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Top 5 Most Popular News Sources

Top 5 Most Popular News Sources

YouGov conducted a poll asking Americans about their trust for different news sources and journalists, such as news outlets with political bias as well as more balanced media sources. While most news organizations tend to lean leftward in coverage, certain publications tend to provide more objective news reporting than others.

This month, The New York Times experienced a decrease in traffic due to an eased news cycle one year post Ukraine war and diminishing interest for their Wordle puzzle. Meanwhile, BBC offered global perspectives of world events, making their news brand one of the fastest-growing brands.

Yahoo! News

Yahoo News is one of the most-visited news websites in the US with 175 million monthly visitors, known for providing impartial news stories that focus on facts. Yahoo journalists cite sources and provide evidence to back their claims – making Yahoo an excellent source for news for everyone regardless of political affiliations.

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Yahoo News has its share of issues; in June alone its main page featured former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s resignation while its user-organized pages (emailed, viewed and recommended) showcased articles such as Liz Claiborne’s death; antioxidant health tips; and Justice Department subpoena of both President Trump and Vice President Pence’s offices.

Yahoo News is expanding into virtual and augmented reality content production with its recent partnership with immersive media company RYOT to establish a creative studio to develop branded virtual and augmented reality content for news partners. This flashy project also serves to promote Verizon’s forthcoming 5G network that will allow for faster access to data-intensive VR/AR content.


Reuters is the go-to source for global news. Their journalists provide unrivalled news coverage in over 16 languages around the clock, 24/7. Their commitment is to providing information that empowers people and drives economies worldwide, with innovative products and services designed to assist customers make smarter decisions amid complexity, risk and change.

Paul Julius Reuter established the company in 1851 while working as a reporter at Charles-Louis Havas’ news agency in Paris during the late 1800s. Reuter saw how electricity enabled news to travel faster than horses or carriages, so he took advantage of this new technology by sending breaking stories via homing pigeons from Brussels directly to London.

By the 1920s, Reuters had become one of the world’s premier news agencies and pioneered computerized financial information terminals that revolutionized trading by eliminating brokers altogether. Meanwhile, their reputation for impartiality and integrity continued to expand during this period.

In addition to maintaining its commitment to impartiality, Reuters strives to portray issues and events fairly. Editors utilize fact-based reporting while covering contentious subjects. All Reuters staff must be vigilant for the potential risk that their outside activities could raise questions of impartiality or create perceptions of bias in any form.

The Guardian

The Guardian is an esteemed news source in both the UK and USA, known for its coverage of politics, health issues, sports, and more. Although often considered left-leaning in its reporting style, The Guardian remains impartial and well researched – free from corporate influence or partisanship; making it a reliable news source.

While US news aggregators and online newspapers remain immensely popular, The Guardian is experiencing rapid growth – particularly within its home country of America. Its unique inside-outside perspective makes it a trusted resource for citizens worldwide; while its journalists travel extensively to capture stories behind major events and make them accessible for readers.

In February, audiences engaged with the BBC on an unprecedented scale – spending 9.1 billion minutes with it, or four times more than Mail Online with its 2.3 billion minutes spent by viewers. Meanwhile, The Guardian came in sixth despite its relatively smaller reach while ITV came third and Manchester Evening News fifth.

This month, GB News emerged as the fastest-growing newsbrand among Britain’s top 50 newsbrands after only recently launching their dotcom URL last year – increasing by 167% year-on-year and reaching 7.2 million people. 

Other fast-growing sites included destination specialist publisher Time Out which discontinued print edition last year after 54 years as well as regional titles Nottinghamshire Live (up 62% year-on-year to reach 4.2 million), Wales Online and Good Housekeeping.


BBC News, as the world’s oldest national broadcaster and internet giant, is an iconic household name and internet force. Funded through a citizen’s license fee, its editors adhere to stringent editorial guidelines which prevent political bias; consequently it remains one of the world’s most visited news websites with over one billion annual visits.

However, it has come under considerable criticism for its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Particularly its Director General Greg Dyke from Labour Party was met with informal objection from members of both political parties who saw his appointment as biased against Conservative government.

While falling from 12th place last month to 9th this month, BBC still managed to become one of the fastest-growing sites within the top ten, drawing 41.5 million unique visitors last month compared to just 32.5 million the month prior. Other fast-growing news websites included AP and The Independent who experienced strong year-on-year increases.

