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Titan Medical Travel Nursing

Titan Medical Travel Nursing

Titan Medical Offers Single-Access Robotic Surgical System For Gynecological Procedures

Titan Medical Group provides travel nursing and medical staffing services from its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska and employs 51 to 200 individuals.

Titan introduces its Enos Surgeon Workstation, an integrated system designed to offer a balance of surgical immersion and situational awareness. Comprised of three components, Enos provides surgeons with optimal clinical care during procedures.

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Titan Medical Group employees typically stay with the company for an average of 3.2 years.

The Enos Surgeon Workstation

Titan Medical’s single-access robotic surgery system, commonly referred to as Enos System or SPORT Surgical Technology system, was created for surgeons’ convenience. Mobile and easy cable management add convenience for surgeons. Plus, 3D HD camera system offers clear views of surgical sites for optimal operation.

Multi-articulated instruments enter through a 25 millimeter insertion tube to minimize incisions for less pain, discomfort, invasiveness and recovery times than traditional laparoscopic systems.

The Enos System faces its own set of hurdles, however. Surgeon training and adaption to its surgical approach may be required, while it has fewer instrument options than some other robotic systems which may limit its use for complex procedures. Established players such as Intuitive Surgical have made strides to compete against it by developing systems like their da Vinci SP system; yet CEO Cary Vance remains optimistic that Enos can gain market share.

The Enos Mobile Patient Cart

Titan Medical’s single-access robotic surgical system known as Enos is intended to offer reduced operating costs and smaller footprint than competing solutions. According to Paul Cataford, Titan’s interim CEO, initial marketing will target gynecological procedures. Human clinical trials involving 40-60 patients at four sites will begin early 2025 if all is successful; once cleared by regulators as such – expected from Toronto-based firm Titan.

The system comprises two components–the surgeon workstation and patient cart. The surgeon workstation features an intuitive handle interface and ergonomic design that promotes physician comfort during extended procedures, with its HD display mounted onto a mobile platform. Meanwhile, the cart offers mobility and maneuverability, with minimal cable management requirements and simple set up procedures.

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Though supply chain issues caused delays to their regulatory timeline, CEO Cary Vance sees silver linings. He credits these delays with forcing his team to get creative while strengthening relationships with contract manufacturers.

The Enos Multi-Articulated Instruments

Titan Medical’s Enos master-slave robotic system, previously known as SPORT Surgical System, allows physicians to operate through one incision in patients. This can reduce pain levels, decrease need for opioids and accelerate recovery times for patients. The system utilizes light sources, cameras and multi-articulated arms which drive instruments. Each arm can be inserted through 25 mm insertion tubes while offering reach, flexibility and stability during instrumentation insertion; surgery visualization takes place via steerable HD cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel nursing provides healthcare workers an ideal way to explore new regions while making a comfortable living. Assignments may extend if desired or can end early if not. As work from home culture grows, more healthcare workers are taking up this flexible, high-paying career option.

Tailored Healthcare reports that an average travel nurse makes $61,009 annually. This amount includes their base pay plus overtime pay and holiday bonuses. Furthermore, Platinum Shield benefits cover health insurance coverage, short and long-term disability protection, 401K plans and continuing education benefits for these employees.

Travel nursing is an increasingly popular career choice for healthcare professionals looking to explore new places while still making a living. Titan Medical not only offers competitive pay rates, but also benefits like housing stipends and flexible relocation packages that enable nurses to bring pets or family members on assignments; in addition, accessing retirement plans with 50 percent match, free life insurance policies and rolling over funds from previous employers are among the many perks provided to their travel nurses.

Travel nursing provides many advantages, from higher pay and flexible hours, to the opportunity to discover new areas. Plus, if you find that your assignment is fulfilling both professionally and personally, extending it could be possible! Many agencies also provide housing benefits so you can choose your own hotel, apartment, or home while on assignment – with some even offering pet and family membership benefits!


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