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Volcano Bay Cabana Prices

Volcano Bay Cabana Prices

Rent a Cabana at Volcano Bay

If avoiding crowds and being catered to are priorities for you and your family when visiting a theme park, Volcano Bay’s cabana rentals could be just what your family needs.


Cabanas can be found throughout the water park for rent; though somewhat costly, these luxurious spaces come equipped with refrigerator and professional service.


Volcano Bay Cabana Prices

Are you indulging in some extra luxury during your visit to Universal Orlando’s new water park, Volcano Bay Cabanas are an ideal way to avoid crowds while making sure to experience its full glory! These private huts provide privacy as well as upgraded amenities – including food service!


Reserve online in advance, ideal for small groups or families and featuring their own locker, towel and water supply – making these luxurious huts the ideal way to experience it all!


Choose between single cabanas or family suite cabanas to accommodate smaller groups; singles work best when catering to less than 16 people while family suites can host as many as 16. During peak seasons, however, these cabanas can sell out fast; be sure to reserve them well ahead of time to secure one of these accommodations!


Cabanas can be found throughout the park, each offering private access to its water park. Inside each cabana are large lounge chairs equipped with thick padding to make relaxing between rides easy. 


Furthermore, each cabana includes concierge service as well as mini refrigerators stocked with drinks and snacks for guests’ use. Guests of cabanas may purchase Universal Express passes that enable them to skip Virtual Line attractions; this may be worthwhile investment depending on what’s important to you and your family.


Prices of Volcano Bay Cabana prices depend heavily on season and crowd levels; daily rentals range anywhere from $200 to over $800 in summer when crowds tend to be greater.


Though Volcano Bay Cabana Prices may seem costly, their affordability may make sense if you plan to spend many hours at the water park. Their convenience in allowing guests to avoid long lines and parking hassles more than compensates for any additional cost incurred.


Booking your Cabana two days ahead is highly recommended to ensure ample time to take full advantage of all its amenities, such as food and beverage services available to you. In general, an exclusive food and beverage service should take approximately four hours per order to fully activate.


The costs for Cabanas in Volcano Bay vary depending on the time of year and the demand. A cabana rental at Volcano Bay is priced from $160-$550 per day.


The peak times, like holidays, typically result in higher rates for cabanas in Volcano Bay. Cabanas located at Volcano Bay provide a quiet shaded, shaded space that has comfortable seating.


Visitors to Volcano Bay are able to get exclusive benefits from cabana rentals that justify the price. The booking of a cabana ahead in Volcano Bay is a good idea to guarantee the lowest prices.


Volcano Bay cabana prices include amenities such as towels, locker access and a concierge service. A few guests find the price of an Volcano Bay cabana to be worth it due to the convenience. The cost for the Volcano Bay cabana is subject to change in relation to its location within the park.


Cabanas on Volcano Bay offer the ultimate experience however, they are more expensive. cost. Special discounts for Volcano Bay cabana prices are sometimes available via special promotions. Volcano Bay offers different types of cabanas with different costs.


Families usually find the cost of the Volcano Bay cabana advantageous for a whole day in the park. Comparing costs and features in Volcano Bay cabanas can help guests pick the right choice. The search on Volcano Bay’s official site can give the most precise cost of a cabana.



Volcano Bay offers two different kinds of cabanas to fit the needs of up to six and 16 guests respectively, and family suite cabanas for larger parties of 16 people. Cabanas may be rented daily and include lounge areas with large padded chairs, mini fridge, fruit and snack basket, private cabana attendant and private cabana attendant services. Be sure to reserve early as these cabanas may sell out quickly during peak seasons!


An extra special way to enjoy Volcano Bay, and avoid crowds and lines at any water park is renting a cabana at Volcano Bay. Equipped with comfortable lounge chairs and concierge service, renting one will surely enhance the enjoyment of your day trip!


Cabana Bay provides private spaces to relax in, as well as numerous dining options. The Bayliner Diner provides an ample food court offering pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and other foods and drinks; Hideaway Bar and Grill has frozen beverages, craft cocktails and grilled entrees; while Galaxy Bowl Restaurant features ten lanes with full service dining and full menu service.


Universal has put considerable thought and care into the theming and details at Volcano Bay, including using lighting that mimics lava flows roiling around Krakatau – this makes the water park even more captivating and exciting to experience! One such detail stands out: using lava-inspired lighting throughout. These lights create the effect that Krakatau looks like an ocean of fire; truly magnificent!


