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Disney World Lost and Found – How it Works

Disney World Lost and Found – How it Works

Millions of visitors flock to Disney World each year and as a result things may get misplaced or left behind by visitors. According to Disney, each day guests lose an average of 210 pairs of sunglasses; on an annual basis visitors leave behind 6,00 mobile phones, 18,000 hats, and 7,500 autograph books!

Thank goodness the new online reporting system makes it much simpler to track down items lost at theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs or resorts.

Locations – Disney World Lost and Found 

Losing an important item during a vacation can put a damper on its magic, so Disney World offers a system to quickly reconnect items with their owners so the wonder doesn’t slip away along the way. Here’s how it works.

First and foremost, stay calm. Losing something in a busy park is inevitable, and worrying only makes matters worse. Retrace your steps – given Disney’s expansive park layout it can be easy for your stuff to wander off somewhere unexpected. 

Check the shops near rides or restaurants where it may have been lost as well as any nearby Cast members as they may help locate it more quickly than you expect!

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Immediately report it online if you can’t locate an item. This will alert Cast members across Disney property to begin searching for it immediately; no matter where you are on property – including when leaving one hotel destination to head toward another one!

If your item remains lost or unaccounted for, make sure to visit the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida Thrift Store (or “Disney’s Lost and Found“). Disney ships their lost-and-found items directly here in Winter Park; according to Southern Living reports that this thrift shop is clean and organized; books are organized by genre while clothing by size; popular items include Disney hats and tumblers!

And while it isn’t guaranteed that you will find what you’re searching for here, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot anyway. 

Just be ready to fill out a form and provide ID if it is an expensive or sentimental item that has gone astray; otherwise it could end up in one of our donation bins instead (it would also be wiser to leave such valuables at home to avoid losing them during vacation!). (Of course it would also be wiser not to bring valuables on vacation just in case!)

Online Reporting – Disney World Lost and Found 

Disney World can be an exciting and dynamic place, making it easy to misplace items quickly. Luckily, the Walt Disney Company has put into place an effective system for quickly reconnecting lost items with their rightful owners – including an online reporting process which has evolved over the years and become easier than ever! 

For those short on time who need help quickly but cannot visit a lost and found location directly, online reporting forms may be just what is needed!

Lost items should be handed in to the appropriate cast member within their land, before being sent off to a central location to be processed and then back out again to their rightful guest. While this process can take time, it does work!

One effective strategy for avoiding loss at Disney World is leaving any valuables in your room (or hotel safe if staying at a Disney Resort) and not carrying items you can’t replace with you into the parks, such as purses or wallets. 

Furthermore, having documentation such as photos of lost items or receipts may prove extremely helpful should something do become lost during a visit to Walt Disney World.

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If you discover you’ve lost an item at a park, visit its in-person lost and found for immediate service. 

These locations tend to specialize only in same-day lost items; if yours isn’t there when you return home it can still be returned provided that a lost item report is submitted within 48 hours via Disney.com.

When filling out an online lost item form, Disney will ask for details such as date and time of loss as well as description of item including any unique identifiers. 

Once submitted, their team will start searching for it immediately, providing updates via email if they do find it. Highly valued items like wallets, credit cards and cameras may take up to 90 days while lesser valued ones such as sunglasses, hats and clothing may be returned more promptly.

Phone Calls

As more customer service functions migrate online, lost-and-found departments naturally follow suit. With so many visitors logging on to buy tickets, book hotel rooms, check in for flights and arrange rides between parks, it is all too easy to lose an item along the way – luckily Disney World has a system in place to assist guests in retrieving them quickly.

Disney World’s theme parks and hotels feature a Lost-and-Found service which catalogues an endless stream of lost items daily, from baby strollers (both budget umbrella and expensive jogging types) to cell phones, cameras and two-way radios – with unexpected finds often occurring within this room that smells of old sneakers and wet T-shirts! 

Sometimes even lost-and-found employees find something unexpected that catches them off guard!

Kim Lauver, a Disney operations hostess, reported finding an unclaimed wallet with approximately $8,000. As no one claimed it, they gave it over to the state for use.

Whenever you lose something in a park, visit Guest Services first. Every two hours, Cast members collect lost items from various areas. Try to describe your item to them as best you can; it could work!

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At resort hotels, try checking with the Lobby Concierge first before filing an online Lost and Found report; items are often turned in there instead of at main Lost and Found at parks. In hotels that cater specifically to families, items like teddy bears or children’s blankets often turn up there!

If you file an online report, you’ll get an update within 48 hours via email. More valuable items such as wallets, credit cards and prescription glasses may be held for 90 days before being returned directly to their owners whereas less valuable ones such as sunglasses, toys, clothing and hats usually return within 30 days.

Email Updates

Disney World attracts millions of visitors each year and with this comes an increasing risk that items could get misplaced or lost. 

Once you fill out an online form to report lost or misplaced items at Disney World, a team will work hard to locate it and will notify you within 48 hours with either news of finding it (if it has) or that they’re still searching.

Disney has made great strides in helping guests recover lost items at Disney World. I appreciate their easy claims process and keeping guests updated as the search progresses – plus, should your item be found they’ll even ship it right back! 

Have you lost something there before? 

How was your experience with getting it resolved? 

Please share in the comments! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Losing something at Disney World can be an anxiety-inducing experience, particularly if it is valuable. Luckily, the resort provides a system to quickly reunite lost items with their respective owners.

Have you ever found yourself feeling helpless after realizing an item has been misplaced at Disney World? Luckily, the park offers an efficient system to reunite items with their respective guests.

Losing an item at Disney World can be an anxiety-inducing event, but Cast members have the skills and training necessary to help navigate through it smoothly.

Disney World experiences numerous incidents of lost items on a daily basis and have since developed systems to handle it efficiently. When items go missing it can be very upsetting; try your best not to become panicked when something important to you goes missing! Firstly, stay calm; losing something dear can be extremely emotionally draining.

Disney recently updated their Lost and Found system to make retrieving lost items simpler for guests. No longer do guests need to call in, now you can check online for updates.


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