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Universal Studios Jurassic Park Ride

Universal Studios Jurassic Park Ride

Universal Studios Jurassic Park Ride is one of the most thrilling attractions at their park, taking visitors through John Hammond’s impressive dinosaur theme park on an exhilarating raft ride.

At the boarding area, several Universal employees dressed as park rangers provided guests with plastic ponchos for use during their ride.

Waterfall Universal Studios Jurassic Park Ride

When the original Jurassic Park Ride opened at Universal Studios in 1996, it created great excitement among fans. People would wait up to three hours in line for their turn on this river ride through Isla Nublar with animatronic dinosaurs playing to music from the film score – an attraction which remains popular today.

Beginning their experience at Jurassic Park Gate in an open-wall building, guests would watch various videos played out on television monitors of Sir Richard Attenborough as John Hammond discussing safety regulations and other features of the ride. After waiting, guests would split into two lines to board their rafts.

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As the rafts set sail, they landed in Ultrasaurus Lagoon where a mother Ultrasaurus could be seen feeding both water-dwelling juveniles as well as grasses in Ultrasaurus Lagoon. 

Following this, they entered Stegosaurus Springs where two stegos would occasionally poke out of hiding to peek in on them before drifting through Hadrosaur Cove where an unseen duck-billed Parasaurolophus emerged from under water to derail them off course and sends them hurtling towards Hadrosaur Cove where an unseen duck-billed Parasaurolophus emerged from under water and defused them before finally colliding into Hadrosaur Cove where one a duck-billed Parasaurolophus emerged to deflect it back onto course before sending it into its destination and the Raptor containment area.

From there, they entered a maintenance building where a Jungle Explorer jeep from the first film hangs precariously from a wall while T. rex roared loudly over an intercom speaker system. 

Finally, an audible voice warned them about damage done by dinosaurs which has resulted in lethal chemicals to spill into the air and threaten human lives.

As soon as they enter the waterfall area, the raft veers off course again and enters an off-course waterfall area where an enormous T. rex lunges out and lunges at them with its jaws snapped shut – spraying water at all guests on board!

Finally, the raft emerges from its waterfall to arrive in a tropical lagoon outside of the Environmental Systems Building and into an encounter with Dilophosaurus that jumps alongside it in an attempt to “squirt venom” (water) at passengers on board. 

After this scene concludes, it plunges 85 feet down another waterfall until reaching its exit point where Dennis Nedry uses Barbasol cans to steal dinosaur embryos in the movie.

Raptor Containment Area

The ride begins with an idyllic tour through John Hammond’s prized park. But then, an alarming Parasaurolophus knocks your raft off course and into the Raptor Containment Area, an industrial warehouse-like facility filled with dinosaurs–including an aggressive T-Rex! At some point during your adventure you must escape by making an 85-foot plunge.

Scene is scary and, even though you know it’s just an amusement ride and dinosaurs have long since died out, a part of you might actually believe what they’re seeing – especially with panicked announcements coming from control room!

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As your raft approaches the Raptor Containment Area, an intercom warns not to touch anything. Once inside, several raptors can be seen jumping out from tangles of pipes and clawing at an electrified gate that sparks with electricity – warning against further touching anything! 

Afterward, your raft enters a dark tunnel lit only with faux red lights at its ceiling; several more can also be seen leaping out at random from their hiding places inside pipes and cracks within walls containing multiple openings which lead into another dark tunnel with mock red light decoration on its ceiling ceiling.

Its leads into another dark tunnel with red ceiling lights for ceiling decoration purposes as you enter further into its confines where several more raptors appear jumping out from tangled pipes while another can be seen clawing at a gate which sparking with electricity!

Next, riders pass by a replica of Raptor Pen from the movie and hear an intercom voice explaining that Dearing has managed to contain her creations using an advanced containment system. But as soon as they turn a corner, snarling Dilophosaurus growls can be heard. 

Also visible are damaged rafts and tour vehicles–plus an apparent jab at Universal Studios Hollywood rival Disneyland–that have both suffered significant damages as a result.

As part of the atmosphere, a female announcer can be heard shouting instructions over the intercom to guests, warning them if they fail to comply, their life support systems will shut off in 15 seconds.

Your next stop: an immersive room full of dinosaurs–some from the original ride and others new. The ride becomes even more realistic when you witness animatronics up close; for instance, Mosasaurus tank’s screen features motion parallax to give an illusion that this dinosaur is really swimming in water while T-Rex head moves incredibly realistically–it truly amazing and must-see experience for any Jurassic fan.