Cabana Bay rooms feature several unique details that set them apart, such as tiki-inspired bed spreads and an in-room fridge that can store multiple 2-L bottles of soda. There is also a lanai equipped with outdoor table and chairs and spacious bathrooms featuring a soaking tub with waterfall-style shower head.


One of the hallmarks of Volcano Bay is that it offers a distinct experience from other water parks. While Walt Disney World Resort’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon allow all resort guests to enter at 9:30am, Volcano Bay features separate turnstiles for onsite guests and annual pass holders – meaning you could enter early if you are an onsite guest to take advantage of all its attractions before the general public arrives!



Volcano Bay Cabana rentals provide an exclusive space with luxurious amenities and privacy. Amenities may include refrigerator stocked with snacks and large padded lounge chairs as well as an on-site attendant to take orders for food and drinks. Cabanas can also help families skip long lines to spend more time enjoying themselves at the park.


Volcano Bay offers premium seating as an economical way to experience its attractions, featuring reserved padded loungers and shade canopy as well as an on-site attendant to take your food and beverage orders. The advantages of this upgrade make the additional expense worth your while!


Volcano Bay originated during Disney’s planning of Lava Lagoon for European Disneyland Resort back in the 1990s. Although this project never materialized, its concepts live on in Universal’s Volcano Bay.


Volcano Bay, conveniently situated within Cabana Bay Beach Resort, can be easily accessed on foot from here. However, if you’re staying at one of Universal Orlando’s other Value Resorts then a bus may be required to reach it.


Cabanas at Volcano Bay offer the ideal setting to unwind and unwind on vacation. Each private space comes equipped with fridge, flat-screen TV and lounge area; accommodating up to 16 people comfortably while the cabana staff ensures your stay is pleasant and memorable.


If you’re planning a visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay this summer, make sure you reserve a cabana early! Booking early will guarantee a fantastic experience and maximize the return from your visit. In fact, TapTu Pay provides cash-free purchases! It can be set up effortlessly through their official app for Universal Orlando – simply provide your US or Canadian credit card information and link your Universal account number for an easy setup experience!



Renting a cabana at Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay will add an air of luxuriousness to your day at Volcano Bay. These private huts come complete with amenities like padded lounge chairs, fridge, concierge service and concierge service – perfect for families and groups of friends alike! Reserve online or at the park admission window today.


Cabana rental provides numerous advantages, not the least of which being convenience. When visiting a water park with multiple guests, renting cabanas allows for time and cost savings by eliminating lines at food and drink outlets – giving everyone more time and comfort for rides and attractions!


Cabanas come in various sizes and prices, from single cabanas to family suite cabanas – giving visitors plenty of options available at their disposal for optimal enjoyment of each visit!


Volcano Bay Cabanas provide not only premium seating experiences, but they also include TapuTapu waterproof wristbands that enable guests to bypass long lines at rides. Once you select a ride, TapuTapu vibrates when it is your turn – saving time waiting in lines for cashless purchases or Express Pass access for select attractions.


Volcano Bay Cabana guests can also take advantage of TapuTapu by using its app to order food and drinks, selecting their seating location for delivery, and saving time waiting in lines at bars or quick-service restaurants. This feature makes life much simpler.


Cabanas offer another advantage to guests: They are conveniently situated close to Volcano Bay and easily accessible via a scenic walking path, making it easier for them to move between venues without having to deal with overcrowded buses or finding parking spaces – especially helpful for families with young children after an exhausting day of swimming and playing!


Are cabanas at Volcano Bay worth it? Ultimately, that depends on your priorities. If relaxation, crowd avoidance and being catered for are top priority for you, then they could well be worth the additional cost; otherwise it might be better spent exploring more affordable eateries within the water park itself.



Volcano Bay Cabanas and Premium Seating at Universal Orlando Resort


Universal Orlando Resort offers extras and premium options to enhance your day at Volcano Bay, such as cabanas and premium seating. Cabana options range from one-story models that accommodate up to six guests at once all the way through to family suites with exterior entryways.


Check-in for cabana guests within the park is handled through one of three concierge kiosks and they also enjoy access to Universal Express ride passes.



Volcano Bay cabana attendants provide guests renting private spaces within the water park with all sorts of amenities and services, from fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, lounge chairs, lockers, Wi-Fi access and concierge service – even providing tablets to book Virtual Line.


The experience of a cabana feel luxurious since the refrigerator in the room is able to store several 2-liter soda bottles. Additionally, there are other amenities, like Cabana Bay-branded notepads and pens These details make the experience more luxurious! 


