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Finding the Right University in Idaho

University in Idaho

College degrees require significant financial investments. Learners can look for scholarships and grants to offset tuition expenses.

The Kibbie Dome serves as home for University of Idaho football, soccer, basketball and indoor track & field teams; media offices run by student media clubs; student classrooms; as well as its unique Trus-Dek roof completed in 1975.

Best University in Idaho

Idaho, known as the Gem State, is an idyllic destination that has something special to offer visitors of all kinds. From picturesque mountain landscapes to distinct seasons and activities galore, there’s always something exciting going on here! 

Idaho also provides several top-tier public universities; their top schools in Idaho are often distinguished for their academic caliber, student outcomes and investment towards making campuses accessible for learners from diverse backgrounds.

Idaho State University stands out as a premier institution that offers outstanding education within a bustling metropolitan setting. Boise State’s world-class research and teaching in fields spanning the humanities to sciences allows it to assist its students on their educational journeys successfully. 

Boise State is home to nearly 24,000 students representing all 50 states and 60 nations, giving you a chance to connect with people from various walks of life.

The College of Idaho is an outstanding liberal arts college in Idaho, known for its vibrant community and academic excellence. Established in 1891, this private institution is the oldest of its kind in Idaho and provides an intimate learning experience. 

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Boasting an intimate student-to-faculty ratio and offering personalized attention from instructors, you are assured of personalized education here. Offering over 15 undergraduate majors and 58 minor options to select from enables individuals to tailor their degree exactly how they see fit.

Idaho State University can equip you to excel in any industry, with its extensive undergraduate and graduate programs in business, engineering, music and more. Idaho State’s faculty strives to facilitate experiential learning so you can pursue your passions and form connections within the real world.

The University of Idaho in Moscow, is a public school that has been recognized as one of America’s best universities. 

Renowned for its rigorous coursework, cutting-edge research, and outstanding student outcomes as well as its commitment to social justice and inclusion, this top university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that contribute to numerous industries across America.

Idaho, with its picturesque mountain landscapes and distinct seasons, is a favorite spot among college students. 

Idaho offers both public and private institutions – religious schools as well as specialty colleges like Brigham Young University-Idaho or Northwest Nazarene University or College of Idaho are among the state’s top ranked institutions – along with some religious schools that specialize in specific disciplines or religious schools – that rank highly. 

Also popular for college students are Idaho’s low tuition costs and cost of living expenses as well as programs offered by Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education which assists non-resident students pay less than local residents do when attending Idaho campuses compared to nearby states.

Biggest University in Idaho

Idaho universities and colleges provide an impressive variety of educational experiences. Some, like Boise State University and the University of Idaho, rank among the country’s 100 premier institutions while others, like Boise State, offer world-class instruction that benefits from Idaho’s breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor recreational amenities. 

No matter your field of interest – be it business or the arts – Idaho colleges have programs that will enable you to succeed!

Idaho colleges and universities are well known for their world-class academics as well as their research and innovative spirit. 

Idaho’s colleges and universities pride themselves on providing exceptional education while contributing to Idaho’s economy and addressing its most pressing social concerns – making their dedication to innovation and research uniquely positioned to serve students, employers, and their local community.

College selection is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever face and should align with your career goals. To help make your search easier, Stacker conducted an analysis of Idaho’s best colleges based on Niche rankings for tuition, student-faculty ratio, acceptance rate and graduation rate as well as diversity and quality teaching practices.

While Idaho colleges largely provide four-year degrees, some two-year institutions such as community colleges or career training schools specialize in two-year degrees instead. 

Two-year schools tend to be less expensive and can provide shorter completion timelines than their four-year counterparts; some such as North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene or Eastern Idaho Technical College in Idaho Falls even offer internship opportunities and hands-on work experience through industry partnerships that give their students invaluable hands-on work experience.

Idaho’s colleges and universities boast some of the most sought-after majors for immediate employment and continued study: business and humanities majors are popular choices; those interested in business often go on to become entrepreneurs while those in humanities often become writers, journalists or critics.

Idaho universities and colleges are consistently recognized by international rankings like U.S. News & World Report, Forbes and Princeton Review as having quality teaching, research and facilities; these schools also often offer international study programs. 

Furthermore, Idaho hosts the nonprofit Study Idaho which plays a vital role in promoting Idaho as a study destination both internationally and domestically.

Idaho offers something for everyone, from self-guided tours of pioneer landmarks to thrilling outdoor activities like whitewater rafting and backcountry skiing. 

And when it’s time to relax, hotspots such as Lucky Dog Tavern and One 16 Sports Bar & Grill in Boise are always ideal destinations. Or if you prefer thrills over relaxation, Idaho boasts several ski resorts for more adrenaline rush.

Online University in Idaho

Idaho online universities are becoming more and more popular, offering a range of degrees that span from certificates to bachelor’s and master’s degrees – many can even be completed at your own pace online – at very reasonable tuition costs that will help you realize your career goals. 

