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Disneyland Passes 2024 Will Resume Sales This Week

Disneyland Passes 2024 Will Resume Sales This Week

Disneyland announced on Monday, March 4 that 2024 Magic Key passes will resume sales this week following an intermittent rollout that led to passholder lawsuits and virtual queues when sales opened on Tuesday, March 5. Sales should commence by noon Pacific on Tuesday March 5.

Note that California Residents only will have access to a monthly payment option if they log into their Disney account before adding a pass to cart.

Annual Passes

Disneyland Annual Passes offer visitors an excellent way to revisit and experience all aspects of their favorite parks multiple times over. 

From different tiers and blockout dates to reservation limits and cancellation policies, annual passes may be an attractive choice but they do come with some drawbacks that should be considered prior to purchasing one.

While purchasing an annual pass can provide several benefits, they may often be more costly than purchasing single day tickets. But if you plan on visiting often and during peak seasons, an annual pass could be well worth your while.

As 2024 pass sales continue, Disney has made some modifications to make buying tickets simpler for visitors. 

Their online ticketing system now features a “Notify Me” option which will notify visitors via email when it’s their turn to buy one – something fans who had to spend hours waiting virtual queues can appreciate as often passes sell out before their turn has arrived!

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As part of its online ticketing system update, guests now have the option of paying with Disney gift cards when purchasing new annual passes online.

A maximum transaction limit of $1000 applies per transaction; new passes only must be purchased using these gift cards as this helps restrict after work/school “drop in” visits that contribute to crowding but do not increase guest spending.

Disneyland is also changing messaging in their waiting rooms to emphasize that tickets and passes are limited and selling out, in an effort to decrease frustration and disappointment for visitors. 

Visitors are reminded to click the return link when it is their turn or risk losing their place in line.

Disney is taking steps to manage demand by restricting the number of passes that can be purchased per day and may add a virtual queue so customers can access the sale page at any time. 

Once a limit has been reached, purchases will no longer be possible and sales websites will display an “Somebody Ate the Page” error message featuring Stitch licking his teeth as soon as it becomes full.

Multi-Day Tickets

Multi-day tickets provide you with the flexibility of visiting multiple parks over the course of your vacation and also offer substantial discounts over single-day tickets. 

Multi-day tickets come in two, three, or four day increments; Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park simultaneously if desired.

Multi-day tickets are valid for 13 days from their initial day of use. 

Unlike other theme park tickets that expire after a specific period, multi-day tickets don’t need to be used consecutively – meaning you could visit Disneyland on one Saturday and then California Adventure Park the following weekend using just one multi-day ticket.

Multi-day tickets for Disney parks and attractions can be purchased either on their website or by calling them at (800) 939-9669. 

In addition, Disney offers various packages combining multiple attractions and activities – these can range from admission and shows at theme parks, tours of deluxe resorts or airfare; to see all your options visit their website.

As the 2024 season kicks off, it is important to keep a few key things in mind.

First and foremost is remembering there may still be blockout dates on annual passes; secondly is taking advantage of other theme park ticket websites before making your decision; sometimes prices may be much cheaper than what can be found through Disney directly.

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Disney recently announced an update to how they sell Disneyland tickets, starting March 5, 2024. 

Disney will make changes to how Magic Key passes are sold – they’ll be more clearly marked on sales pages with notices advising that all tickets may sell out by window closing time; plus there will be an option that notifies when it’s your turn to buy.

Notably, Magic Key pass sales will resume on March 5. Expect long virtual queues at times; use this time to familiarize yourself with each tier of Magic Key so as to select one which best meets your needs.

The Dream Key provides no blackout dates, parking included and many other advantages; Believe Key and Enchant Key offer some blackout dates and parking for specific days; while Imagine Key is only available to residents of Southern California.

Single-Day Tickets

Disneyland will recommence selling annual passes on Tuesday, March 5. A Disney social media post indicates that an online queue will open at 8:45 a.m. Pacific Time and sales should commence no earlier than 9 am PT. 

Each tier level of Magic Key Passes provides different admission days, blockout dates, park reservations, parking limits and other features; here we compare these benefits against single day ticket pricing to help determine which option would work best for your family vacation plans at Disney.

Purchase of multi-day tickets has several distinct advantages; typically they cost less per day than single day tickets and provide you with the ability to change your itinerary with greater ease. 

However, for trips scheduled on peak holidays it may be more prudent to purchase single day tickets or upgrade existing annual passes instead.

Florida residents should make the most of the Disney Resident Ticket Program to maximize savings on tickets to Walt Disney World Resort and save big with this program.

All it requires to qualify is having an up-to-date driver’s license or state ID card showing your address; tickets are then controlled through biometric finger scan technology so as to prevent non-residents from purchasing and using tickets without valid residency credentials.

Another way to save on tickets at Disneyland Resort is visiting during its off-season. You’ll find that it will be quieter and less crowded – perfect for relaxing while still experiencing all its attractions without breaking the bank with admission costs. 

Plus, weather tends to be much nicer during this period!

Be extremely wary when purchasing used Disney tickets on eBay or Craigslist, as these sites may contain scam artists offering partially used or even unused passes at ridiculously discounted prices – something which is illegal in Florida and could land you in serious trouble if presented at the gate with such tickets. Be sure only to buy from reliable sources.

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Theme park parking costs an additional $15 daily in addition to admission. Please be aware that it is not included with any annual passes or tickets.

So this additional payment must be added onto any pass/ticket you purchase. Preferred Disney Parking can save both time and money by getting you closer to the theme parks.

Are you tired of dealing with parking lines during busy times of year? Purchasing parking passes is an ideal solution, with prices that depend on season.

As well as taking into account blockout dates, an additional factor when choosing an annual pass is whether it allows park hopping. 

Disneyland’s highest tier pass, Inspire Key, allows for park hopping without restrictions but does have some blockout dates; adults and children pay $1,649 respectively to buy one.

If you own an Inspire Key, be sure to make a reservation for the park of your choice at least 72 hours in advance using either the Disneyland website, app, or calling them directly. Alternatively, discounted one-day tickets may also be purchased via these methods.

In addition, with an Inspire Key You can also gain access to other California Adventure area theme parks in addition to Downtown Disney District, Disneyland Resort hotels, and Disney Springs. Disney Springs parking lot. 

Be aware that there could be restrictions, for instance, being the holder of your pass inside your vehicle all at all times.

Disneyland will issue its 2024 Magic Key passes today, and there is plenty of speculation about prices to be increased. 

While single-day tickets are still priced at $104, the majority of daily tiers will rise anywhere between 4% and 9%.

Frequently Asked Questions

After an overwhelming success with their annual pass sales in January, 2024 Disneyland has reopened their online queue to buy passes on Tuesday March 6, 2024. You can sign up to be alerted via email when it’s your turn to purchase an annual pass (be sure to check junk and spam folders for notifications).

Annual passes offer more flexibility and enjoyment when visiting Disneyland than other ticket types do, giving pass holders access to special events ranging from landmark attraction anniversaries to preview nights for brand-new attractions. Disneyland hosts many special events exclusively for pass holders such as milestone attraction anniversaries or preview nights for brand-new rides or attractions.

A Disney Land Pass offers many advantages, from discounts and park admission discounts to early access to certain areas of the parks. Choose a Pass that best meets your needs according to your personal preferences.

Purchase of a pass allows you to visit Disneyland Resort theme parks with a valid park admission ticket, while selecting a Magic Key annual pass requires making reservations each day of your visit and adhering to their blockout calendar.

Passes do not become active until you use them to enter a Disney park for the first time; once activated, they remain valid for 365 days.


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