USA Today and CNN saw visits decrease compared to October but remained among the three most-visited news websites, respectively. MSN and Fox News saw significant year-on-year dips, while The New York Post dropped one spot into sixth. Entertainment Weekly however saw two places move upward, possibly reflecting its increasing popularity due to podcasting.

PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour is a daily public television news program produced and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and various corporate sponsors. 

The show dates back to MacNeil and Lehrer’s coverage of Watergate Hearings as journalistic teams; later the program made itself available online and via satellite, making it ideal for those wanting to stay current on current affairs without dedicating hours each day watching multiple channels.

Geoff Bennett hosts this program on weekday broadcasts as the chief Washington correspondent, while its website serves as an excellent source of political and current events-related news and analysis. Following its rebranding and relaunch in 2016, viewers have welcomed it positively by increasing visits to its site.

Though some might view NewsHour as biased, it is one of the most professional, factual and impartial news sources available today. Its journalists strive to report actual facts as reported by subject matter experts; additionally they avoid using language which implies any form of opinionated commentary unless clearly labeled.

PBS NewsHour viewers tend to be married women in their 30s or 40s who reside in suburban communities and take at least three vacations annually. She tends to vote regularly, own a pet, possess postgraduate degrees, as well as support local arts and culture initiatives.

National Public Radio

NPR works closely with its local member stations to help build an informed public, one that is engaged and aware of current events, ideas and cultures. 

NPR’s flagship radio shows include All Things Considered in the morning newscast slot and Morning Edition during drive time in the afternoon drive time slot; funding comes via fees charged member stations as well as donations from listeners and sponsorship.

NPR has initiated a digital strategy designed to reach younger audiences, including the launch of its Life Kit podcast and short videos posted to YouTube and Facebook. Their Facebook page currently boasts over 4 million followers with an engaged community of participants.

While NPR might not provide an extensive selection of news like BBC or Reuters but its coverage includes large news updates and culture and music programming. Additionally, the content is free of political bias since it does not endorse advertisements from government agencies or corporations.

NPR is an ideal venue for marketers seeking to reach an audience with high trust and loyalty, due to its uncluttered design. Market Enginuity’s team will respond promptly with all of the information you require so that you can make an informed decision regarding this strategy.


The Morning Consult as well as The Hollywood Report’s 2019 report confirms that CNN remains one of the top news websites around the world. Although its coverage of news has been frequently criticized for bias and political bias, CNN still remains widely believed to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information for the majority of people across the globe. CNN reporters remain dedicated to ensuring that their reporting is accurate, CNN boasts more Pulitzer Prize prizes than any other company!

CNN is also a global journalist network that reports first on international major events. Their website is updated every day with new stories from a variety of sources around the globe; in addition to providing original content, they offer news aggregation to keep their readers informed.

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Consistently liberals name local TV as well as CNN as their primary sources for news; in fact, they’re the only two news sources mentioned more frequently by this group than panelists on the web overall. They trust these news sources less than those from other ideologies, three news outlets that are public (NPR, PBS and New York Times) were mentioned more often by liberals who are consistent over any other news source (Fox News and MSNBC were mentioned by just 10% of respondents).

Fox News

Fox News is one of the most watched news channels in America and draws large audiences each day due to their conservative views and influence on Republican viewers. However, it is important to be aware that people with different backgrounds also go on Fox News when studying its bias.

Since most media outlets don’t consider political advocacy and journalism as distinct actions, they can appear to be neutral, rather than political (e.g. Fox’s original slogan used to be “Fair and Balanced”). So, researchers cannot depend on the public’s self-identifier in determining news outlets’ political partisanship.

Many newsmakers who make news on politics are hesitant to discuss their political views. This applies to news outlets on cable TV and numerous online news sources. It isn’t always easy to locate reliable news sources that offer an objective and fair coverage.

In a certain way the news media is biased in some way. This is due to the fact that reporting the truth needs a certain amount of editorializing in order to present it in a way that readers can appreciate reading about. Additionally, other aspects can influence the way reports are written for instance the owner of a news agency and whether it publishes stories that advance the interests of the company instead of objective reporting.

Alternative news sources

There are a variety of alternatives to news sources on the internet offering readers different perspectives to stay informed with the latest developments in the field that matter to them. Certain websites or media outlets are neutral on political issues, while others may represent specific community groups or other social groups that are of particular interest.

For more in-depth coverage, you can search newspapers that are not mainstream using databases such as those of the Alternative Press Index which features articles from radical, non-mainstream and left periodicals. Also try searching news related to diverse cultures through databases covering sociology/anthropology/history or philosophy.


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