As well as affordable tuition costs, Idaho schools accept federal financial aid via FAFSA submission. It is best to submit this form early as it will improve chances for more financial aid awards.

Idaho boasts 19 degree-granting institutions, eight of which are funded with Idaho tax dollars. 

These colleges provide both on-campus and online degrees; enrollment has seen one of the fastest rates of growth between 2011 and 2016 — one that speaks volumes of Idaho’s strong commitment to higher education as well as its efforts to promote access to post-secondary learning opportunities.

Although there are plenty of online programs in your state, be mindful to select one with proper accreditation. Accreditation ensures that credits will transfer easily and that you qualify for federal financial aid, so checking if a college is accredited should be a top priority. 

A good way to do this is visiting their website and reading up on its academic programs or checking if they belong to Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education which runs programs like Western Undergraduate Exchange.

As well as regionally accredited colleges, you should also look at nationally accredited schools. These institutions adhere to higher standards and entail more stringent reviews; moreover, nationally accredited institutions tend to accept credits from other schools and are therefore recognized more by employers and graduate schools.

Consider whether the school of your choice offers programs in your field of interest. Some schools, like University of Idaho, specialize in specific disciplines. Such schools may be an excellent way to ensure you will gain all of the knowledge and skills you require for success in your desired profession.

While there may be exceptions, most Idaho colleges accept GED diplomas in lieu of high school diplomas. Some schools may require both documents in order to accurately assess an applicant’s academic achievement and make an admission decision,

The University of Idaho requires applicants submit GED transcripts as well as high school coursework and SAT/ACT scores when applying.

The Best Colleges and Universities in Idaho

Idaho, with its mountainous terrain and vast natural beauty, boasts stunning hiking trails and plenty of natural landscape to admire. However, Idaho also provides ample opportunity for career advancement.

Idaho high schoolers tend to do well on standardized tests, yet relatively few continue on to college – and those that do often don’t find success without an advanced degree.

1. University of Idaho

The University of Idaho captures the classic college atmosphere with its historic lecture halls, student residences and Greek organizations. Students are inspired to extend their learning beyond classroom walls through PEAK curriculum which encourages them to define their own paths and pursue their passions.

UI graduate programs are accredited by both the NAAB and Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, students actively participated in community service initiatives at UI and were honored with being named to President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for their outstanding efforts.

Tuition at UI is $6,182, lower than the national average for Doctoral Universities. Furthermore, in 2022 85% of students received grants that significantly decreased the net price. 

Furthermore, this university boasts an impressive $373 million endowment with an incredible return of -NaNM against an industry average of 1.13% and majors such as Legal (174 degrees awarded), Communication Technologies (284 degrees awarded), Math & Statistics and Social Sciences (205 degrees awarded as of 2022) are some of the most sought after majors; typically those graduating these majors work in industries such as:

2. Idaho State University

Established in 1901, this Carnegie-classified doctoral research university offers more than 250 undergraduate and graduate programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

With its main campus located in Pocatello and satellite campuses in Meridian, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls – as well as offering degrees in business administration, biomedical sciences, communication studies education engineering agriculture forestry wildlife studies kinesiology art science

Apply year round; admission decisions are made on an ongoing basis. Students must submit official transcripts from all colleges attended – even those where only a few credits were taken.

Along with official decisions to either ensure an Assured or Conditional admission status; those granted Assured admission have met all prerequisite requirements of their program and received admission status accordingly.

Conditional admission means students have fulfilled most requirements for their program but haven’t met all, such as meeting GPA and standardized test score minimums. About 43% of Idaho State University’s student body receive Pell Grants that do not need to be repaid based on financial need; those without such needs may still qualify for merit scholarships.

3. Boise State University

Boise State University was founded as an independent junior college in 1932 and quickly earned national renown for cultivating an atmosphere of innovation and pioneering new paths. Boise boasts one of the West’s premier business schools as well as biology and geology departments that use nature as classroom space.

The campus is situated in Idaho’s capital city and enjoys an active student life. School spirit can be felt at athletic events where rows of blue-and-orange supporters cheer on the Broncos. 

Furthermore, Idaho State offers internship opportunities as well as an impressive cooperative education program to give its students real world work experiences while they remain students.

BSU is a public, metropolitan research university committed to student success, lifelong learning, community engagement and innovation. 

Their research and creative activities address some of the most pressing societal concerns including health, the environment, energy consumption, business strategy and humanities – with their renowned entrepreneurship programs producing over 1,400 successful entrepreneurs! 

Their campus boasts three large academic buildings, the library and student union as well as a 2,000 seat performing arts center designed in the shape of Idaho – among many other features.

4. Idaho State University-Idaho Falls

Idaho State University (ISU), one of four Carnegie-classified research universities in Idaho, conducts groundbreaking research on diverse subjects related to the Snake River Basin and its environs. 

Partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy on Idaho National Laboratory projects that enable students to work side-by-side with researchers while gaining firsthand experience.

As well as academics, Idaho State University students enjoy various student activities and organizations which are partially or fully funded through tuition-based fees. 