Jungle Explorer Jeep

Attractions such as Jurassic Park River Adventure may currently be closed, but the Jungle Explorer Jeep attraction remains open and should definitely be visited! You can reach this attraction by taking the Starway (an enjoyable escalator experience in itself) down to the lower lot; once there, take a short walk over to this ride that transports visitors right into a movie! Once inside this area, it feels as if they’ve entered into it themselves!

This ride is a boat-based river expedition that replicates what happens in the film when Tim Murphy and Lex Murphy attempt to reach Isla Nublar visitor center. Some elements from the movie, like Tyrannosaurus rex chasing down their raft and Dilophosaurus spraying water at its passengers were recreated as part of this ride, while other scenes such as replicating Raptor Pen from Isla Nublar where Velociraptor noises can be heard and fence torn in two took their journey on Isla Nublar.

At first, riders will pass through a queue that replicates Isla Nublar from the movie, featuring posters of dinosaurs and InGen employees; video monitors displaying Jurassic World Network interviews between John Hammond and Richard Attenborough discussing dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

Followed by entering an open-wall building where their safety will be evaluated by tour guides using television monitors; finally guests are reviewed for ride safety by a tour guide on TV monitors before leaving Isla Nublar behind them.

At the end of their queue, guests are informed they will be entering a river exploration area and shown an opening scene from the film. When on board a raft ride, passengers are shown in action as a shaky camera pans around to capture all their movements! 

As it travels downriver, an abandoned raft where Dilophosaurus can be seen munching away at its passengers is encountered; next comes an encounter with damaged tour vehicle and crate which seems to contain something snarling inside; plus an encounter with replica Raptor Containment Area where snarling raptors can be heard rustling through foliage while branches move to simulate creatures trying to break free!

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Maintenance Building

Universal Studios Jurassic Park Ride was an innovative attraction when it first debuted in 1993. Based on John Hammond’s genetically engineered dinosaur theme park as depicted in the movie, this ride featured an amazing Spinosaurus model and other dangerous dinos behind 10,000-volt electrified fences – truly one of the most impressive rides of its time!

Once it finally opened, Jurassic Park Ride proved an instant hit among visitors to Hollywood. Soon thereafter, its popularity made it a must-see attraction, yet when Jurassic World and its sequels hit theaters it quickly became obvious that its initial version needed updating in order to remain relevant to audiences.

Though Universal updated their ride, some things were left undone – with animatronics not working correctly and dinosaurs being missing altogether. However, their fans voiced their concerns, prompting Universal to make significant upgrades recently.

Visitors would encounter scenes from movies throughout their ride. But it was at the maintenance building where things truly got frightening; as soon as their raft entered it, a voice over a public address system warned that dinosaurs had damaged it and lethal gasses were about to leak into the atmosphere!

Jurassic Park Employees were seen taking a raft to the building. When they entered the building the building, the Velociraptor flew through the chain link fence front of them and frightened away visitors! In a hurry to make a drastic U-turn and then a big turn, they saw another Velociraptor across the other side.

Some years back, when the raft was returned to the river, another large raptor would appear on the horizon and appear to be stalking it; its growl was reminiscent of when Tim Murphy is attacked by Dilophosaurus when stuck at a cliffside while driving his tour vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This ride begins with a preshow video featuring John Hammond (Steven Spielberg) greeting guests to his dinosaur park, before riders climb aboard their boats with heavy restraining bars pulled down, which signal that this may not be an easy journey.

This ride spans three-fourths of a mile and takes around 15 minutes. Along its course, guests pass through Ultrasaurus Lagoon where they can spot partially submerged Ulresaurus and two Psittacosaurus; followed by Stegosaur Spring to see two Stegosaurus!

This ride offers two airtime moments, a 100-foot zero-g stall and an epic barrel roll over Islands of Adventure lagoon. As one of the most elaborate rides Universal has ever offered, its popularity has spread around Florida and Japan as carbon copies were created locally.

Universal Studios created an elaborate river ride through Jurassic Park which opened on June 21, 1996 and can be found in the Lower Lot. So popular was this ride that carbon copies have since opened in Florida and Japan.

The ride boasts an elaborate queue, filled with easter eggs, references to movie characters and beautiful forest theming. Furthermore, its scent perfectly captures the pine scent found throughout the park.

Jurassic Park was an enormous box office success when it first hit theaters in 1993, earning billions at the box office and inspiring several sequels. Universal has taken that dinosaur fever and created one of their most elaborate themed rides yet: Jurassic Park River Adventure.


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