Cabana rentals include complimentary Universal Express passes that allow guests to skip lengthy lines at specific attractions. To avail of this offer, you must have a current Universal Orlando ticket associated with your account as well as your Universal Express app downloaded on your mobile.



Volcano Bay offers an assortment of cabana options, from single to family suite suite cabanas. Each features extra-comfy lounge chairs, mini fridge with bottled water and an inclusive fruit and snack basket; family suite cabanas can even hold up to 16 people for large group bookings!


Cabanas may appear extravagant however they can make your trip in Volcano Bay even more unforgettable. It might be worth the extra money if intend to spend a few hours in the park throughout the busy summer months.


During peak season, Express Passes can also be purchased online to jump the queue at specific attractions. Universal Orlando Resort hotel guests enjoy free parking at Universal CityWalk and exclusive entrance into Volcano Bay; those not staying at one can park in any regular Universal CityWalk parking garage and take a free bus ride directly to Volcano Bay.


Bay Entrance

Cabana concierge services allow guests to order food and drinks from an exclusive menu, including Pupu Platters with spring rolls, conch fritters and coconut crusted shrimp.


A cabana also removes the need to wait in line at bars or quick service locations for beverages, and two outlets provide convenient charging stations throughout the day for those needing to power devices throughout the day.


At Volcano Bay, Universal Express allows guests to skip virtual lines for rides – this new feature works differently from Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida; front-of-line access will be loaded onto their TapuTapu allowing them to jump right to their desired ride without waiting in line!


Be mindful that staying at an official Universal Orlando hotel with an Annual Pass allows you to enter Volcano Bay 30 minutes early during peak times, giving you a much-appreciated advantage at this busy theme park.



Volcano Bay cabanas not only offer convenience and luxury, but they can also help guests skip lines by providing front-of-line access for select attractions via their Experience Transformation tablet, enabling cabana guests to reserve a virtual queue spot directly from their Cabana.


Universal Orlando theme park provides front-of-the-line access to both onsite and non-onsite guests alike – though please keep in mind this does not entitle cabana guests to different return times than standby guests.


Another key benefit of renting a cabana is being able to order food and drinks from select quick service locations ahead of time through their respective apps and have them conveniently delivered right to your poolside – eliminating waits in line at various bars or quick service locations, which is an enormous time saver!



If you want to rent a cabana at Volcano Bay, make sure you book early as they may fill up quickly, especially during peak travel periods. Reserve one online or call the Universal Reservations Line; costs vary according to type and season.


If a private cabana isn’t within your budget, consider renting premium seating instead. This service features reserved areas equipped with padded lounge chairs and an adjustable shade canopy, along with an escort and area attendant to take food and beverage orders from you.


Cabanas also make traveling much simpler by eliminating long waits at rides and attractions, thanks to TapuTapu, the water park’s virtual queue system. Plus, this handy card can also be used as payment for food, drinks and merchandise purchases!



Volcano Bay Cabana Prices offer an exceptional way to enhance your trip to Universal Orlando’s new water park, Volcano Bay. They feature private seating areas complete with fridge and cabana server who will take orders for food and drinks from you as you relax under an awning or umbrella.


An experience worth spending on! All cabana guests check-in INSIDE the park at one of three concierge kiosks.


Volcano Bay Cabana Prices & Types



Universal Orlando’s water park, Volcano Bay, has quickly become one of the must-visit attractions when visiting Central Florida. cabanas. Being such a large complex with multiple attractions can become overrun during peak times; One way to avoid long lines and enjoy an enhanced experience is by renting one of their luxurious cabanas There are various kinds available, with various amenities included in their rental fee.


One-Story Cabanas:


Volcano Bay offers single-story cabins as the most cost-effective cabanas. Offering easy ground-level access, these cabanas make an excellent choice for families with young children or those having difficulty climbing flights of stairs. In addition, each comes equipped with its own shade canopy and outdoor table and chairs, holding up to six guests!


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Two-Story Cabanas:


Volcano Bay offers two-story cabanas as another accommodation option, similar to tree house or tiki hut designs that feature upper and lower configurations, with some upper cabanas offering an extended patio spanning across lower cabanas for your enjoyment. When renting one of the upper ones, your neighboring cabana will be above you, whereas renting the opposite lower cabana will mean sharing space.


Three-story cabanas:

Three-story cabanas can also be rented. These larger cabanas can seat up to 16 guests comfortably and include lounge chairs and sofas, private patio seating arrangements with table and chairs, mini refrigerator, fan, flat screen television, as well as their own restroom—an added perk!