The Associated Students of Idaho State University administers 140 student groups under its umbrella with an executive board consisting of president and vice-president along with 20 senators elected from each college on campus.

ISU’s varsity athletic teams compete in the Big Sky Conference as the Bengals. The school’s multipurpose “Kibbie Dome” serves as a venue for football, soccer and indoor track & field games; its unique Trus-Dek roof uses natural wood arches that span across hashmarks of fields; in addition, their arboretum showcases trees from Asia, Europe and North America.

5. Idaho State University-Coeur d’Alene

At the turn of the 20th Century, Sara Jane Ruggles of Idaho united her community around an educational vision. 

Together they forged a path for academic excellence and inclusivity that has outlasted political opposition, wars and devastating droughts – as well as five name changes – leaving a legacy where students learn not only survive but flourish!

The Old Mission of the Sacred Heart in Coeur d’Alene is an eye-catching Baroque church, captivating travelers along the nineteenth-century Mullan Road. As Idaho’s oldest building and one of Pacific Northwest’s most significant historical landmarks, as well as home of North America’s oldest continuously operating mission.

The Old Mission has become a museum and offers field trips for students and teachers across Idaho. Download details for planning a classroom visit here. Idaho State University is the largest public institution in Coeur d’Alene. 

Their campus sits along Lake Coeur d’Alene and offer programs including college transfer degrees, career technical degrees and general education degrees. NIC serves northern Idaho through on-campus classes in Coeur d’Alene as well as regional centers in Sandpoint Parker Rathdrum as well as online offerings.

6. University of Northern Idaho

The University of Northern Idaho is a public, 4-year university located in Coeur d’Alene and offering undergraduate and graduate degrees for both undergraduates and graduates. 

Their campus can be found near Tubbs Hill in northwest Idaho; additionally there are outreach centers located in Grangeville and Orofino as well as online degrees available through them.

The University of Nebraska-Nebraska community celebrates students’ unique interests and backgrounds while encouraging education beyond the classroom. 

Their acclaimed PEAK curriculum allows them to design their own path toward a future they love; one study found that U of N graduates were twice as likely to find jobs they are passionate about as other college grads.

The University of Northern Idaho was established in 1893, first as Lewiston State Normal School and later Lewis-Clark State College. Although still accredited, this college remains subject to an accreditation “show cause sanction,” and could potentially lose its accreditation over the coming year unless specific areas are improved upon within 12 months. 

Known for its strong programs in liberal arts, professional studies, technology and housing system with four student housing communities as well as 27 fraternities/sororities housed here, its strong programs make up part of what makes up its academic reputation – all three components are required in order for accreditation renewal.

7. Idaho State University-Pocatello

Idaho State University was established in 1901 as a Carnegie-classified doctoral research and teaching university and currently provides over 280 programs across its main campus in Pocatello as well as Meridian and Twin Falls locations and other parts of Idaho. 

Idaho State is the state-designated lead institution for health professions studies; home to 75% of Idaho health degree programs.

Idaho State University admits students with an average SAT score of 875 out of 1600 on its 1600 scale SAT scale, placing it within its “Lightly Competitive” range for test scores. Applicants whose scores fall in the top 25th percentile generally have better odds of acceptance into their programs.

Even though college grads typically graduate with some debt, the number of students at this school who graduate with loans should raise red flags as this means fewer funds available for future expenses like rent, utilities and food.

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Idaho State University undergraduate students receiving financial aid experienced an increase of 4.62% year over year in 2022; their average award discount totaled an impressive $4,567 that included both grant and loan aid.

8. University of Idaho-Idaho Falls

With its campus nestled into a bustling community, University of Idaho feels like home. 

A land-grant institution that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees as well as research focusing on water resources management; environmental policy development; fisheries studies and fishery biology studies as well as glaciology/Arctic sciences research programs, U of I also manages over 7,000 acres of experimental forests for research.

Students find solace at this welcoming university that has consistently been recognized among the nation’s best public universities by U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine and Princeton Review. 

Furthermore, its century-old coal-fired steam plant produces electricity and heat for all campus needs from one central location as well as melting snow off walkways – an impressive sustainability feat indeed!

Idaho University (UI) exists to educate, inspire and lead in Idaho and beyond. 

Offering over 100 academic programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels – many online – with facilities like Oboler Library’s collection of over 1.4 million books, periodicals and government documents as part of this mission, UI boasts more than 100 programs available for enrollment at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

College/ University




Boise Bible College


Special-focus institution


Boise State University


Doctoral/research university


Brigham Young University–Idaho


Baccalaureate college


College of Idaho


Baccalaureate college


Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


Doctoral university


College of Southern Idaho

Twin Falls

Associate’s college


College of Western Idaho


Associate’s college


College of Eastern Idaho

Idaho Falls

Associate’s college


Idaho State University


Doctoral/research university


Lewis–Clark State College


Baccalaureate college


McCall College




New Saint Andrews College


Baccalaureate college


North Idaho College

Coeur d’Alene

Associate’s college


Northwest Nazarene University


Master’s university


University of Idaho


Doctoral/research university