E.T. Adventure show building. This experience utilizes animatronics, special effects and state-of-the-art roller coaster technology for an exciting psychological thrill ride experience.


Revenge of the Mummy is an innovative ride that blends special effects-filled dark rides with coasters to provide a thrilling and story-rich thrill ride experience, offering thrilling storytelling along the way. A must-ride for all theme park fans who enjoy films featuring Brendan Fraser. Additionally, The Mummy features some unique elements not often seen elsewhere within its theme park rides.

The attraction, housed within an elaborate movie studio, is the first-of-its-kind. Beginning with an audition queue where guests are prepared for extra roles in Brendan Fraser’s new film, guests then step inside a mock movie studio for an interactive movie experience that starts as soon as you step through its doors.

After you complete the queue, your ride vehicle enters a tomb and moves through a series of corridors filled with treasure, with Imhotep’s holograph appearing occasionally to warn about his curse. After this segment is completed, your ride then continues onto another coaster segment, propelling you high into the air while flames shoot from its ceiling!

The coaster portion of this ride does not feature inversions or towering heights, yet still delivers fast launches and out-of-control airtime. Plus, its story is special and offers unique Easter eggs!


Revenge of the Mummy is a combination dark ride and roller coaster built within an impressive replica of an Egyptian tomb, inspired by Universal Studios Florida’s creation of The Mummy film franchise and featuring multiple Golden Ticket Awards as one of its hallmark attractions. 

Additionally available at Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore with Florida offering unique experience!

The Mummy is an outstanding dark ride that utilizes multi-sensory technology to exploit our fears. Combining animatronics, an advanced motion picture ride system and state-of-the-art coaster train technology for an unforgettable ride experience in its vast former E.T. Adventure show building at Lower Lot in Park.

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Beginning their experience at the Museum of Antiquities, guests enter into a fake movie set for Mummy 3. As you walk among extras preparing to work on its mine-train scene, screams echo from actors playing characters put at risk by mummies and scarabs; Imhotep himself appears from a sarcophagus to warn about following his path or facing imminent peril!


The ride’s queue takes guests into a mock movie studio where they are being trained as extras in a fictional sequel to 1999 Mummy film starring Brendan Fraser. Props, molds and concept drawings from the original are featured here along with TV screens showing videos about its production as well as speculation that Imhotep curse caused many accidents during filming; riders are encouraged to wear the medjai symbol of immortality to protect against any harmful spell.

After that, the ride vehicle enters a room brimming with treasure, where Imhotep attempts to bribe riders with riches. While doing this, multiple mummy soldiers rise up around them while a golden statue of King Kong reminds riders of its previous life as Kongfrontation. Imhotep then utters an Egyptian curse before propelling it forward through another room full of scarab beetles.

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Although Universal’s other thrill rides feature more striking visual effects, this ride still delivers chills and excitement in equal measure. Additionally, linear induction motors speed up its pace at two distinct points during its course.


Revenge of the Mummy is an exhilarating state-of-the-art dark ride/coaster designed to tap into your primal fears through multisensory experiences that draw upon modern animatronics, sophisticated motion picture technology, acoustic engineering, audio synthesis and robotic engineering to transport you into a world full of horrors and excitement.

Beginning as soon as riders step onto the mine car, a mummy reaches out from within his tomb, warning riders to flee or die! Strobe lights flash in the darkness while Imhotep’s projection screams; hands reach out from all sides as he speaks; projections show him screaming against his will as his image flashes before moving into an underground room with pyramid walls lined by mummies on all sides – complete with one soldier who hisses at you to keep you moving along your journey!

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Once on set of The Mummy: Revenge of the Mummy’s Curse, you are treated to incredible behind-the-scenes stories from its stars – but be wary – the curse still remains! Look out for mummy soldiers and ancient scarab beetles; just remember, without wearing the Medjai symbol (medjai symbol), the curse will find its way!


This game isn’t cheap, but every penny will be well spent. The graphics and music make a major improvement from earlier entries in the series; additionally, its gameplay variations provide you with even more gameplay experiences; you may even unlock weapons and gadgets as you progress through its storyline!

Universal Orlando Resort’s Mummy ride has long been one of its signature attractions, but fans have become concerned that it may have fallen victim to neglect. Recently, issues with effects and Imhotep’s audio have arisen despite it having undergone major refurbishments earlier this year.

The Mummy is an innovative attraction combining dark ride and roller coaster elements based on the Mummy movie franchise and powered by Premier Rides technology. First seen at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood respectively in 2004, The Mummy opened in 2004 in its Kongfrontation building (previously E.T. Adventure ride) where similar track layouts existed at both locations; its predecessor Kongfrontation is commemorated with a golden statue of King Kong to represent both rides’ predecessors.

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida

Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor roller coaster attraction based on the beloved movie franchise and can be found both at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Singapore. Utilizing advanced motion picture technology along with state-of-the-art ride and audio engineering systems, this ride uses advanced motion picture technology as well as state-of-the-art ride and audio engineering systems for an unparalleled roller coaster ride experience.

This ride features warrior mummies, treasures and tombs along with sudden launches, scarab beetles, forward and backward motion and scarab beetles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Revenge of the Mummy is a hybrid dark ride/coaster attraction which opened at Universal Studios Florida on June 25, 2004 in what used to be E.T. Adventure building. The ride combines special effects from dark rides with modern roller coaster thrills for an experience targeted towards many common fears, including fear of the dark, fireballs, scarab beetles and warrior mummies phobia. Height restriction on this ride is 48 inches while targeting many phobias like fear of darkness, fireballs scarab beetles or warrior mummies themselves! Height restriction on this ride is 48 inches while targeting many common fears associated with dark rides such as fear of fireballs scarab beetles or warrior mummies themselves!

Its Universal Studios Florida’s Mummy ride offers an exhilarating dark and kinetic thrill ride inspired by Brendan Fraser’s Mummy films with many distinctive elements not found elsewhere on campus. It is one of their most iconic attractions – one which stands out among its competitors with several noteworthy elements that no other ride can boast of having.

As guests enter the building, they are welcomed by Omid Djalili from The Mummy film and led through an ancient Egyptian-themed queue and onto mine cart-type coasters.

Revenge of the Mummy is an immersive dark ride and roller coaster hybrid attraction, opening to great acclaim on 24 June 2004 in what used to be known as E.T. Adventure on the Lower Lot. Designed to appeal to human fear of darkness, bugs, and water, its aim is to satisfy human phobias such as darkness, insects, and water.
Queuing for this ride takes you through an exhibit of antiquities reminiscent of The Mummy film set, before finally being guided by security guards to the tomb itself.

This high-speed roller coaster boasts a height limit of 48 inches. Utilizing linear induction motors manufactured by Premier Rides and track switches provided by Dynamic Attractions, riders are launched onto its track using linear induction motors from Premier Rides – while dynamic Attractions installed track switches. Furthermore, there are various traps including carnivorous scarab beetles as well as warrior mummies to add excitement.

This ride reaches 45 mph at top speed and boasts plenty of airtime and seems much faster than it actually is.
The Mummy ride doesn’t include inversions or drops down to eye-level heights; however, its speed makes the experience thrilling and uncontrollable.

Revenge of the Mummy is an exciting thrill ride that combines slow-moving dark ride with high-speed roller coaster elements, earning it a rating of PG-13 and with a height requirement of 48 inches for riders aged 12 or younger accompanied by someone over 14 as an accompaniment. This attraction must meet specific height requirements in order to operate and children under age 12 must be supervised by someone over 14 while at this attraction.


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