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Universal Studios Hollywood Is It Packed With Movie Memories

Universal Studios Hollywood Is It Packed With Movie Memories

Los Angeles entertainment destination Universal Studios Hollywood provides an unforgettable day of fun that includes dodging dinosaurs, hanging with Homer Simpson or riding dizzying rides full of special effects – not forgetting its tour of a real movie studio and incredible rides full of crazy special effects.

The Lower Lot

Universal Studios Hollywood can be divided into two distinct areas: the Lower Lot and the Upper Lot, both accessible via escalators and walkways. Visitors may travel between these sections using long escalators; visitors to Lower Lot should expect it to be busier during peak seasons of operation than Upper Lot.

Revenge of the Mummy, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Transformers: The Ride-3D are popular attractions at Lower Lot. As their wait times may be long, it is best to visit these attractions either early or late in your park visit.

Lower Lot features the Studio Tour, giving guests an opportunity to walk through sets depicting New York, European villages, and well-known movie landmarks—perfect for relaxing after exploring all over the park! This tour typically lasts approximately an hour.

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Install the Universal Studios Hollywood mobile app before visiting, as it will highlight current wait times and attractions; remind you of daily show schedules; lead you back to your parked car at the end of the day; as well as offer Express passes that let you bypass some of the longer lines at Universal.

The Upper Lot

Universal Studios Hollywood provides something exciting for every visitor, with one of its most beloved attractions – Studio Tour – offering visitors a glimpse behind-the-scenes at how movie magic comes alive on Upper Lot. Decorated sound stages as well as realistic movie set designs are featured along the tour route.

Visitors can hop aboard a tram for an in-depth tour of the back lot, which features actual filming locations, set pieces and buildings from different films as well as special effects like flash floods or the iconic rubbery smile from Jaws!

The Upper Lot provides many of the same attractions found throughout the park, such as Kong 360 3D, Earthquake, and Jaws Encounter. Plus you can visit Gru’s house and lab from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem! Afterward, hop aboard Flight of the Hippogriff for an aerial adventure around Hagrid’s hut and his pumpkin patch!

Other rides and attractions at Universal include Shrek 4D, The Simpsons Ride, Universal’s Animal Actors, Hanna-Barbera Characters World Tour and Captain EO. Indulge in Water World as part of Studio Tour! 

After all that excitement, recharge at one of their themed restaurants such as Doc Brown’s fried chicken, Terminator 3D Cyber Grill or Flintstones Drive-In for lunch to recharge their energy levels before starting all over again!

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Characters on the Grounds

Universal Studios Hollywood is an essential experience for visitors to Los Angeles, offering behind-the-scenes tours of actual movie sets before riding world-class rides that offer jaw-dropping special effects and are bound to take your breath away! Visit Universal Studios Hollywood today and take a ride or tour!

At Halloween and Christmas time, the park transforms into an enchanted world full of fearsome beasts and seasonal festivities. Guests will meet characters from The Secret Life of Pets and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, among many other works by Dr. Seuss.

Upper Lot is not only home to great photo opps, but can also serve as an excellent place for star-spotting from past films. We’ve seen SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star taking poses before both the Hollywood sign and classic New York street scene; also, Scooby Doo and Shaggy can often be spotted nearby storefronts.

Finding characters to meet for photos or autographs shouldn’t be too challenging throughout the park, but for maximum efficiency it may be beneficial to ask a park host or employee ahead of time for character apprearance times so as not to waste time waiting around. 

The Universal Studios Hollywood mobile app can also help you plan your day and let you know when ride wait times are optimal; take advantage of Express Access for fast track to all rides, attractions and seated shows as well.

The Attractions

Universal Studios Hollywood may not offer as high-tech attractions or innovations as Disneyland or Six Flags Magic Mountain, but still provides plenty of excitement and memories fueled by silver screen entertainment. Interact with iconic characters like Minions or SpongeBob SquarePants; take part in thrilling behind-the-scenes tours where you’ll explore working soundstages or iconic backlots; get up close and personal with beloved Minions from Minions to SpongeBob SquarePants!

Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride is an indoor roller coaster ride that transports riders back in time to 1944 during an archaeological dig into an Egyptian tomb. 

Using 4D technology with heat, splashes of water and more, Revenge of the Mummy is one of Universal Studios’ most unique rides; however, those prone to motion sickness should steer clear as this ride could prove hazardous to their well being.

Backlot Tour at Universal is another highly acclaimed attraction, giving guests the chance to explore iconic movie sets such as those seen in Jaws, The Secret Life of Pets and Earthquake. 

Additionally, visitors will have an opportunity to witness how Universal has utilized creative technology over time to produce special effects shows which rival those found in major budget blockbusters.

Your best option to beat long lines at attractions is purchasing Front of Line (FOL) tickets in advance online – these tickets allow you to go past general admission lines on rides and shows and are sold per-person. 

To avoid crowds and maximize efficiency, book these FOL tickets early!  

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This popular attraction combines movie studio sets with family-oriented rides and walking attractions, creating a one-stop-shop of film history. There’s something here for all members of the family to enjoy at this entertaining destination! 

The Studio Tour is one of the most iconic attractions here, allowing guests to ride Glamor Trams around and witness film rushes on a working movie set backlot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Studios Hollywood combines movie studio with theme park to provide guests with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of movie making while offering thrilling rides and shows, from Studio Tours that highlight classic films such as Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, to its heart-pounding King Kong attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood has something to offer everyone.

Universal Studios Hollywood(tm) isn’t just for children; there are several rides and attractions designed especially to appeal to adult visitors with an interest in the entertainment industry. So whether you’re visiting with a group of girlfriends, planning a bachelorette party, or simply want an entertaining way to pass an afternoon after your children have gone to sleep, Universal Studios Hollywood offers unmissable adult-focused attractions that will make your visit unforgettable!

Universal Studios Hollywood offers thrill-ride thrills, an exciting behind-the-scenes tour of a real movie studio, Los Angeles’ best restaurants and shops – making this destination a must-see for visitors of all ages! With so much going on at Universal Studios Hollywood, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable experience here!

Universal Studios Hollywood stands alone as the only fully operational movie studio and theme park, providing visitors with an exceptional combination of excitement and nostalgia. Take a backstage tour to witness actual film sets or ride popular movie rides such as Harry Potter, Jurassic World, King Kong or Transformers while new attractions like Super Nintendo World bring video games alive with immersive technology.


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