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Connecticut Science Museum Hartford

Connecticut Science Museum Hartford

The Connecticut Science Museum Hartford is an impressive building easily accessible by car from any highway exit. While primarily focused on school-age children, my 2-year-old also found plenty to keep her entertained here. Admission may be costly but children under 3 are free with membership discounts on parking and other amenities offered there.

It’s a beautiful building

The Connecticut Science Center is an exquisite building with many interactive exhibits designed to demonstrate complex scientific ideas in an engaging, accessible manner. Visitors of all ages will have a blast while learning something new!

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The Connecticut River Science Center in downtown Hartford was designed and completed by Cesar Pelli and opened to the public in 2009. As part of Adriaen’s Landing development, this nine-story museum stands as an icon for innovation, learning, and vitality.

It boasts over 165 interactive science exhibits, an advanced 3D digital theater and four educational labs from physics to geology and astronomy, in an attempt to foster young scientists, educators and inventors while providing new tools that help teachers bring textbooks alive for students and parents alike.

Science centers often feature interactive exhibits as well as stadium seating theaters that screen educational and entertaining films for visitors to enjoy, popular among school groups, families, and local residents alike. A concession stand on the ground floor provides food and snacks – but to maintain cleanliness within exhibits no food or snacks are allowed inside of them.

The exterior of the science center building features transparent glass and light reflective metal panels. Its distinctive S-shaped roof is capped by an S-shaped helical skylight for added visual interest and symbolic meaning; its form recalls that of a giant magic carpet as an appropriate metaphor for its role in revitalizing Hartford.

As soon as visitors step inside the building, they are welcomed by an impressive lobby and atrium. Inside lies an expansive grand hall interconnected by bridges and stairways leading to exhibit areas. Visitors can also witness UTC Power’s (a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation) demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell, the museum’s first major innovation.

The Connecticut Science Center is not only an architectural gem; it’s also an engaging family outing! Exhibits at this museum cater to children while adults will find them engaging as well as offer some competitive moments between kids! 

For optimal enjoyment, wear comfortable shoes and bring snacks. Booking tickets in advance online helps avoid crowds while parking is available nearby at a minimal fee.

It’s educational

For anyone wanting to bring science to life, the Connecticut Science Museum Hartford is an ideal destination. Offering interactive exhibits, videos and laboratories that bring abstract scientific concepts alive, this museum provides a fun and enjoyable venue for people of all ages – with its goal being inspiring youth as well as adults to embrace science in both school and at home.

Teachers and students will find plenty of activities at this museum, which boasts over 165 hands-on exhibits, an advanced 3D digital theater, four educational labs, daily LIVE Science demonstrations and special programs and events – not to mention its family-friendly films!

Science Center also takes pride in being an active part of its local communities through outreach and development efforts. A team of educators travel throughout California teaching in schools, libraries and scout groups – an effort recognized by several organizations such as National Council for Exceptional Children and National Science Teacher Association.

Andrew and Joyce Mandell’s donation has enabled the Connecticut Science Center to triple its teacher training program, and now enroll 1,500 teachers per year. Furthermore, it will begin providing graduate-level college credit to certain teachers. With this donation from Andrew and Joyce Mandell Family Foundation comes increased growth for this incredible facility.

The Connecticut Science Center is situated on Hartford’s riverfront in Connecticut. Designed by Cesar Pelli & Associates, its nine-story museum opened to the public in June 2009. Boasting several unique spaces designed to inspire learning and interaction, the building has quickly become a favorite destination among families, school groups, and tourists.

The museum provides an enchanting and educational experience for visitors of all ages. There’s something special here for every age, making this an excellent opportunity to learn about and discover our world. 

Exhibitions are interactive and engaging, educational programs innovative; 3D films fun way of learning more about Earth; stadium-seating theater equipped with Dolby sound system provide amazing 3D movie viewing.

It’s fun

If you want a fun way to learn science, the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford is your destination. Boasting over 150 hands-on exhibits and an exciting 3D theater, this museum makes for the ideal family outing, birthday party venue or class trip destination – not to mention offering teacher professional development opportunities as well.

At the Science Center, exhibits are designed to make abstract scientific concepts more approachable for children. Children will enjoy learning physics and biology with interactive displays; lasers and software allow them to make music in the Sight and Sound Gallery; plus there are plenty of activities suitable for all members of your family!

The Science Center in downtown Hartford is easily accessible via car. There is a large parking lot offering hourly rates; simply park close to its entrance and use either an escalator or elevator to reach its museum.

Once you enter the Connecticut Science Center, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff and plenty of engaging exhibitions ranging from rainforests to solar systems – and don’t forget the new Thompson Building with its special exhibitions!

At the Connecticut Science Center, there’s something fun and educational for visitors of all ages – from babies to tweens! Kids will especially love Invention Dimension LEGO room while older visitors can test their strength at Sports Lab or learn about sporting equipment design. 

Plus there’s Kidspace specifically dedicated to younger visitors with hands-on activities and games!

Blue Chip Creamery, one of the main draws at the Connecticut Science Center, has quickly become a hit since opening in 2017. Situated in its basement location at the Science Center, this popular treat provides visitors with a delicious range of flavors.

Are you searching for ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Look no further than Connecticut Science Center’s interactive displays, 3D movie theater, and exciting events – surefire ways to keep them occupied! Plus, its membership pays for itself after just two visits!

It’s affordable

The Connecticut Science Center is an appealing, modernly designed building for families that provides fun and educational activities spread over four floors. There are exhibits covering everything from energy to the human body; in addition to these permanent attractions, there are temporary exhibitions held in its Traveling Exhibit Gallery; for instance, its Grossology show explored how grosser functions of our bodies actually aid our health.

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The Science Center offers affordable admission prices to children and adults alike. Conveniently located at 250 Columbus Boulevard (at Grove Street), this Hartford institution features more than 165 interactive exhibits, an eye-popping 3-D movie theater, four educational labs, daily LIVE Science experience as well as special events and programs such as Butterfly Encounter.

Residents of Connecticut can visit the Science Center free with valid identification for the entire summer season; this offer is made possible thanks to Connecticut’s $15 million investment from COVID-19 recovery funds.

To take advantage of this offer, tickets must be reserved online in advance in order to guarantee entry into the museum. Visitors over 19 must always be accompanied by an adult; children aged three years or under are always admitted free. Non-Connecticut residents can purchase tickets online at regular admission rates.

Purchase of a pass can also save money at the Connecticut Science Center, offering discounted admission prices and providing savings depending on how often you plan on visiting. Which pass best fits you will depend upon how often you visit.

A museum pass can be purchased in-person, online, or over their booking line – and includes entry into all interactive exhibits of the museum as well as their 3-D film theatre and Live Science Experience for multiple visits within a year.


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