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Most Read Newspapers in USA

Most Read Newspapers in USA

Newspapers are an indispensable source of news in the USA, written and published daily by professional journalists. These daily publications cover both local and global stories while also offering entertainment news coverage.

Many of these newspapers have been around for many years and continue to remain popular today, providing accurate and complete news coverage to their audiences.

The New York Times

The New York Times, first established on September 18, 1851 and published from New York City since then, is one of the world’s most influential newspapers, having won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other news organization. 

Well known for its investigative reporting and its controversial editorial positions, The Times offers an extensive archival collection that serves as an invaluable source of knowledge.

The Times is the premier metropolitan newspaper in the United States and gave its name to Times Square in Manhattan. Not only is it one of the leading papers worldwide but its quality journalism is widely revered worldwide. Not the biggest paper by circulation, The Times remains an integral part of American media landscape with impressive staff numbers and readers; furthermore it introduced an online edition in 1995 and color photography into print edition in 1997.

Established as a penny paper in 1851, the New-York Daily Times set out to avoid sensationalism while reporting news in an objective and restrained fashion. Quickly becoming popular and drawing an intellectual readership, its high moral tone and restrained language set it apart from its competitors; yet by 1896 Adolph Ochs bought it at an incredible loss – losing $1,000 weekly by that point!

The New York Times is an esteemed newspaper with many dedicated readers. Its reporters cover local, national and international news as well as publishing opinion pieces and investigative reports; winning numerous awards such as the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in its time. 

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As one of the pioneers of Internet content development it boasts one of the largest and most accurate archives anywhere – not to mention an active social media presence that regularly releases podcasts – plus offers subscriptions to schools!

The Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times is a newspaper covering Southern California and Western United States regions, read by a general audience interested in local news as well as international events. Available both in English and Spanish editions, as well as various online editions, The Los Angeles Times is part of the Society for Features Journalism, having received various awards – such as winning the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for journalism excellence.

Beginning as the Los Angeles Daily Times in 1881 and later moving to downtown Los Angeles, the paper quickly rose to national renown under its ownership of Harrison Gray Otis who successfully transformed it into a huge success until his death in 1910. After its founding, The newspaper went through many challenges, such as local union leaders bombing its offices and Otis’ home by setting them ablaze – this caused 21 people to die, while two union leaders were arrested but many believed they were falsely charged for being behind it all. 

Los Angeles Mirror was introduced as an afternoon tabloid by the Times during this era; eventually it absorbed Los Angeles Daily News, becoming Los Angeles Times-Herald-Examiner; this combined title eventually merged with Orange County Register to form what is today known as LA Times.

In 2021, The Times introduced Utility Journalism – a division that provides readers with stories designed to solve problems through storytelling. Jessica Roy is part of this team and has written stories ranging from identity theft and where to scatter ashes to budgeting tips and zombie deer disease spread – winning numerous local and national awards as a result. Readers alike have applauded her deeply reported stories for being both reader-friendly and industry expert approved.

The Los Angeles Times is best-known for its “Column One” column on its front page, which explores topics of great intrigue to readers – like an electric piano that could fly and the discovery of a deadly new strain of cholera in Ethiopia.

The Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune is one of the nation’s most-read newspapers, having been publishing for more than a century and known for its investigative and public service journalism. 

Since 1932, they have earned 24 Pulitzer Prizes; covering national and international news, sports, business, pop culture as well as editorial cartoons and obituaries with editorial cartoons as well as editorial cartoons; it can also be found both online and in print formats with its archived content indexed comprehensively making finding articles a simple matter.

The Chicago Daily Tribune was established by three Chicagoans in 1847 and had an uncertain start. While initially without any particular political leanings, in the 1850s it allied itself with the nativist American or Know Nothing Party through editorial attacks against Roman Catholicism and support of temperance measures; additionally it supported both Whig and Free Soil parties while championing isolationism.

Colonel Robert R. McCormick took control of the newspaper in the 1920s, turning it into an influential Republican publication with an Old Right bent and the motto, “The American Paper for Americans.” Initially opposed to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and fiercely critical of British and French foreign policies; furthermore it disdained communists while applauding leaders like Chiang Kai-shek and Joseph McCarthy as it covered them extensively.

