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Grand Canyon University Visit

Grand Canyon University Visit

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What to Expect

If GCU is on your mind, touring its campus is an essential first step to ensure it fits with you. By meeting current students and learning more about our classroom buildings and facilities, as well as meeting with an enrollment representative to understand how financial aid works at GCU, your visit can give you an accurate picture of student life here.

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You’ll be stunned to see just how meticulously GCU maintains their campus – an oasis in Phoenix complete with sparkling pools and new classroom buildings that reflects why so many students love studying here.

GCU offers more than just academic excellence; you will discover its special place of fostering friendships that last a lifetime! Come discover GCU! You will see it for yourself how special a place it can be to work hard in class while having fun at our exciting events and traditions! GCU can offer that environment.

At GCU, our Lope Life bucket list – some of our favorite activities that all students must participate in at least once while here – allows visitors to tick off some items on your “to do list”. Taking pictures in front of our brick walls and taking selfies with Thunder, our beloved mascot who brings life and laughter to basketball games alike are two must-dos for every visit.

What to Bring

On a visit to GCU, you’ll have an opportunity to witness campus life first-hand and tour classroom buildings. Current GCU students leading tours will give insight into life at GCU; conversely, university counselors are on hand to answer any queries regarding admission into your desired school of choice.

Planning ahead for your GCU visit can help ensure a successful experience. When packing, you should bring any documents such as high school transcripts or letters of recommendation as well as casual clothes and sneakers for walking around campus. Arizona usually enjoys warm temperatures so pack light but bring along something warmer should the temperature shift unexpectedly.

If you plan to attend a university event such as Discover or Thunder Vision, make sure that the clothing and shoes worn are appropriate for the occasion. These events are intended for prospective students as well as their parents/guardians.

Plans should include eating one of the many dining options on campus during your GCU visit, so bring money for meals or snacks. In addition, bring along a water bottle or refillable beverage container as you’ll likely spend much of your time here.

Carry all your belongings in an organized backpack or small suitcase for easy transport. GCU dorm rooms provide desk chairs; however, for added comfort consider bringing along chair cushions or pillows for additional cushioning or buying foam mats to put under beds for noise reduction and cushioning purposes. Candles are not permitted due to fire safety risks but aromatherapy plug-ins or room sprays can help create an inviting aroma in the room.

How to Get Here

As a campus ambassador for GCU’s community college outreach team, you will work in concert with other members to assist prospective students connect with GCU and determine whether we are an appropriate fit. You will represent GCU at high school fairs, community college fairs, presentations workshops community visits and honors ambassador visits – as well as hosting events and tours within your territory. In order to do this job successfully, a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and flexible schedule are required for successful participation.

GCU’s campus in Phoenix is an idyllic retreat that features newly constructed classroom buildings, delicious dining options and swimming pools – not to mention GCU’s missional culture which promotes Christian beliefs and values and encourages students to serve others through selfless acts. Students enjoy this environment so much they often remain on campus after graduating! This dynamic atmosphere contributes to so many loving their time at GCU!

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Discover GCU is the ideal opportunity for high school juniors and seniors admissible to GCU to experience authentic college life! On this two-day, overnight visit, you will stay in a suite-style residence hall, meet with an admissions counselor, enjoy student life activities like theater performances and athletic events, meet future classmates and receive an academic adviser presentation about GCU. Discover GCU is open to anyone admissible to attend; for more information visit our website or request additional details!

What to Do

GCU is an extraordinary place, so make the most of your campus visit by making the most of every opportunity available to you. Your student tour guide will share ways for you to become involved and have a good time on campus from the minute you arrive.

On your campus tour, you’ll gain insight into GCU’s culture. Our distinctive brick walls will show off our school spirit; Thunder, GCU’s iconic mascot could even appear! He is a familiar sight on campus; students often camp out two days ahead for basketball games!

GCU also offers all-expenses-paid1 on-campus experiences you might want to check out, including our Overnight Campus Experience. This two-day event allows participants to immerse themselves in college life and determine whether GCU is right for them by living in suite-style residence halls, attending theater performances and athletic events, meeting future Lopes and meeting potential roommates – and you must first have been admitted as an undergraduate to GCU as their top choice of college! To be eligible to attend this two-day event you must first be admissible and make GCU your top choice among colleges/universities/universities among colleges/universities of choice (at GCU only).

Frequently Asked Questions

GCU provides prospective students with unique on-campus and virtual college visit experiences to give them an authentic glimpse of life at GCU as a student. These visits include academic and social activities, classroom tours guided by current student leaders as well as opportunities to gain more insight into campus culture and student experience.

Visit and tour GCU campus to gain an understanding of our programs, hear from current students and gain invaluable information on navigating the college application process. In addition, meet with one of our counselors and discuss any academic interests or needs you may have.

When visiting the Grand Canyon, the best time of year depends on your plans. Although its rim remains open year-round, weather conditions can change from season to season and depending on whether or not you intend to venture into its depths, hiking shoes should be worn with layers of clothing for comfort as well as being carried to stay hydrated with snacks in order to maximize enjoyment of the visit.

GCU provides several parking options on campus for students and faculty. A valid permit must be present when parking on campus; otherwise they risk receiving a ticket. Guests attending on-campus programs can purchase a visitor parking pass online or from GCU Public Safety’s office at $5 each for convenient parking during their visit.

GCU’s campus is an elegant retreat located in Phoenix. Home to cutting-edge classroom buildings, popular dining options, student activity centers and inviting pools – as well as offering an extensive range of degrees allowing students to pursue their goals without relocating or interrupting their careers – GCU is an oasis that brings city dwellers and Phoenix natives alike together for learning, recreation and study alike.


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