Volcano Bay offers daily cabana rentals with admission to its park included and offers you a private locker to secure your belongings while enjoying its rides.


VIP services available through cabana rentals include Guest Experience Transformation (GET) app tablet rentals that enable guests to better organize their time at the parks by reserving and modifying Virtual Line spots from your lounge chair, ordering food from Volcano Bay restaurants directly through it, and using Universal Express passes for faster entry to participating attractions during high demand periods. This VIP service helps guests navigate more efficiently in the parks while saving precious vacation time!


Volcano Bay Cabanas

Universal’s Volcano Bay is an idyllic water theme park. Boasting plenty of slides, a wave pool, and some of Orlando’s lushest vegetation,. Plus, as many parks do, Volcano Bay also features premium add-ons that make visiting even more special, including private cabanas and premium seating!


Cabanas provide the ultimate home-away-from-home experience. Equipped with extra-comfy padded lounge chairs, a small refrigerator pre-stocked with bottles of water, and an assortment of fruit and snack baskets, as well as their own personal concierge who is there to assist with whatever is necessary during their visit, cabanas also include access to Guest Experience Transformation tablets, which enable guests to manage their time by booking Virtual Line spots directly from the comfort of their padded lounge chair in the cabana.



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Either reserve a cabana three days in advance by phone or online booking; either single-story or two-story cabanas can be reserved; two-story cabanas can accommodate up to 16 guests! Both types are situated throughout the water park; most are near rides, while some on Waturi Beach might require some walking to reach them.


Private cabanas come equipped with luxurious lounge chairs, personal cabana concierge, an exclusive menu of food and beverage offerings and locker and towel service, as well as your very own cabana Totem that allows you to order anything you like from any of the water park restaurants or bars via Cabana Totem! the attention.  Also equipped with flags to call attention of the server when needed (plus, virtual line indication is an added convenience)!



One key benefit of renting a cabana is receiving free Universal Express passes. This enables you to skip the regular queue and head directly to the front, potentially shortening wait times at this new park.


Family Cabanas

Universal offers several cabana options that provide extra space and relaxation for families, such as two extra padded lounge chairs, a refrigerator with bottles of water, and a complimentary fruit and snack basket. In addition, their dedicated cabana attendant can check on you periodically throughout the day via text message; additionally, they are happy to order any food items not present within your cabana itself.


The Family Cabanas are situated on the second level of the volcano, near the reeff pool. Their central location provides them with excellent views and ease of access to both volcano and park features, plus they have covered pathways leading directly back to the main entrance in case it rains!


As with our other one- and two-story cabanas, family cabanas also feature a private lounge area and outdoor shower with hot and cold water, as well as a cooler full of drinks, a flat screen TV, an iPod docking station, and a cabana attendant to assist with food and drink orders. No more standing in long queues!


No matter your plans for renting or exploring Volcano Bay’s other features, there is so much excitement waiting at Volcano Bay. Experience an entirely new kind of water park where thrills and relaxation merge perfectly; step into tropical paradise for an exhilarating water ride; drop from the heights of towering volcanoes onto Waturi Beach before feeling the rush of the Krakatau Water Coaster ride—living an island lifestyle is never dull!


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Universal’s Volcano Bay offers the perfect escape into an oasis of pure relaxation and adventure, having been named the #1 amusement park worldwide for five consecutive years. Visitors can slide down waterfalls, swim through wave pools, and discover lush rainforest settings, truly immersing them in another world altogether!


Frequently Asked Questions

Cabanas in the Universal’s Volcano Bay can be found in the water park throughout Each with a different view. Single stand-alone cabanas provide extra shade protection from wave pool activity; family level and upper-level cabanas offer stunning vistas of Mount Mayon as well as views across Volcano Bay; Cabanas 9-10 are great spots with extra shade protection while Cabanas 17 – 23 are near Ohno/Ohyah slides but may also back onto a freeway which may cause noise issues during operating times of Ohno/Ohyah slides when operational; all offers unique viewpoints on Volcano Bay!

For maximum relaxation and fun, visit between January and March when temperatures are more comfortable – 9am-10pm is when Volcano Bay opens, perfect for anyone who enjoys cooling off from Florida heat!

Although renting a cabin at Volcano Baw might seem extravagant and costly, it could help make your visit more comfortable and luxurious. I’ve visited the park several times in recent years and the cabanas help make my trips really stand out from the usual theme parks, offering you a exclusive area to get away from the crowds while enjoying food by foot and hand! For a memorable waterpark experience, Volcano should definitely include one of their plans!


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