During the 1980s, The Tribune found itself financially struggling and was forced to reduce staff and newsroom operations, yet still maintained an outstanding investigative journalism legacy by recruiting top journalists. Finally in 1991 it was purchased by Tribune Media and moved into a Neo-Gothic office building on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

In 2021, Alden Global Capital purchased The Tribune newspaper. This purchase led to editorial workers at The Tribune going on a 24-hour strike demanding they are treated fairly by management and don’t lose 401(k) match benefits. It marked the first time employees at any major daily newspaper had organized in solidarity to take such action and was the largest coordinated protest since Alden bought their newspaper.


Newsday is an American newspaper published weekly and serving Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island as well as New York City since 1940. Based out of Melville, New York, its founding editors Harry Guggenheim and Alicia Patterson (daughter of publisher Joseph Medill Patterson) established its liberal-independent philosophy during this era; Newsday became one of the leading publications covering local government and public affairs reporting before winning their inaugural Pulitzer Prize award in 1953 and subsequent ones over time.

This newspaper boasts an experienced staff of writers and columnists. Features of note include daily comic strips, advice columnists, sportswriters, music critics and television critics – as well as Pulitzer nominated opinion pieces. Furthermore, news and weather services are provided.

Newsday offers both print and digital content, as well as numerous email newsletters. All are free and cover a range of topics such as breaking news, business, sports, politics, family & entertainment etc. Subscribers can personalize their news experience by selecting individual sections they would like delivered directly.

One of the most widely circulated newspapers in the US, and recipient of multiple awards for journalism and design. A member of both the Society of Professional Journalists and National Association of Black Journalists. Furthermore, this newspaper was founded upon by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting foundation. Additionally, their website offers journalists resources in an easily navigable fashion.

Although Newsday provides articles on most major topics easily, finding specific information may prove more challenging. Luckily, their search feature makes finding precisely what you’re after much simpler; plus there is even a mobile app so users can view articles when out and about!

Newsday has unveiled their newest edition online, on tablets and smartphones, as well as in select stores. This edition boasts a sleek new design and home page which makes accessing popular stories easier; additional video and multi-media content will also be offered; additionally the company invested in state-of-the-art television studio at their new headquarters in Melville, NY.

Popular Newspapers in the United States

There are a variety of respected newspapers available in the US. Some focus on national publications while others provide coverage in specific geographic areas. Many people enjoy reading these papers because they trust what information is presented within.

However, some of these papers have experienced negative growth in print circulations. Here are just a few:

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the world’s most widely read newspapers, boasting subscribers in over 236 countries and territories worldwide. By 2020, 8.8 million subscriptions had been taken out – digital and print subscriptions combined – making its print circulation number three among United States newspapers – behind USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

International readers primarily hail from Canada and Australia; however, its circulation extends into other English-speaking nations as well as having one of the most visited news websites in the world.

In addition to traditional journalism, The New York Times also offers non-news online offerings like cooking tips, games and crossword puzzles for an additional fee. While its advertising revenues have been declining recently, The paper remains one of the most renowned newspapers in America.

This company has an impressive history of journalistic innovation, including publishing the Pentagon Papers for public consumption. Additionally, one of its last newspapers to adopt six-column format and first to publish online was also one of its last to adopt “All the News That Fits To Print”, winning more Pulitzer Prizes than any other newspaper in its time.

The New York Times offers an expansive array of print and digital products, such as its highly popular weekly magazine that is read across America. Furthermore, its digital edition boasts the highest number of subscribers among American newspapers while providing over 10,000 articles annually online.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s premier newspapers, providing business news and global financial analysis to educated readers worldwide. It has won numerous awards – including a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 1988 – since its founding in 1889; aside from financial reporting it also covers politics and current events worldwide, with print versions also available online.

The Wall Street Journal stands out with its editorial page, which advocates free markets and economic liberalism. Editorials written by authors such as the Dalai Lama or cardinals provide commentary that is highly educated and wealthy – ideal candidates for advertising if there’s low reader turnover rate.

Future adaptation of The Wall Street Journal to changing consumer needs will require it to maintain its core audience and retain readers, such as middle and lower-class Americans. Diversifying its coverage may include covering topics not typically addressed by WSJ such as inequality in education or student debt issues.

Last summer, Emma Tucker delivered an impassioned address at a company-wide meeting of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), outlining how the media industry had fundamentally transformed and that their paper needed to evolve or be left behind. She promised that soon they would hire specialists in data journalism, digital storytelling and audience strategy; yet many employees remain skeptical. 

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Many argue that the WSJ has moved too far away from its roots and are concerned about losing loyal readers; others feel the paper should pursue corporate mergers and acquisitions more aggressively.

The Washington Post

Even as print sales decline, The Washington Post still enjoys an engaged readership online and social media reach is on an exponential increase; revenue also continues to increase online.

The Washington Post draws readers with its comprehensive coverage, from local and national news and politics, lifestyle content such as cooking recipes, home decor advice, gardening advice and parenting and wellness articles – its editorials tend toward liberal views; additionally it is also popular with sports fans.

In 2022, The Washington Post recorded 63 million unique digital visitors; 55 million of these visited its mobile website or app. Since 2022, The Post has been working hard to increase traffic and subscriptions by refining its mobile experience and testing innovative methods of providing information. Furthermore, The company seeks more ways to engage readers and draw in younger viewers.

Since 1877, The Washington Post has been at the forefront of journalism. Over its 138 year history, it has built domestic and international credibility through its sound editorial stance, investigative reporting techniques pioneered by its writers, Watergate coverage coverage pioneered by them and multiple Pulitzer Prize awards for journalism received. Today it continues its legacy of being one of America’s highest rated daily papers.

The Washington Post audience is diverse and growing quickly online, according to product lead for subscription acquisition Nicole Orders at The Post. Orders declined to provide specific audience data but indicated that Next Generation had reached more people than expected.

The Chicago Tribune

Established in 1847, The Chicago Tribune has long been one of the Midwest’s leading local newspapers. Winning numerous Pulitzer Prizes over time, its coverage ranges from local business, industry, agriculture, social trends and government to international news. 

It prides itself on factual reporting with impartial reporting based on impartial research; their editorial policy ensures factual coverage; they believe informed citizens are essential to democracy surviving and strive to help readers comprehend complex issues that affect their daily lives.

This newspaper is known for its liberal leanings and often criticizes Republicans, while not endorsing Democrats or other political parties. They do not support raising minimum wages or entitlement spending and have expressed strong disagreement with Bush administration policies regarding civil liberties, the environment and foreign policy – and have taken political figures such as Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger to task for their actions.

The newspaper has long been criticized for its partisanship and elitism; however, its readers tend to be well educated professionals holding white collar jobs who frequent its website; its youth readership makes it one of the most visited online newspapers; it also boasts an effective local advertising program and reliable news sources. 

More recently however, it has experienced financial hardship and undergone restructuring of ownership; now held by Tribune Company which was separated into separate entities in 2014 (though Tribune Tower still belongs to them).

The New York Post

The New York Post was first established by Alexander Hamilton and first published as the New-York Evening Post in 1801. Known for its tabloid format and conservative political leanings, its editorial staff has included prominent writers like Joseph Cookman, Drew Pearson, Eleanor Roosevelt as well as popular columnists such as Earl Wilson who provide gossip columns.

Rupert Murdoch currently owns The Post along with Fox News and Wall Street Journal, sharing its newsroom in midtown Manhattan with them as well as three online sites: NYPost.com, PageSix.com (a gossip website), and Decider.com (an entertainment portal).

Participants of the November 2020 Blind Bias Survey overwhelmingly rated The New York Post as Center or Lean Right, though many criticized its sensationalist word choice and blurring between news and opinion pieces. Still, its readership numbers remain strong due to covering everything from politics to celebrity gossip.

In addition to its news and opinion sections, The New York Post also provides classifieds, real estate listings, jobs listings, stock quotes and information on movies, music, fashion food travel. Their website hosts an expansive library of video and audio content including live streaming for certain events.

The New York Post was established by Alexander Hamilton in 1801 and has become an essential part of New York City ever since. Widely recognized as one of the most influential newspapers in America, and known as a “paper of record”, The Post is widely known for its famous front page headlines such as “Headless Body in Topless Bar” or “Murder in Little Italy”, as well as for its extensive archive.


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